1. P

    Tobruk surrenders on this day in 1942.

    If Churchill thought that things could only get better after ther February 15 1942,surrender at Singapore of Empire forces to the Japanese he was soon to find out that was wrong for on this day in 1942 20,000 Empire troops surrendered to Rommel at Tobruk. What's worse Churchill was actually in...
  2. D

    This Day in History: First wedding at White House

    On this day in 1886, Grover Cleveland becomes the first sitting president to marry in the White House -- a woman nearly 30 years his junior, no less. Read more here: This Day in History
  3. DeadCorn

    Who did the Roman Generals read Back in the Day?

    I'm hoping to find some references to, or existing materials on, military tactics that a Roman general would be intimately familiar with. Who did Julius Caesar read? Marius. Atticus? Varus? Augustus? Scipio... ? Anyone prior to the second invasion of Britain in 43 AD..
  4. D

    This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact

    On this day in 1901, Connecticut becomes the first state in the U.S. to enact a law regulating motor vehicles. Read more: This Day in History: Interesting Fun Fact
  5. D

    This Day in History: 1800

    On this day in 1800, President John Adams (1735-1826) ordered the federal government to pack up, leave Philadelphia, and set up shop in the nation’s new capital -- Washington, D.C. Read more: Fun Fact: This Day in History
  6. Ancientgeezer

    25 April Anzac Day

    The Anzac spirit or Anzac legend is a concept which suggests that Australian and New Zealand soldiers possess shared characteristics, specifically the qualities those soldiers allegedly exemplified on the battlefields of the First World War. Discuss if you wish.
  7. D

    This Day in History: Library of Congress is Established

    On this day in 1800, The Library of Congress is established. Read more here: This Day in History: 1800
  8. D

    This Day in History: 1803

    On April 11, Talleyrand offers to sell Louisiana to the U.S.: This Day in History: April 11, 1803
  9. DeadCorn

    What Day of the Month Did the Battle of Teutoburg begin-end

    I know the Battle of Teutoburg occurred in September of 9 A.D.. But does anyone know the actual dates? I have heard most recently that it lasted nearly three days. Which days? And if there is no tradition of which dates we're speaking of here, how would, even in casual discussion, one Roman...
  10. D

    This Day in History: 2 Key Events

    Learn about two key historic events that took place 139 years apart on March 29: This Day in History: Two Key Events
  11. D

    This Day in History: 1775

    On this day in 1775, Jefferson is elected to the Second Continental Congress: This Day in History: 1775
  12. D

    This Day in 1854: Republican Party is Formed

    The party started with a meeting in Wisconsin on this day in 1854: This Day in History: 1854
  13. D

    This Day in History: 1820

    On this day in 1820, Maine is admitted as the 23rd state: This Day in History: 1820
  14. D

    This Day in History: Missouri Compromise (1820)

    On March 6, 1820, President James Monroe would sign the Missouri Compromise into law. This Day in History: 1820
  15. D

    This Day in History: FDR's Inauguration

    On this day in 1933, FDR is inaugurated as the 32nd commander-in-chief: This Day in History: March 4
  16. D

    This Day in History - Articles of Conf. ratified

    The Articles of Confederation were ratified on March 1, 1781. This Day in History: Fun Fact
  17. D

    This Day in History: William & Mary gets charter

    On this day in 1693, The College of William & Mary receives its charter, becoming the second institution of higher learning in America. This Day in History: February 9
  18. D

    This Day in History - Oxford Dictionary

    Wanted to share this fun fact on how the Oxford Dictionary was conceived: This Day in History - 1884 Do you guys use Webster, Oxford, or any others?
  19. P

    National holocaust remembrance day commemoration

    TODAY IN Great Britain it is National Holocaust Remembrance Day when we honour the memory of the millions of victims of German Nazism who died in the camps, ghettos and mass shootings,perverted medical experiments and other atrocities inflicted by the Nazis on Jews and many other people between...
  20. G

    Who are modern day descendents of Barmakids of Balkh

    People with a certain title, tribe or surname who are descended from this group? Where do they live? Are they still in Balkh? Do they have same elite status? Do they still have Hindu Brahminical influence remaining within them?