1. A

    Anglo-Saxons descendants of Israel.

    Anglo-Saxons – lineal descendants of one of the people which followed Moses. Genetics discovered the Chechens and the Germans common Northern German mitochondrial DNA, that is maternal (see Yavus Akhmadovs statement in a round table of “RIA News” in Moscow). Patrilineal the Chechens and the...
  2. T

    Are Chulan Kings of Malaysia descendants of the Cholan Dynasty?

    In the past there were several members of Royal families in Malaysia who had the name Chulan which according to some scholars is a different form of Cholan of the Chola Dynasty. The 15th century Malaysian text Sejarah Melayu mentions the Chola invasion of Malaysia and Indonesia in the 11th...
  3. Y

    Is there living descendants of `Abd Allah al-Zubayr, 5th righteous Caliph of Islam?

    Hello, I just came to know about a quite interesting character of Islamic history, `Abd Allah al-Zubayr , considered by some muslims as the 5th righteous Caliph of Islam before he was killed by the concurents Ummayads Caliphs. I wondered if he had any descendants and if so who did they...
  4. Moros

    Armada descendants in Scotland and Ireland

    Apart from hearsay and tradition, what evidence is there that shipwrecked sailors and soldiers from the Spanish Armada of 1588 produced descendants in Ireland or Scotland? How early are the traditions? Has there been any genetic markers detected? Does archaeology provide any corroborating evidence?
  5. notgivenaway

    Are modern italians the direct ethnic descendants of the Romans?

    Modern English are direct ethnic descendants of the Anglo-Saxons, genetically, linguistically, politically, and culturally. The same is true of Scottish and the Dal Riata/Picts, or the French and the Franks, or the Spanish and the Visigoths. Is the same true of the Italians and Romans? How...
  6. Y

    Is there any descendants of Odo the Great ,duke of Aquitaine?

    Hello, I wondered if there were any descendants alive today of Odo the Great, winner of the battle of Toulouse against muslims in the south of France, even declared champion of christianity by the pope?
  7. F

    The very thing ancestors fought against becomes collective identity of descendants

    One recurrent theme in history is that people fought heroically against an ethnic or ideological enemy, some generations later, the very ethnicity or ideology they fought against has become the identity or heritage of their descendants collectively. What do you make of the theme? Tragedy...
  8. Y

    Is there any descendants of the Omayyad tribe today?

    Hello, if i'm correct there are alot of Alids and abbasids descendants living today, but I wonder if there are surviving descendants of the first leaders of the Califate, or maybe from the Omayyads of Cordoba? A lot of them were killed by abbasids during the revolution and a lot also died...
  9. M

    Where descendants of Mongols of the 12th century?

    Mongols of the beginning of the 20th century in photos Manchurians
  10. V

    Mongoloid Mughals descendants in Afghanistan

    I had onced talked with the Uzbeks of Afghanistan, they said all their ancestors had been living there since the 16th century, some came from the 17th century. They make up 2 million of the population in Afghanistan. The Uzbeks in Uzbekistan who had absorbed million of Persian,Tajiks slaves...
  11. King Arthur

    Famous descendants

    Do we actually know of any descendants of famous people from antiquity (Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus Antonius, Hannibal, Alexander) who were still around in the middle ages?
  12. kdbooklover16

    Why do you think that the descendants of Charlemagne were such disappointments?

    Title says it all- why do you think? Were they just too pampered, or was there some other reason?
  13. B

    KBS: Korean descendants conquered China

    Due to a previous thread, I began looking into any possible Korean / Manchurian connection. I didn't really find any except perhaps the argument that due to proximity there is closer genetic connection as opposed to Manchurians and some other group farther away. The claim by now suspended...
  14. C

    Why are the Mughal dynasty's descendants so poor?

    I read this article about this descendant of the Mughal emperors, who lived in poverty. Here's the article: The last Mughal emperor was her ancestor but Sultana Begum is forced to live in a slum, washes in the street and struggles to feed herself and her children | Daily Mail Online What do...
  15. C

    Descendants of the ancient Persian monarchs

    Do you think that there are direct descendants of the ancient Persian monarchies? By "ancient Persian monarchies", I mean the Sassanids, Achaemenids, etc., not the relatively more recent dynasties like the Pahlavis or the Qajars?
  16. F

    If Europeans and their descendants dissapeared?

    Let's assume that some strange anomaly happened and Europeans and their descendants in USA, Canada, Australia and NZ(aka white people) dissappeared all of a sudden. How do you think would the rest of the world fare? Would China assume the role of a leader in the absence of USA? Would East...
  17. O

    What happens to Chinese royal descendants not in line for the throne?

    Obviously the prince's that never sniff the thrown get lavish lands and tax exemptions to live on. But what about their children? Do they get the same priviledges? Or do they get diminishing returns until the further descendants live like commoners?
  18. Ajanbahu

    Descendants of Porus, the man who fought Alexander are still there

    There are descendants of Porus still distinguished and bear surname" Puri "and they are from same area where Alex fought with Porus. Is it not remarkabale that with all upheavals and bloody wars, we still have descendants of Porus , following modern variety of same religion Porus practised 2300...
  19. M

    Building the Mayflower

    Harwich in the UK was the home port of the Mayflower and now as it nears 400 years since the original voyage to the New World, the Mayflower Project, a charity both in the UK and in the US, is building a life size replica to set sail before the 2020 anniversary. At the moment, they have the...
  20. A

    Samagar and his descendants: Power players in Anatolia

    Recently I came across a nice paper online that talked about the history of Mongol generals and aristocrats in Anatolia. Among the names, I found mention of Samagar, the general who led troops from the Ilkhanate in an attempt to coordinate actions with the Crusaders against the Mamlukes. I'd...