1. EmperorTigerstar

    Video: The American Civil War Every Day

    I (finally) made a video showing the changing front lines of the American Civil War every single day from Fort Sumter to Stand Watie's surrender. Enjoy and please comment on what you think! The American Civil War: Every Day - YouTube
  2. arkteia

    chimera cat - Happy National Cat Day

    I thought it is an interesting example of what nature can produce. A couple of interesting articles about her. Chimera is a mytholigy creature, Venus the cat is not a real chimera, but chimerism exists.
  3. Ancientgeezer

    Today is St Crispin's Day!

    Today is the Feast of St Crispin! A good day to fight! The Battle of Agincourt 25 October 1415 The Charge of the Light brigade 25 October 1854 The Battle of Shangani (Matabeleland) 25 October 1893 The Battle of Henderson Field, Guadalcanal 25 October 1942 The Second Battle of Alamein 25...
  4. P

    Lessons learned to prepare for D day

    From the failures at Gallipoli and Dieppe what did the planners learn to prepare for Normandy?
  5. T

    19th century transportation, day to day life, etiquette (in Russia)

    I'm not sure if I posted this topic in the right place, but the homework help forum seems like the safest option. I just really need to discuss this and get some help. I'm writing a short story (this post isn't for homework but for research purposes) and my character is a police...
  6. T

    Guten tag! (Good day!)

    Hello! I would say I am new to Historum, but I am not. I joined almost 2 years ago and made a post about Prince Harry becoming Tsar of Russia and then didn't come back. But I have returned! And I want to come to know my fellow history lovers on this website.
  7. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Indigenous People's Day

    Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For 'Indigenous Peoples' Day' : Code Switch : NPR This holiday, which was probably created to counter Columbus Day is not coincidentally on the same day as Columbus Day(both on the same day which is today). I don't seem to care that much about what holiday can and...
  8. Broc

    The Day Sussex Died.

    Southdowns Battalions, or Lowthers Lambs at Cooden Camp, Bexhill. I grew up with the 30th of June being the anniversary of my counties death, this notion relates to a diversionary action carried out by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Southdowns Battalions in 1916. In the space of 5 hours at the Boars...
  9. J

    On what day were the Japanese troops ordered to surrender in WW2?

    I know the formal surrender ceremony was held on 2 September, and the Emperor made the announcement of surrender to the Japanese public on 15 August. However, when were the soldiers first informed that they had to stop fighting? Was it the same day as the public announcement, or was it 14...
  10. gregorian

    Happy Saint Guinefort's Day!

    Guinefort: the Sainted Dog of France Protector of Children. Who slayed the serpent and saved the innocent child and was wrongfully slain by his master. Watch over my daughters as they grow older and discover the world and protect them from the serpents who would tempt them into darkness.
  11. H

    What were you doing that day - if you were present?

    14 August. Maybe someone mentioned it and I'm just not seeing it. Does the date ring a memory bell?
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    Video: World War I Every Day

    I made a map animation showing the changing front lines of World War I in Europe, the Middle-East, East Asia, the Pacific, and Africa, every single day. World War I: Every Day - YouTube Comment on what you think!
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    This Day in World War I

    The 100th anniversary of World War I will arrive tomorrow. To celebrate, this thread will be a this day in history thread but for every major event of World War I. Discussion is also allowed of course. To stay true to the anniversary, for the rest of 2014, only talk about 1914 events when doing...
  14. B

    Good day

    Hello everybody, a am a 18 years old student of kurdish origin, and i have always had profound interest in history since my childhood. i just wanted to say hello and wil certainly be a acctive user on the forums :)
  15. Ibero

    Why celebrate D-Day? The day european independence ended?

    I don´t want post this in the D-Day jubilee topic, so i ask this here. Why do the french belittle themself with those shameful D-Day festivals? They basicly belittle themself and celebrate their own occupation which runs till today. I have the impression that even Vichy France was more...
  16. Crystal Rainbow

    The D Day landings

    Much has been talked about recently it would be interesting if anyone's family members had any memories of what happened back then. :) The best stories are shared by families that were affected.
  17. warmoviebuff

    HISTORY or HOLLYWOOD: The Longest Day

    “The Longest Day” is a movie about D-Day that was based on the nonfiction book by Cornelius Ryan. I thought it would be interested to see what Hollywood added and altered from the book. Here are some statements about events in the movie, try to determine if they also appear in the book...
  18. CathareHeretic

    D Day my Gratitude

    To day is the D Day here in France and cause i'm myself Grandson of a Resistant Gaullist Captured and Tortured in Bordeaux by the SD Sicherheitsienst SS ( The SS Intelligence Service) I desire writte my Gratitude for the Vétérans of our Great and Nobles Allies Men and Women Australians...
  19. P

    The Longest Day (1962)

    Vladimir1984 has begun a thread on D-Day, and as I could not find one about this particular film, here it is. I have seen this thing at least a dozen times. I wonder what the general impression of the members here might be (those who have...
  20. Xenology

    Greeks In Modern Day

    So it seems that I've seen some threads started about the Greeks, and that the questions have been tackled numerous times, but from what I've seen of modern Greeks is that they're very proud of their nation and culture, and of their heritage. However they like to deny the things that showed a...