1. Kookaburra Jack

    Dark Emu: Precolonial Australian native society - agricultural or hunter-gatherer?

    https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Emu-New-Bruce-Pascoe-ebook/dp/B07DWLW3RV ‘Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might...
  2. Dose

    During the Dark Ages did people carry swords frequently?

    Were swords only brandished by certain classes? Was it expensive to purchase a sword? Were swordfighting skills something only knights and nobles honed?
  3. N

    questions about dark era/s in world history

    Hi, its been a while since I have been here. I am not sure where to post this so if I am posting in the wrong section of this forum please move this thread to the right area, anyway on to my questions. Was there only one dark era in the world or was there more dark eras before the last one? The...
  4. T

    A couple questions about Scandinavia...

    Question 1: So is dark hair possible in 100% Scandinavians? and I mean like dark-blown to borderline black. without any Sami, Celtic, and Southern European influence. ive heard some Norwegians that live near mountains can have natural black hair due to some vitamin mumbo jumbo. Question 2: has...
  5. Engelkrieger

    Islam is the primary reason why Europe fell into the Dark Ages

    Lots of people, unfortunetly many who are on the Right, seem to make an unwise comparison between refugees and the Germanic Migration period and someow place a moral blame on the Germanics for "destroying Europe". There are also a few memes about htis about how Germans are somehow at fault for...
  6. T

    Dark Age Study: A Pictish Enclave Near London ?

    South of Brentford, upriver from central London, where the Thames forms a great loop round Kingston and Molesey, we find some particulary interesting combined evidence which may shed a little light on the Dark Ages in Britain. Modern genetic sampling from the area around Molesey has resulted...
  7. A

    Without India, Would Europe Still Be in the Dark Ages

    This is a very interesting explanation of Britain's early corporate raiding practices but that is not what interest me at the moment. Sorry the link doesn't match the subject of the thread, but it appears the information I want is not on the internet...
  8. A

    Without India, would the west have stayed in the dark ages?

    Whoops, having a difficult time with my connection and posted thread twice. I hope a mod can delete this thread.
  9. Polynikes

    Byzantines settling in Northern Italy during the Dark Ages?

    Hi, My friend is capable of tracing his family back to the dark ages apparently, his family history says that his family originally came from what the source refers to as the 'Greco-Roman Empire'. How is that possible? Was there an influx of Byzantines to Northern Italy during this period, if...
  10. C

    worlds dark eras

    hi, i was wondering does the world have more dark eras then just the european dark ages after the fall of the roman empire? ive seen that there was a ancient greek dark era but i dont know if its considered a dark era of the entire world as well as a chinese dark era after the mongols invaded...
  11. T

    Dark Age Study: The Conquest Of Suffolk

    In Suffolk there is some evidence that may well be associated with the descent of Pictish and Saxon raids on Britain which appear certain to have occurred after the fall of the usurper Maximus in 388. The Fenland in this period almost certainly offered cover to raiders and outlaws as it did...
  12. richiethewanderer

    Anglo Saxon contact with Saxons in the dark ages

    Were there any contacts between Saxons in england and the Saxons in germany in the late dark ages? Did they dislike eachother during Charlemagne's reign since the saxons in england were christian and the saxons in germany were pagan?(If that was the case, my knolwedge of anglo saxon history is...
  13. T

    Landscape Continuity, Celtic Tenure, And The Survival Of The Dark Age Britons

    *It might seem a bit odd to moderns to draw a distinction between "British" and "English" people, since today the terms are synonymous. But in the fifth century the inhabitants of Britain were known as the "Britons", while those who came from overseas to colonize their land in that Age were the...
  14. Viperlord

    A Dark and Dangerous Man: James Gilpatrick Blunt in the Civil War

    The dispute over the territory and then state of Kansas, namely over whether it was to be a free state or a slave state, was one of the principal sparks that lit the fire of the American Civil War. Kansas, a new state and on the periphery of even the most peripheral theater of operations in...
  15. RomanEmperor

    The World Without the Dark Ages

    What would the world be like if Rome never fell, and the Dark Ages never happened. Would we be a few hundred years more advanced than we are today?
  16. VHS

    Argue if the so-called Chinese Dark Age started in 1271 CE

    1271 was the founding year of the Yuan Dynasty, and some believe that the so-called Chinese Dark Age started with the Yuan Dynasty. Although China was under foreign rule, Yuan Dynasty was perhaps more progressive than Ming Dynasty. In spite of technological progresses and cultural...
  17. King Arthur

    Incest in Dark Ages Britain

    How common was incest in dark ages Britain? All I've been able to find is that no one reacted badly when Culhwch was asked to marry his half-sister and when Geraint ap Erbin ap Celetic Gueletic married his niece. On the other hand, Vortigern having sex with his daughter resulting in Saint...
  18. King Arthur

    Why so many misconceptions on the Dark Ages?

    Every non-historian I've met has made bullshit late medieval claims about what the dark ages were like. Stuff like Kings had jesters who were the only people allowed to talk to them. Or that runes had significance. I cringe when I see people doing **** like "If I inscribe the rune H on my rock...
  19. King Arthur

    Fighting in the Dark Ages

    In writing my book, specifically the fight scenes, I realised how little I know about fighting. What are you aiming for? How do you angle your shield, move your sword? Do you keep your wrist flexible to turn the sword or rigid to use it more firmly? I've got quite a bit of grit in my fights...
  20. King Arthur

    Dark Ages Single Combat and Code of Honour

    I've been trying to read up on traditions of single combat for the Celts. Some sources say they did it for fun, others say it could end a war if the opposing leaders fought. It seems the Romans tried to outlaw it in around 300 BC under a proconsul called Torqeus, who had killed a man in single...