1. AlpinLuke

    December 31st

    Despite it's a symbolic date and it's the end of the year [so we could expect that a lot of cycles end on this day], December 31st hasn't recorded a huge number of historical events. Personally I remember something really historical: the official dissolution of the Soviet Union on December...
  2. P

    December 28 1940-Luftwaffe try to 'Hamburg' London

    DECEMBER 28 1940-the night that the Luftwaffe tried -by indiscrimnate firebombing-to 'Hamburg' & & Dresden ' London & Londoners. As the Luftwaffe bomber crews looked down on the raging inferno that they created by dumping indiscriminately-hundeds of tone of incendaries on London and Londoners...
  3. P

    December 16 1944 ....

    December 16 1944 and Nazi forces commanded by the likes of Hasso von Manteuffel and Sepp Dietrich burst upon the unsuspecting mainly American forces many who believed that the Ardennes sector was an 'rest area'. The Battle brought out the best and worst aspects among the defending American...
  4. P

    December 13 1944 -kamikaze hits USS Nashville.

    Today in 1944 a Kamikaze plane hit the light cruiser USS Nashville detonating two bombs on one of the USN ship's 5 inch gun mounts and killing 130 of her crew while wounding 190. This took place off Negros island. but the 'Nashville survived to fight another day.. 'Nashiville had an...
  5. Old Reb

    Wake Island battle in December, 1941

    For you WWII buffs, there is a great book about this action called" Pacific Alamo - The Battle For Wake Island" written by John Wukovits (2003). It's amazing the fight a few hundred Marines and civilian workers put up against the Japanese and the damage inflicted by them against the enemy was...
  6. P

    car Beijing December 1921 what does the text read?

    Who can help me translate the Chinese on the registration plate of this early automobile? copyright University of Bristol, Ruxton family ru-s012 21 December 1921 Bejing car at wedding of Enid Ruxton and William Cassels
  7. Frank81

    Los Últimos de Filipinas - December 2th 2016

    This film is greatly expected by history fans in Spain. A tale about the "last ones of Philippines", besieged in Baler for 337 days, from June 1898 to June 1899, long time after the official cesation of hostilities Video deleted by moderator. 1. spam ? 2. not in English (rules of the forum...
  8. Futurist

    More information about the planned (and cancelled) December 1915 Russian census?

    Does anyone here have more information about the planned (and cancelled) December 1915 Imperial Russian census? After all, I know that this Russian-language online book has some information about this planned census: However...
  9. D

    This Day in History - December 4, 1918

    Today marks 97 years to the day Woodrow Wilson left Washington D.C. for Europe to push for the League of Nations: This Day in History: December 4, 1918 Is it safe to say he would have lived longer had he not taken the trip? I believe I read that his doctors advised him against it.
  10. J

    Countdown to December 6th - get your fireworks ready

    Three weeks from today is the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 13th Amendment. Perhaps the man speaking below would consider it the 150th anniversary of the first 4th of July for the American slave... On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglass gave a speech at an event commemorating...
  11. C

    Instead of the Ardennes offensive in December '44, what should the Germans have done?

    Instead of launching an offensive through the Ardennes and the subsequent Battle of the Bulge that ended in failure, what should Hitler and the German high command have done? What other strategy or action should they have used to stall the Allied advance into Germany at the end of 1944? What...
  12. C

    What if Stalin had died between December 1941 - January 1942?

    Let's say that Stalin dies of a heart attack or stroke sometime between December 1941 and January 1942. Is there potential for a power struggle between all those who feel that they are the true successor to Stalin? Would the Red Army, NKVD, and Soviet government fight against each other? Could...
  13. F

    Could the Axis Powers have won the Second World War after December 1941?

    Could the Axis Powers (that predominantly being Germany, Italy and Japan) have won ('won' being achieving all their main goals like resources and living-space) after December 1941? In December 1941 the two enlarging wars (Atlantic-European and Pacific-Asian) became one global and long-term...
  14. CathareHeretic

    Washington, London and 2 December 1851

    I'm curious to know the reaction of the British and American embassies at the coup of Louis Napoleon, Dec. 2, 1851. I guess the Americans shouted to the dictatorship and the United Kingdom saw a dim view of the return of Bonaparte to power as Emperor...Of course Louis Napoleon was elected...
  15. Frank81

    Mes Aynak: the jewel of Buddhist Afghanistan to be destroyed in December 2012

    Yes fellows, unfortunatelly the Afghan gobvernment gave to a Chinese mining company authorization to extract the copper beneath the syte. It can be the second largest copper of the world. The Chinese will destroy half of the city in two months Ancient site needs saving not destroying -...
  16. Edward

    The Battle of North Cape 25-26 December 1943

    HMS Duke of York Scharnhorst After damage inflicted by British X-craft , the only surface thread for Arctic convoys was the German battle cruiser Scharnhorst. Equipped with 9x 283 mm main guns plus 12x150 mm secondary armament she was outgunned by most of British battleship but with...
  17. amazedkat

    ancient alien belief and december the 21st

    Ancient alien belief is the belief that aliens visited ancient civilisations. And interacted with them, proof of this is as they say interpretations of ancient art that quite clearly shows space ships and what not. Erich von Däniken, maybe can be described as the high priest of this view...
  18. Corto Maltese

    The Emu War ( 2 November 1932– 10 December 1932

    Was the Emu war the most most humiliating loss of a war ? i mean how could Australia lose a war against Birds ?
  19. HadleyH

    latest explosion in Iran... 20th December 2011

    There has been another .... mmmm... accident? :laugh: in Iran I am happy to tell! .... And since Current Events is going to be moved to the chamber of horrors and I don't like that place at all, I hope I can still squeeze a couple more of Iranian blasts before the 1rst of January ...
  20. Robert165

    December 7th was not just for Pearl Harbor

    I once read that Cicero was murdered on Dec 7th, does anyone know if this is true?