1. maTiasddsm

    Did people of Prague DESTROY STREET SIGNS to confuse soviet invaders in 1968 “spring”

    Some years ago, in a school book, I read that during the so-called Prague Spring of 1968, the city's residents covered or destroyed all signs with references to streets and locations, leaving only those indicating how to get to Moscow. Or rather, how to get back to Moscow. I've been looking for...
  2. B

    How often did Hindu kings plunder Hindu temples?

    It is a common belief in modern India that Muslim rulers were notorious iconoclasts. However, there were several incidents in Indian history where we see Hindu kings, particularly south Indian kings, plunder Hindu temples. For example, Kulothunga Chola I and II were Shaivas who persecuted...
  3. F

    To destroy public figure through his own social media account

    Once a public figure tweets something bad, the damage is done, no matter how quickly the tweet is deleted and who actually tweeted it. So why don't the powerful and resourceful enemies of Public Figure X hack into X's account to tweet something so bad that it would destroy X? Who would...
  4. K

    Did the Spanish destroy most Incan cities?

    This may sound as a stupid question as I don't know how many Incan cities survived till today or are still standing or not. Did the Spanish destroy most of the Incan cities during the 16th century conquest or did they allow a majority of Incan cities to remain as they were while assimilating the...
  5. Ranefer

    What can Egypt do to destroy Afrocentrism?

    There is nothing more laughable than Afrocentrism. Its an insult and disgrace for the egyptian people. There was actually a TV show about it in our TV and tehy say the big problem is, that african americans lack heritage. Tehy dont know where tehy come from and have no roots. Thats the base on...
  6. A

    Do empolyers destroy motivation?

    I very much like this video explaining motivation, and I wish all employers would considered this information and if they are possibly destroying people's motivation to do a good job. wfcro5iM5vw
  7. Quill And Ink History

    Did Christianity destroy ancient science? Debunked.

    Hi! Ive upploaded a video on my youtube channel debunking the claim that christianity "destroyed" the achievements of the ancient natural philosophers. I would really appreciate if you viewed the video and gave your own opinions and thoughts on the subject. Zn6XixUJUe8
  8. Menshevik

    When is it justified to destroy historical monuments?

    It seems like we're all quick to condemn ISIS and the Taliban for desecrating ancient monuments and relics of the past, and rightfully so, imo. But what about something like the Tannenburg Memorial? Was the dismantling of that monument wrong? What about when the liberated Iraqis tore down...
  9. V

    Did Islam destroy Buddhism in India - are most Muslims of Subcontinent old Buddhist

    I have repeatedly come across communist historian commentary that Buddhism was destroyed by Hinduism. I find that very strange - because by all accounts, it was Islam which destroyed Buddhism. Between 300 AD and 1200 AD, there were numerous Buddhist kingdom in India. The Shahi Kingdom of Kabul...
  10. G

    Did naturally disasters destroy any Indian kingdoms

    Please mention kingdoms after the Bimbisaran age (no IVC plz)
  11. V

    Why did Islam fail to destroy India?

    Comparing to what happend to Iran etc.
  12. G

    Why did Harsha destroy Hindu temples

    Why did he destroy Hindu temples? Was he of Turkic origin who somehow took the throne? Why did he appoint Muslim mercenaries as military commanders? There are accounts of how he ate pork meat and how he was gullibly influenced by Turkic peoples. He seems to have even slept with sisters. Is there...
  13. Isoroku295

    Did Christianity Destroy Rome?

    I'm sure we've had this question plenty of times, however I can't find them, and we have a few new people to contribute.
  14. ghostexorcist

    Destroy This Mad Brute (WWI propaganda poster)

    I created the following PowerPoint presentation for a brief talk I gave for my university's primatology club. It uses a WWI propaganda poster (below) as a centerpiece to explore cultural perceptions of apes, particularly chimps and gorillas, from throughout history. I've added more to it...
  15. The Last Praetorian

    Why didn't the Romans raze Carthage during the 2nd Punic War?

    Why wait 55 years to raze the city to the ground? Was there a particular reason the Romans didn't siege the city?
  16. V

    Why did Islam fail to destroy Europe?

    Being in Spain and the Balkans for a pretty long period.
  17. G

    Protesters destroy Lenin monument in Kiev Ukraine

    Breaking Protesters destroy Lenin monument in Kiev Ukraine - YouTube Opposition groups in the country are calling for a million people to rally against government plans to forge stronger ties with Russia.
  18. Thegn Ansgar

    Book Review of "Whom the Gods Would Destroy"

    I've just recently read the book "Whom the Gods Would Destroy" by Richard P. Powell. However, it's out of print, but it is easily available on the Amazon kindle store, and that is where I purchased it. To give a little bit of background information, I had been browsing a forum which I've...
  19. Jake10

    Why didn't other countries destroy Port Royal, Jamaica?

    So, this was a city of prostitution, gambling, fighting and drinking, to the point that even wild animals drank alcohol. It was rich with loot from Spain, France and Portugal which pirates would steal. Why wasn't this city burned to the ground by those countries or other nations?
  20. K

    Why do the USA not destroy North Korea?

    Hi Friends, For some time I have enjoyed reading through this very good forum. This is my first post, so please give me a easy pass if my question is too simple :) I am kind of surprised that the USA is allowing North Korea to make such directly threats to the Americans. I guess that most...