1. Dose

    What are your favorite historical date comparisons?

    In other words, what are some events/people/things that surprisingly happened/lived/existed at the same time? I've come across a few reddit threads that deal with this topic. Top answers included things like "The Ottoman Empire collapsed the same year that Betty White & Stan Lee were born" and...
  2. K

    6/8/67, a date which should live in infamy

  3. E

    Great Powers by date

    Since Vienna there's more or less an agreed upon roster of great powers, that changed gradually until the present day. The wikipedia page below more or less shows that consensus. However who were the contingent of great powers prior to 1815 and how did it change at different times...
  4. A

    Regarding the date of the Death of Cyrus II

    According to Encyclopedia Iranica (CYRUS iii. Cyrus II The Great ? Encyclopaedia Iranica) on the 19th day of the 8th month in the ninth regnal year of Cyrus (4th December 530 BC). However, from the british museum (British Museum - tablet), there is record of a tablet dated to the 12th day, of...
  5. M

    Date for End of the Roman Empire?

    Ok, so first off, I know this has been discussed and debated elsewhere and here a LOT (such as in threads about Byzantium). I went back some to try and find one since I didn't want to risk too much redundancy, but I couldn't find a good one and I think it's far back, plus I was hoping to expand...
  6. I

    Time-accuracy in keeping History

    From what time-period did the (mostly) accurate keeping of dates begin? So from what time can we be sure that if a certain date is given, that it wasn’t extrapolated after the event? For example: if a battle was fought on August 6th . From what time-period would there have been August 6th in the...
  7. E

    Counting years and date in India

    Hello everyone, I was hopping someone could help me with a question I have about dates and counting years in India. I've found an old certificate of my grandmother from india (kochi, kerala), an official government certificate, (a leaving secondary school certificate) and her date of birth is...
  8. JoanOfArc007

    Jesus’ Crucifixion Date Possibly Friday April 3, 33 A.D., According To Earthquake Stu

    Jesus’ Crucifixion Date Possibly Friday April 3, 33 A.D., According To Earthquake Study Jesus' Crucifixion Date Possibly Friday April 3, 33 A.D., According To Earthquake Study | The Huffington Post Does this mean this friday... April the anniversary of the crucifixion of Jesus?
  9. LatinoEuropa

    Which date of the history of your countries is important

    I choose the most recent one from my country Revolution 25 April 1974
  10. Space Shark

    Which date in French history is the most important?

    In the vein of the British version of this thread, I thought I'd ask one concerning French dates. I'll go with the storming of the Bastille, but I'm sure there are others that could contend.
  11. E

    French Document translation, date?

    Can anyone tell me anything about this document. I know its french but that is about it.
  12. M

    Military calendar date format

    I am retired Army Guard and Reserve soldier, as well as a retired professor. While doing research that involves maps of Civil War engagements, I noted that the dates on the maps were month day, year. All my military experience with dates has been day month year. Does anybody know when the U.S...
  13. Junius

    Most Important Date in British History

    If you had to specify a date, which one would you choose? I vote 1759 because I think that was when the British truly defeated the French on the global stage for good and ushered a state of Pax Brittanica which lasted until after WW1.
  14. notgivenaway

    1066 - an overrated date in English history

    today is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, but imho it's overrated. The Normans did change a lot, but only things that the Anglo-Saxons had laid down and at best only tweaked some things with their own French influence. Cathedrals existed before Westminster Abbey (Edward the Confessor...
  15. C

    Battle of Salamis date discrepancy - when was it?

    Hi there, There seems to be quite some discrepancy as to when the battle of Salamis occurred. Some say the 20th of September, most say the 23rd or 24th, Wikipedia says the 22nd and apparently others say the 27th. What is it? Are there any reputable Ancient Historians who have anything to say...
  16. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is the United States Constitution out of date?

    The U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights was written to reflect the best of Roman, Greek, British and later French political thought and to provide its citizens with a set of articles which would protect them from Government under law. Seeing as the original text was written the best part of 230...
  17. E

    BC/AD vs BCE/CE and the Date of Jesus' Birth

    I know that the main reason for the change from AD/BC to BCE/CE was because AD (anno Domin, ie "In the year of our Lord") and BC (before Christ) both were tied to Christian religion and people wanted something that was less ethnocentric. I know originally it was Jewish historians who coined...
  18. shailesh001


    Much has been said about the greatest and only icon of western world, Alexander the Great! I wish to point out at the same mystery that surrounded this great western warrior. Its said that Alexander deserted his unquenchable desire of world domination at the edge of Hydaspes meeting Porus. but...
  19. Z

    Date of Yue state downfall

    Minyue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia article here says state of Yue fall in 334 BC. However,in state of Yue wikipedia page, it says state of Yue period is from ?-221 BC. Yue (state) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia So is Yue state fall or got annex in 334 BC or 221 BC? Did...
  20. V

    Battle of Imphal, India, the largest defeat to that date in Japanese history.

    The Battle of Imphal took place in the region around the city of Imphal, the capital of the state of Manipur in North-East India from March until July 1944. Japanese armies attempted to destroy the Allied forces at Imphal and invade India, but were driven back into Burma with heavy losses...