1. F

    What if: genre/cult of champion warfare

    The common depiction of duels in spaghetti western films - one reacts to the first move another makes, one pulls the trigger faster than another does - isn't necessarily (if at all) historically accurate, but audience loves it. Could champion warfare be the equivalent in the depiction of...
  2. VHS

    A fair depiction of King Stephen of England

    In spite of a relatively long reign, King Stephen was maligned just about as much as King John. So, how would you depict King Stephen? Another question: How did the "Good Queen Beth and Bad King John" thing go around?
  3. Druzhina

    Anglo Saxon depiction of a dagged mail shirt

    From Saxon, Viking and Norman There have been doubts about whether the dagged mail shirt portrays actual Anglo-Saxon wear or is copied from earlier, perhaps continental, manuscripts. I thought it would be useful to see how much the artist might be depending on copying from an earlier...
  4. V

    Earliest physical depiction of Buddha?

    As we all know,Buddha was never physically depicted in the early imagry.He was mainly replaced with anionic symbols of Stupas or Trees.But I have recently found an image from Chandraketgarh(dated to 2nd-1st cent BCE),which might possibly be the first ever physical depiction of Buddha or a...
  5. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Strange depiction of the Ethiopian-Adal War I found on wikipedia What do you make of this picture? It depicts a battle in which the sultan of adal(Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al Ghazi) or Ahmad Gurey(somali for "the left handed) fight King Yagbe' u Seyon and his men. What I find odd is that the men...
  6. gavinlee

    Persian (Achaemenian) soliders - accurate depiction?

    I adore this Persian art: Marching Persian soliders | Flickr - Photo Sharing! ...but I wonder, do we know if this is accurate? Would they have gone into war like this? Or was this just for ceremonial & royal purposes?
  7. T

    Depiction of Roman life in Spartacus Blood and Sand

    Hi everyone! I was just watching the series, and was wondering how historically accurate it's depiction of ancient Roman life is? Were Roman citizens really this savage in their everyday lives, or is this constant sex, violence and disregard for eachother just a TV plot? I mean it's hard to...
  8. 1991sudarshan

    Depiction of USSR and Russian In Hollywood

    Why USSR and Russian are depicted in bad light in the American Film? What do they get by spoiling the name of them? Is that has some to do some thing with the Jews ? I heard that the Jews control the financing for the American Economy and the Hollywood movies. Are they taking the revenge for...