1. ghostexorcist

    Why online debates involving Sun Wukong are pointless

    Part I 1) Many people taking part in such discussions have never read Journey to the West. This results in many citing inaccurate information that they've read on a forum, the comment section of a video, or some modern adaptation like a comic book; saw in a movie, TV show, video game, or an...
  2. Duke Valentino

    Formal Debate Challenge - Pompey v Caesar

    I've recently been doing a lot of research on Pompey, and it seems to be that he's grossly underestimated, even in most of modern scholarship. In order to solidify my knowledge on Pompey, to provide a challenge and some insightful information for everyone, I've decided to start up a...
  3. P

    The Great Napoleon Debate

    Since we have so many seperate debates on different threads on Napoleion I thought it might be better if we were to collect them all at one location. So with this thread I would like to honour this premise. Everything people want to say or discuss about the man and his contemporaries I would...
  4. F

    Fatwa-incurring challenge when debating the delusional & deceitful

    When someone, out of delusion or deception, insists on the benign and tolerant nature of a regime or an ideology, should people redpill or expose him by challenging him to take the risk of incurring the wrath of the regime or adherents? For instance, I've seen Sam Harris owns his opponents by...
  5. S

    Debate: What was the golden era of Prussian history

    This is a bit random topic even for me. I don't know "much" about Prussian history just have an interest in it. So for this debate I ask that you only respond to the title question or counter someone else's response. If this format turns out to be worth the work I will do more in the future...
  6. Waterloofinalsolution

    DEBATE: Did Napoleon support Absolutism or a Democratic Republic?

    Everyone seems divided on this opinion and I would like a conclusion to it. There are many in France that strongly believe Napoleon supported the Libertarian values France represented after the French Revolution and there are other, more conservative people that believe Napoleon supported a...
  7. M

    Academic Guidance Invitation to debate

    University of Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Faculty of Arts Departmests of historical sciences and central European studies invite you to debate on the occasion of 200th birth anniversary Jozef Miloslav Hurban who was first president of Slovak national council...
  8. gustavolapizza

    The absurdity of the death penalty debate

    From the mere moral point of view does this debate really make sense? I mean when the alternatives are death penalty or life in prison can't we just consider a life In prison as a death penalty by aging using time to kill you instead of electricity or poison? From this point of view and...
  9. The Living Daylights

    The Great Head of State Debate

    Just a simple question. What kind of Head of State do you believe would be best overall for your generic society? Should the Head of State be an Absolute Monarch? Why? A Constitutional Monarch? If so, what degree of political power/limits to their power should they have and why? Or a...
  10. VHS

    Schooling and its efficiency debate

    Most of us spend our first 20-30 years in schools, and this of course includes post-secondary education. Some of the end products are outstanding; some of these are hardly satisfactory. Have any people read the comments that some college graduates are functionally illiterate? It is already...
  11. M

    Is there [still] a real debate on whether human races exist?

    Apparently there is still a real ongoing debate. This guy wrote a book challenging the idea that race doesn't exist among humans - John Fuerst, "The Nature of Race: the Genealogy of the Concept and the Biological Construct’s Contemporaneous Utility", published in year 2015. PDF full...
  12. Baltis

    Debate on the Constitution - 1787

    Here is a thread dedicated to setting out the arguments and following the debate on the Constitution that appeared in print prior to the Ratification conventions. I am currently reading Pauline Maier's book, Ratification. I had previously read many of the essays from both Federalist and...
  13. Jcris26

    The REAL First Settlement in North America Debate

    So I am reading America's Assignment With Destiny and the author, Manley P. Hall, claims that Jamestown was the first permanent settlement in North America. I immediately knew that this was not true. I know the first settlement was La Isabella which is now Haiti but I was in question if this was...
  14. VHS

    The great Tibet (or Xizang) debate

    Tibet (or Xizang) before 1951 wasn't exactly some form of paradise. Both the Chinese official accounts and the accounts of Dalai Lama are dubious. Let's make a relatively fair and square account: Considerable economic gains have been achieved since 1951; Tibet's GDP per capital in 2015 was about...
  15. Waterloofinalsolution

    Debate: Bartolomé de las Casas was one of the worst human beings ever?

    Being the ONLY writer of the time period, that spends his entire time shaming the Colonization of the Indies. A proven propaganda enthusiast, liar, and a cheat. Why and how could you believe, that a group of Spanish Explorers, with only around 500 men, immediately came with an evil look in their...
  16. VHS

    The continuous debate about Qing firearms

    On the Baidu history forum (I prefer not going there anymore; too much junk posts there), the continuous debate was that whether the firearms of the Qing dynasty compared favourably or unfavourably to their contemporaries.
  17. notgivenaway

    Do you agree with this debate on Pres. Jackson? I find it's wrong, wrong as in "he was acting in the morals of his time...." Tell me which white American at the time had good views towards native Americans? :laugh:
  18. E

    Architectural Criticism : Part of Public Debate or Autonomous "Discipline" ?

    Architectural Criticism : Part of Public Debate or Autonomous "Discipline" ? Université Rennes 2. Département d’Histoire de l’Art et Archéologie. Archives de la critique d’art. Architectural Criticism between Public Debate and Autonomous Discipline First International Workshop of the...
  19. Americanknight

    Craziest weapons in history debate

    I really have a fascination of weaponry, Even the most strange ones. this debate is about the most craziest weapons there was in history, for example to get this debate started, the "Gay bomb" was an nonlethal weapon that was used to make their enemies fall in love with each other.
  20. Americanknight

    American civil war debate

    we all know about the american civil war (if your a american,if u are but don't know about it.... start reading your textbook). from 1861 to 1865 the war costed more lives than all of America's wars... COMBINED. there were tow sides of the conflict, the union (north) and the confederacy (south)...