1. jameen

    If Ming loyalists have mutual defense treaty

    Do you think Emperor Kangxi will still be able to conquer Taiwan if ever Spain, Netherlands or Portugal agreed to defend Taiwan if ever the Qing will launch an invasion? Do you believe any of these powers will help these Ming loyalists to recover Mainland China from the Manchus?
  2. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Adolf Hitler's dilemma for defense of France — Beachhead defense ? "Mobile" defense ?

    Adolf Hitler's dilemma for defense of France — Beachhead defense ? "Mobile" defense ? In AD 1944, the Allied Army was planning to liberate France from the Nazi Germany's occupation. Imagine if you're Adolf Hitler, how would you dispose your armoured divisions to counter the imminent Allied...
  3. X

    Economics Explains Everything

    Horses make it less costly to move resources from point A to point B. The same is true of our ancestors walking upright. As the cost of allocation decreased the frequency increased. More frequent allocation meant more frequent allocation problems. When monkeys, lions, whales and birds...
  4. Dentatus

    WW2 Air Base Defense

    In WW2 Royal Air Forces bases were defended by troops of the Royal Air Force Regiment (which eventually numbered over 80,000 men), who performed this function for the Luftwaffe? the US Army Air Force? The Red Army Air Force?
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Mortar Crew Personnel Defense Weapons

    In modern militaries what do light mortar crews carry as their personnel defense weapon? Is it an assault rifle, a pistol or something else?
  6. Murffy

    Self-Defense in the Ancient World

    We have pretty good knowledge of how the ancients fought their wars, the kinds of weapons they used and how they used them. I’m thinking outside the context of warfare. How did individuals defend themselves? Did they carry weapons? Did they need to? Was training in unarmed combat common? My...
  7. B

    Did the use of railways for logistics favor offensive or defensive warfare

    Did the use of railways for logistics favor offensive or defensive warfare
  8. Karl XII

    In defense of Hannibal Barca

    I know what you're thinking. Another one of these threads again........ Well I think its high time we got one. I feel as if Hannibal has been unfairly disparaged as the General who could "win a victory but didn't know how to use it". I will primarily be using Goldsworthy's Fall of Carthage for...
  9. M

    Should the Defense Industry be controlled by Government directly?

    Many people talk about the Military Industrial complex and wasted spending on different projects done by multiple corporations. Should the Defense Industry be controlled by the Government to prevent corruption, lobbying and wasteful spending?
  10. M

    Who's fault was it for the poor defense of flanks of German 6th Army at Stalingrad?

    Who's fault was it the flanks of Paulus's 6th Army were not well secured and only guarded by low tier Romanian and Hungarian Armies during Case Blue/Stalingrad? Paulus had zero commands over these armies(including the Panzer 4th army) right besides the 6th? Was it all Hitler's placement? Did...
  11. M

    What would you rather have? A better Air Force or better Anti-Air defense?

    You are fighting a conventional war(no nukes). What would you rather have as a doctrine if you were a Commander in Chief/Joint Chief of Staff? Would you invest more on Air Power to gain Air superiority? Or invest more on Air Defense Systems to cover logistics and cities and defend the ground...
  12. Futurist

    Should Europe pay more for its own defense?

    Rather than continuing to "mooch off" of the U.S.? After all, why exactly should the U.S. have to do most of the "heavy lifting" in regards to defense spending, including in Europe? Thoughts on this?
  13. Arlington

    Proposed US Defense Cuts

    Lots of considerations here. I'm not positive where I stand yet and it's by no means a 'done deal'. Lots of groups will oppose as much as support. Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level...
  14. Precedence

    In Defense of Jimmy Carter

    I'm not saying Jimmy Carter was a good president. I'm saying that he wasn't one of the worst presidents. When all's said and done, I think he's average compared to the other 40+ men who took office. And yes, before you ask, I've had to wait 3 hours on line for gas before. He was overshadowed...
  15. grey fox

    Lessons from history that the American Founders invoked in defense of Constitution?

    Here is a link to the article: In this article from City Journal, the writer Heather MacDonald states the following: "The American Founders drew on an astonishingly wide range of...
  16. H

    a news--China announced air defense identification zone over east sea

    it is fresh new information
  17. KHL

    Tank biathlon. New sport discipline proposed by Russian Ministry of Defense.

    More than 150 years ago a first biathlon club was organized for training Norwegian soldiers. Next week (August 12-17) first tank biathlon championship will be conducted near to Moscow. Best teams from Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will participate in 20 km race with obstacles. They...
  18. M

    Colonial armies' defense against arrow fire?

    Hey I was wondering how Colonial armies stood against arrow fire from Natives such as the British and French in the Americas, the Russian conquests, and the later African and Indian campaigns. The Conquistidors of Cortez wore armour and stopped the Aztec arrows but how did the Colonists deal...
  19. Naomasa298

    State Department vs the Department of Defense

    I've just been browsing Wikipedia and reading about the civil war in El Salvador, and how diplomatic staff gave assessments that were at odds with those of the military staff. I seem to remember reading that this was also the case during the Vietnam War. More recently, Colin Powell initially...
  20. Propagandist

    Pericles' Strategy For the Defense of Athens

    Having wasted far too much time writing three paragraphs on Pericles defensive strategy for Athens, I have decided to start a forum post to discuss a Academic discussion that was really peripheral to what I was looking at. (Also to procrastinate some more) Pericles proposed Strategy for...