1. RomanEmperor

    William C. Davis Texas Revolution/Civil War Interview

    The Ajay Bruno Show - William C. Davis Interview 06/09 by Ajay Bruno | History Podcasts There were a few things I wanted to get to, but the clock ran out! Hope you like it.
  2. Z

    The Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford thing.

    I watched some videos of Bette Davis in her elder years. She actually comes across to me as a mostly normal lady who had a lot of memories. I liked her. She was very straight forward and did not pull punches, well usually. Joan Crawford, a woman I find beautiful and sexy, to me was nuts. I can...
  3. David Vagamundo

    Why wasn't Jeff Davis hanged?

    "They will hang Jeff Davis to a sour apple tree! (3X)As they march along!" (John Brown's Body) Why wasn't Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America, hanged following the Civil War?
  4. B

    Jefferson Davis went to Catholic schools in KY. Were there many Catholics in KY?

    Were they high church Episcopalians, probably from English Catholic backgrounds, like Davis, French from French territories, from Maryland, or Irish or German? Or all of the above?
  5. J

    A course on Miles Davis' music

    I'm starting this thread for a project I'm working on and would appreciate some input on it. If you are a Miles Davis fan from any period of his work, and you would like to offer comments or alternate suggestion, I'd be glad to hear them. Thanks in advance. I'm putting together a 6 session...
  6. D

    Jefferson Davis elected president of Confederacy

    I was meaning to share this yesterday but didn't have the chance. My apologies. Yesterday marked 154 years to the day Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederate States of America: Fun Fact: This Day in History Do you find it surprising that statues erected in Davis' honor remain...
  7. Fabius Maximus

    You are Jefferson Davis...

    ...in 1861, just as the US Civil War is breaking out, trying to come up with a strategy which will give the CSA the best possible chance of victory in the coming struggle. What strategy do you choose? As for me, I'd ditch the idea of trying to defeat the Union army in a decisive battle, and...
  8. Blue Rose

    Art Institute of Chicago videos of ancient and medieval techniques

    For the past three months, the Art Institute of Chicago has been putting their Launchpad videos, designed to provide more context of museum-goers at the Institutes, on YouTube. The short videos include modern artists recreating art using ancient, medieval, and newer techniques in mosaics...
  9. Salah

    Jefferson Davis

    Jefferson Finis Davis (1808-1889) was born in Kentucky. Eight months and less than one hundred miles separated him from the birth of Abraham Lincoln, in one of the many unusual coincidences that line the course of American history. Davis' father was a descendant of Welsh immigrants, his mother...
  10. tjadams

    Who is President After Davis?

    Seems lately it is vogue to have so many threads bashing the Confederacy so I thought about one with a different flair and thought. We all know Mr. Davis was elected as President of the Confederacy and by law, was allowed to serve a six year term. Assuming Mr. Davis served one term in office...
  11. T

    Jefferson Davis in Glasgow, Scotland.-1869...

    The Scotsman'' newspaper for Saturday January 5 2013-pages 26-27-has an excellent article and photograph of Ex-C.S.A. President Jefferson Davis vacationing in Glasgow Scotland, in 1869 at the home of his Scottish industrialist Ironmaster friend, James Smith , who pre-1861 had set up an...
  12. L

    Was Davis' strategy deeply flawed?

    In the "Military Strategy" section of The Confederate War, pages 116-117, Gary Gallagher writes "Within a framework largely shaped by Davis in the Western Theater and Lee in the Eastern Theater, Confederate arms fought numerous bloody battles, raised civilian hopes for victory, stretched...
  13. Salah

    Jefferson Davis and accusations of Confederate Treason

    When the ex-Confederate president Jefferson Davis was captured by Union forces, there were those who called for him to be tried for treason, a trial that would have inevitably ended with the hanging of the century. However, Davis remained in custody until 1877 when he was released into...
  14. C

    US Crime & Punishment, Troy Davis & another case

    What I have often noticed about the media in the USA. Is the media often focuses on the criminal and not the victim, or his or her family. The Troy Davis case was no exception. I don't remember hearing anything from the family, of the man killed back in 1989. That typically is the case. Davis...
  15. ttanner

    Don't Know Much About History... Kennith Davis

    Does anyone know if that series is a valid series? I really don't know much about him or the series.
  16. C

    “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis

    “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis Technology has increased longevity thereby making death even more frightful, expensive, tortuous, and perhaps accumulatively more painful than before. Is this progress? “Never before in history has it been so hard to fulfill our final earthly task...
  17. S

    Jefferson Davis

    Hello. First off, I am new here. I have been reading through some of the post's and am impressed and overwhelmed with the knowledge and response's demonstrated on here. Now I am wondering how you think we should view Jefferson Davis today. I guess the thrust of my question is, Should...
  18. Pantagruel

    Victor Davis Hanson

    Anyone here read any of his stuff? I'm curious to hear other's opinions of his writing; I've read and enjoyed several of his books, yet some of his conclusions bother me. Thoughts?