1. Azad67

    Khalj Sultans of Delhi were not Afghans

    Khalj Sultans of Delhi were not Afghans
  2. Azad67

    History of Delhi , Urdu and Hindi – Irfan Habib

  3. G

    Why did Marathas not grab Delhi for themselves rather than reinstating Mughals

    Even if the Mughals were subservient and paying taxes to Marathas and were also ruling only a small suburb in Delhi. Why did Mahadji Shinde not take Delhi under the Peshwai control rather than keeping it under ceremonial Mughal headship. Would adding Delhi to the Confederacy and thus making it...
  4. rvsakhadeo

    Upheaval in New Delhi varsity-student arrested on charge oF Sedition

    The Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, has always been full of students who were of leftist opinions. However, things have taken a bad turn when students at recent function organised to commemorate the death by hanging of---a tried and found guilty terrorist--Afzal Guru, started...
  5. DanielMisier

    How did the Delhi Sultanate defeat the Mongols?

    I mean with tactics did they use.
  6. G

    Why did Rana Kumbha not try to capture Delhi

    I find this difficult to understand. I understand he had to repeatedly face multidirectional attack but he kept winning and crushing the enemy. He had the support of the entire Rajput confederacy, his charisma was strong enough for him to lead a joint Rajput charge towards Delhi. Moreover the...
  7. G

    What if Genghis Khan invaded the Delhi Sultanate instead of Iran

    Firstly why did he not invade India considering its riches and its military decline it was a favourite for barbarian tribes to invade it at that time. Had he invaded the Sultanate which was still in its infancy at that time he would have found a victory quite rapidly. Would this have resulted...
  8. Azad67

    Pashtuns got 'Khan' title from Turk Sultans of Delhi , not Mongols

    1- Some people assume that when Mongols devastated Afghanistan in 13th century ¸ Pashtuns must have borrowed from them at that occasion. Why would Mongol conquerors bestow their royal title to them?. Also People should keep in mind that Mongols devastated central and northern Afghanistan...
  9. W

    Origins of Delhi Sultanate Turks?

    When reading about the history of the Delhi Sultanate I regularly come across mentions of "Turkish" nobility and soldiery being a central component of the state. Unfortunately a lot of the sources I've been reading are not very clear on what sort of "Turks" these people were. I've read of...
  10. Azad67

    Delhi Sultanates and Afghans

    Afghans in the service of Balban Role of Afghans in Tughlaq Empire (1320 -1413)
  11. G

    How did the Mughals percieve the Delhi Sultanate

    Did they look at them as Islamic precursors who ruled India and did they respect, honour or iconise the sultanate kings? Was there any form of building of structures, tombs, masuloem or any other structure to honorify or glorify the sultanate or did they see the Sultanate as a relic of the past...
  12. G

    Was Delhi a Muslim majority city during Sultanate or Mughal rule

    Or were Hindus always a majority in the city?
  13. G

    Were any Hindu temples built during Sultanate rule in Delhi or UP

    Did the rulers of Delhi Sultanate built any grand Hindu temples in Delhi and surrounding areas during their rule?
  14. G

    Why did the Marathas keep a Mughal puppet in Delhi and not rule it themselves

    When they had the power to do so, why did they not directly rule it and keep Shah Alam as puppet? Wouldnt this have been better for them to keep an eye on Afghan invasions as well and control India through Delhi? Was it a sign of inferiority complex that only a Mughal man could rule Delhi even...
  15. SSDD

    What if Genghis Khan attacked Delhi Sultanate?

    In 1221 Mongal leader Genghis Khan was chasing Khawazirom prince Mangbarni reached Punjab, then Delhi Sultan was Iltutmish, Mongborni sought asylum from Iltutmish, but Iltutmish in fear of being attacked Genghis Khan refused to grant asylum, then Mongbarni left India for Persia, Genghis Khan...
  16. SSDD

    Delhi Sultanate

    Delhi Sultanate, an often neglected period of Indian History, which is generally covered in light of Mughal Empire. Origin: It started with 2nd battle of Tarain. Where Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated by Muhammad Ghuri ruler of Ghur kingdom. Later another powerful ruler of North India Jainchand...
  17. ghostexorcist

    Iron Pillar of Delhi

    Does anyone know of any mentions of the Iron Pillar of Delhi in travel accounts from Persia, Central Asia, India, or East Asia? My cursory search hasn't turned up anything for China yet.
  18. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Sultanate of Delhi soldiers of 1450

    Illustrations of Sultanate of Delhi soldiers of 1450 Very little Islamic book painting has been preserved from the sultanate period before the advent of the Mughals in 1526. These miniatures come from a manuscript made by an artist who was highly influenced by Jain art from western India. Both...
  19. Jinit

    Indo Islamic architecture of Delhi sultanates

    A brief introduction of the evolution of Indo Islamic architecture in India. In 1192 AD Delhi officially came under the Muslim rule for the first time when the Rajput ruler Prithviraj chauhan was defeated at the second battle of Tarain and with that the whole new chapter in Indian history...
  20. T

    British imperialist ambitions in the building of new delhi

    Hi guys, could anyone please give me some sources or tell me about how the construction of delhi and the architecture of delhi implied by the British was a way to stamp British Superiority over indian subjects. Narrowing it down, What and how were the imperialist ambitions of the British...