1. D

    dose any chinese source of the description of the north african maghreb region (or even egypt) exist ?

    hello dose any chinese source of the description of the north african maghreb region (or even egypt) exist ? especially if they are from late antiquity or middle age/others periods after middle age thank you please and sorry for my english
  2. H

    Description of Gadhi.

    I just started reading a book by vinod agraval of first adhayaye of Satyavati he claims that kind Gadhi/kadhi have Hazel-eyes. How did he know about his appearance ...
  3. Tammuz

    Historical Movies between Description and Distortion

    I would like to raise a basic problem of historical movies, which seems so delicate that the main purpose of such films, namely to represent real history in a lively manner, seems highly illusory. In other words, the only things that can be approximately authentically reproduced are costumes...
  4. B

    Banabhatta's Description of Thanesar

    Following is the English translation of the beautiful and poetic description of Sthanisvara (Thanesar) by the 7th century author Banabhatta taken from the chapter III of his work Harsacarita: " such a country is a certain district, called Sthanisvara, blessed like the world's first youth...
  5. civfanatic

    How would you classify my political views, based on my description of an ideal state?

    My ideal nation-state would look something like this: A strong, centralized state with only one official language that all inhabitants are expected to learn, without exception. This includes all immigrants/aliens who come into the country. A national identity that is culturally homogeneous...
  6. Azad67

    Amir Khusrao's description of physical appearance of Mongols

    Amir Khusrao, a Turk by origin, was 13th century poet of Persian language in the service of Turk and Khilji Sultans of Delhi. For brief time, he was captured by the Mongols. He describes the Mongols as "squat bodies suited to attack, bow legs and ugly faces marked by prominent ears and flat...
  7. T

    One word description of a Monarch

    THis is my idea, probably one that has been before. You need to enter a one word description only, even if you disagree with a post. Eg: Henry VIII ............. Fat Reply. Chivalrous REply. Walrus
  8. L

    City Grammar School 1934-1936 Description

    I am looking for information concerning some of the standard practices in a city grammar (elementary) school between 1934-1936. I understand there was milk time where they paid a price (3-5 cents?) to take milk and a snack? What would the standard snack be during this time? Was it...
  9. Z

    Scene of card game in Dream of Red Chamber

    I heard that there is a scene of card game in the novel Dream of Red Chamber. The card game is known as Shi Hu. Does anyone have the full translation of that scene? Also,just curious,is there other card game mention in Dream of Red Chamber beside Shi Hu? If yes can give translation too?
  10. A

    A description of a viking prince

    This is a complete shot in the dark, I'm hoping someone here may recognize some part of this story and maybe identify it. Let me also say this was a while ago so some of the details here I might get wrong: I remember a long time ago reading about some viking on wikipedia who, I think, married a...
  11. O

    critique brief ohio history description?

    Was curious if I got my history of Ohio correct and was looking for someone to critique if possible and interested. The Ohio Country basically consisted of the present-day states of western Pennsylvania, northwestern West Virginia, Ohio, and eastern Indiana. It’s believed that the Paleo-...
  12. T

    Arab description of the Medieval World (Persia, India, China and Europe)

    The Tabaqat al-Umam of Qadi Sa id al-Andalusi who died at Toledo in 1070 CE, is a slender volume of great importance for the history of science in antiquity and the early Middle Ages and it could be considered as the first global history of science. Its manuscripts are found throughout the world...
  13. T

    Chinese description of the Indian Gupta Empire

    Fahein who is also known as Faxian was a Chinese traveller who had come to India to visit the holy Buddhist places and to collect sacred works connected with the life and the teachings of the Buddha. He came here in the beginning of the 5th century A.D. He came to India by land and returned by...
  14. O

    Word for word translation of Livy's description of triplex acies

    I've seen many visualizations of the triplex acies and its relief system, problem is that they all seem over-engineered (had to be performed by acrobats :nuts:) compared to the simple quotes used as source for the theories. I have always had a much simpler vision and would for curiosity's sake...
  15. M

    Great old Egyptian photos with description

    Hello every body, I have many old Egyptian photos, with description, they captured between the period 1850 - 1940 For example: A picture for the Pyramids during the floods, taken 31 of October 1927, (coincidentally Halloween :)) Floods were happening in Egypt every summer and of the...
  16. X

    Looking for a noble figure that matches this description

    Looking for a noble figure that matches this description. Princess France at around 1730-1782? Her father name was david. Lived in Paris,France. She had only 1 child. lived for some years and she committed suicide with her baby. Thanks for anyone that can pin-point this.
  17. ghostexorcist

    Depictions of Satan

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam depict Satan in various ways. I wanted to share one depiction from Judeo-Persian literature. The source is a poetic version of the Bereshit-namab (The Book of Genesis) entitled "The Fall of 'Aza'zel." It recounts the story of how the angel falls from grace...
  18. Patito de Hule

    Description of Charles-Town, SC

    Just thought I'd share: Charles-Town is, in the north, what Lima is in the south; both are Capitals of the richest provinces of their respective hemispheres: you may therefore conjecture, that both cities must exhibit the appearances necessarily resulting from riches. Peru abounding in gold...
  19. K


  20. Lucius

    Description de L'Egypt

    For those interested in such things, I ran across this fine site - Description de L'Egypt The Story of "Description of Egypt" If one doesn't ken Francais, here is a book of the same title from 1830 - Description...