1. Haakbus

    How would you define an empire?

    Is it simply an aggressive conquering state? One ruler over multiple external rulers? I'm starting to think there's no fundamental difference between an empire and a federated state except that the autonomous territories are considered external, rather than internal like US states.
  2. VHS

    Define crimes against humanity

    Crimes against humanity is effectively the most serious charge against any humans. Lingchi (execution by around 3600 slices, which is substantially worse than crucifixion; I keep arguing what would it like if Jesus is portrayed coming back from Lingchi) is considered a crime against humanity...
  3. S

    Define a warrior by photo.

    Hello dear reader! Tell me about this warrior, years of existence, weapons, and the main helmet.
  4. AlpinLuke

    Let's try and define religion ...

    I was thinking to this just pondering how curious and odd "religion" was in Ancient Egypt [KmT]. Actually that wasn't a "religion" as we define it today: "a system of beliefs". No, in Ancient Egypt that was a superstition, a popular tradition ... nothing more and nothing else. In KmT what we...
  5. tomar

    What criteria define nazism ?

    What are unique criteria (or unique combination of criteria) which define it with precision ? (i.e.: a regime meeting these criteria or combination of criteria can be defined as nazi .... and lets assume here that the "technical criteria" of having a party calling itself national socialist is...
  6. FrostWyrm96

    How do you define a good general?

    In the sense that in logistics, strategy and tactical. You can win battles but lost your war. I intend to learn a lot about military academics simultaneously reading history up in books and here in the forums. So I have to ask that how do you define a good general? I would define a good...
  7. notgivenaway

    How do you define early/high/late medieval eras?

    For me, the early medieval era started in the 4th century. Roman rule even in areas they controlled outright was starting to wane, and this is how feudalism first emerged. High medieval started with the crusades, and the late medieval period with the Black Death and the use of gunpowder...
  8. EmperorTigerstar

    How do you Define Empire?

    Some nations are obviously empires. The Romans, Ottomans, Chinese, Mongols, and British all easily fit into that category. But what about those nations that are in the grey area? Is the United States an empire? Was the Soviet Union an empire? It's one thing to say they're powerful. It's one...
  9. Theodoric

    Agnosticism, why I define myself as such.

    A more personal post than usual. Although feel free to comment or share your own views if you identify as an agnostic. THEOLOGICALLY SPEAKING What do I believe? I have a positive belief that there are various possibilities for why the universe exists, and the purposes of existence. One such...
  10. Seven

    Is to be American mean you romanticize war?

    It is hard to deny our symbiotic relationship with war. Do we say we're born from it, a love child of muskets and tyranny? Or did we forge our boarders with cannons and sons? Were we the first to fight, not for God or glory, but for freedom... of the economic variety? Was it manifest destiny...
  11. A

    The Iron Age: How do we define its end?

    The iron age is defined as having a starting point (i.e. end of the bronze age) and an ending point. The ending time is different for the various civilizations-- 500 BC in the Ancient Near East, 200 AD in China etc. However, I am confused about this ending point. The starting point is...
  12. Salah

    How do you define a 'Jew'?

    This question has caused two of Moishe's threads to be derailed in the recent past, seems to have gotten one of them locked. Thus, I am creating this thread for the purpose of discussing the question without continuing to derail threads he has clearly started for other purposes. I will begin...
  13. Brisieis

    Define Faith - In Your Words

    What is faith to you? Is faith the same as hope? Is it the that last lingering feeling of hope that you have when you feel completely helpless? Is it the hope you have when you really want something? Is it hoping for a specific outcome in a situation because the situation is unpredictable...
  14. Menshevik

    Define Citizenship

    What makes one a citizen of a nation or city-state? What should be some qualifiers or prerequisites? I would argue knowing the native language(s) is a must, non-negotiable. Beyond that, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    What qualities define a natural leader ?

    What type of person would you be willing to follow. What qualities would they need to have ?
  16. theauthor

    Define "Evil"

    I've come across this question many times and have been reflection about it. I think I have come up with my very own definition which broadly describes evilness: Evil is actions done by human beings, which have cruel pursuits. But the means don't have to be evil in or of itself, it is the goal...
  17. Darth Roach

    How do we define a tyranny?

    How do we define tyrants and tyrannies? The cheesy description "eastern tyranny versus western freedom" is applied to the Greek-Persian wars so often it has become cheesy and amusing. Especially so if you consider the fact that there were city states ruled by a narrow class of elites, or even...
  18. Thessalonian

    How do you define happiness, personally?

    Forget about dictionaries and official definitions. How do you define your own happiness?
  19. Salah

    How to define a "Hun"?

    While the "Black Huns" of Attila were troubling the Roman Empire, the Hephalite "White Huns" were engaged in similar raiding and terrorizing activities in the Sassanid Persian sphere of influence. How is it that both of these peoples are considered "Huns"? Does this term refer to language, or...
  20. EpicHistory360

    Define this "history" thing that you guys seem to talk about, eh?

    This is a forum full of knowledgeable people who have extensively studied history and are very familiar with it. So, I dare you to DEFINE it. And I'm not talking about a mundane, factual, literal meaning. I want a deeper one, which makes implications about its importance besides the basic...