1. Futurist

    If France decides to fight on in 1940, how much can it evacuate to Algeria?

    If France decides to fight on in 1940 (for instance, if the U.S. is already in the war at that point in time but--for whatever reason--France still ends up falling), how much people, industry, et cetera can it relocate/evacuate to Algeria (and perhaps other parts of French North Africa, such as...
  2. R

    Carthage decides to ally with Phyrrus

    What if Carthage decided to help Phyrrus in order to prevent Rome from taking over the whole of the Italian Peninsula.
  3. S

    Germany decides to go another round in 1919

    So what would happen if Germany, unhappy with the terms of Versailles decides to go another round and continue the war in 1919? At the time of Versailles, The French had some 20 divisions already deployed in the Palatinate. Foch who was supreme allied commander and Mangin (army commander)...
  4. M

    German army decides to scrap G36 Rifle

    The German army has decided to scrap the G36 rifle due to overheating problems on its effect on accuracy. Since the frame and receiver are all aligned and plastic, it holds the metal barrel on through plastic. Once hot, this melts, making it unaligned effecting accuracy. I read one report that...
  5. H

    What decides how we fight?

    I came up on this great thread about chinese plate armor: There were alot of interesting theories about why some cultures developed or adopted various kinds of armor or...