1. T

    Article on treatment of Female Collaborators after D-Day

    I am interested in hearing your opinions on this article. I've heard of this happening after D-Day, but I don't much about it in depth. To be honest, it sounds a little inflammatory based on what I do know, but I'd appreciate it if someone could provide more information on the extent of...
  2. R

    Baltic invasion D-Day alternative?

    Hi all, just recently i learnt, possibly incorrectly, that Churchill had an alternative operation to D-Day involving an amphibious invasion in the Baltic. What, if this is correct, can any of you fine people tell me about this? Was it viable? What would this entail? What chance of success? I'm...
  3. HistoryFreak1912

    D-Day: "Let's invade the bit of Normandy where there's a big-ass cliff!!"

    OK, look the D-Day invasion was a miracle, awesome and epic. I'm not questioning that. What I'm question is, were there literally no other way for the Allies to invade Normandy, France than that specific spot with a sheer rock cliff? They were basically asking their soldiers, "Please go to this...
  4. gustavolapizza

    What if dday was a failure

    Suppose D-Day is a failure and German defences are able to repel allied force and make them retreat to Britain. How would have the war gone at that point? Inviato dal mio K013 utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. grey fox

    Why was D-Day even necessary?

    I believe that the Allies had control of most or all of Italy by the time of D-Day on June 06, 1944. I have always believed that in a war, conquering enemy territory is more difficult to do via an amphibias landing than conquering land via land. Hitler sought to conquer France and Britain...
  6. J

    Would D-Day be possible without US involvement

    What if Hitler doesn't declare war on the U.S. after Pearl Harbour and Roosevelt's administration decides it's in America's best interest to deal with the Japanese threat first, despite their promises made to Britain during the ABC-1 and Atlantic conferences. Could Britain have launched its own...
  7. MartinST81

    Good docudrama about Canadians during D-Day

    I´ve just seen "Storming Juno" TV movie (or rather a docudrama covering Canadian action during D-Day). It´s not bad! If you are interested in WWII or military history in general, I recommend this movie to you. It was filmed in 2010 and I didn´t know anything about it till now. I wonder how many...
  8. Futurist

    Did Stalin consider seeking a separate peace with Hitler if D-Day would have failed?

    OK--I have heard someone on this one Alternate History group on Facebook suggest that Stalin could have sought a separate peace with Hitler if D-Day would have failed due to his claim that the Soviet Union was facing manpower shortages in 1944-1945. Thus, my question here is this--is there any...
  9. gustavolapizza

    What was the plan in case dday went wrong?

    Question in the title. It seemed like dday was a sort of calculated gamble that ended well. But what would have been the plan in case things had gone bad? Im not talking about speculation, I wonder what were the real pplans is there any document talking about this possibility and what to do in...
  10. J

    Had Germany completed its Atlantic Wall would D-Day have still worked

    If Germany fully completed its atlantic fortress and thus setting up heavier defenses could D-Day have worked?
  11. J

    Could D-Day have be possible if Britain was knocked out of the war

    Let's say the Luftwaffle wins the BoB and then Hitlers Blitz is enough to bring Britain to armistice that states Germany would not attack Britain as along as they are fully neutral. Several months later, America is attack by Japan and Hitler declares war on the US. Could D-Day still be...
  12. Decembrist

    D-Day, 71st Anniversary

    On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which, “we will accept nothing less than full victory.”...
  13. AdamLJ

    Assassination of Hitler: Effects the end of WWII

    This has been discussed before, but as many know, there were numerous attempts on Adolf Hitler's life. (see Assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) I am emphasizing the the attempts made in the middle of the war (around 1943). Adolf Hitler made decisions before...
  14. Futurist

    Extent of the "Soviet Empire" in Europe if D-Day Failed

    What exactly do you think the extent of the "Soviet Empire" in Europe would have been in a scenario where D-Day would have failed for some reason? Would having the Soviet Union conquer all of the countries and territories which it actually conquered in our TL plus (all of) West Germany, the...
  15. B

    Bigger than D-Day. The Greek fleet landing on the Troad

    Well over a 1000 warships apparently. As I understand it D-Day involved 700 or so warships. Is it even conceivable that this sort of logistics were needed for Hisarlik?
  16. Ibero

    Why celebrate D-Day? The day european independence ended?

    I don´t want post this in the D-Day jubilee topic, so i ask this here. Why do the french belittle themself with those shameful D-Day festivals? They basicly belittle themself and celebrate their own occupation which runs till today. I have the impression that even Vichy France was more...
  17. warmoviebuff

    D-Day Movies for the 70th Anniversary

    In honor of the seventieth anniversary of D-Day, I have decided to post my opinion on the various movies that are associated with D-Day. Here is my ranking of movies that cover D-Day in one way or another. 1. "The Longest Day" (1962) – This is the granddaddy of the battle epics. It covers the...
  18. P

    New d-day play opens in edinburgh

    A new play about the Scottish meterologist Group Captain John Stagg whose advice taken by IKE meant that the invasion took place 24 hours late on June 6 1944 has just opened in Edinburgh. It has premiered in the Scottish capital because despite being played in the 1962 Darryl Zanuck movie...
  19. A7X

    Why was Normandy chosen for the D-Day Landings?

    There is the issue of proximity, both for the range of fighter/bomber flights, and for the distance between Great Britain and the French coast, as supplies needed to be brought in continuously. The allies did not want to attack closer to Belgium or Calais, because German fortifications were...
  20. Uhtred

    D-Day: Why were clifftops not strafed by Fighter-Bombers?

    In addition to naval bombardments, why were there no low-level rocket and cannon attacks from the plentiful Fighter-Bombers who could have swooped in repeatedly over the landing infantry's heads and blasted bunkers and pillboxes apart? We had a plethora of very able and fearsome Hawker...