1. VHS

    The suggestion that the tropics will never have "advanced economies"

    Today, most (if not all) of the least developed countries are tropical countries, with the notable exception of Afghanistan. Many explanations have been made: The tropical climate renders the residents rather lackadaisical. Tropical soils are relatively unproductive. Diseases are quite...
  2. D

    Why did Indo-Aryan tribes never develop into ethnic groups?

    Examples of Indo-Aryan tribes include Jatts, Rajputs, Gujars, Ahirs, Khatris, Arains, Gakhars, Awans, Marathas, etc. These tribes should not be confused with castes (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra) or sub-castes (Purohit, Nambudiri, Kulkarni, Patel, etc). These tribal communities are not...
  3. Futurist

    Is it true that Ho Chi Minh wanted to develop N. Vietnam before capturing the South?

    I have heard on that Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap (two very prominent figures in Northern Vietnam) wanted to develop North Vietnam before capturing South Vietnam whereas people such as Le Duan wanted to first conquer South Vietnam. I have also heard that Le Duan's faction...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Did Racism develop and become strongest in the USA?

    England has Francis Drake whom worked with the African Cimarron. After WW1 a majority of white countries agreed with the Empire of Japan on racial equality, while the USA and UK disagreed with the Empire of Japans proposal of racial equality. Going back to the ancient ages one can find Africans...
  5. W

    Why didn't Ireland develop a larger Navy during WW2?

    According to the Irish Naval Service's history webpage (History | Naval Service | Defence Forces) between 1939-45 Ireland only had six MTBs and 4 "assorted vessels", with a total of about 300 personnel for it's Marine and Coastwatching Service (the closest thing it had then to a Navy). This...
  6. P

    Stadtholder and Kings - what, how and why did that develop in the Dutch republic?

    I was always a bit puzzled about the title Stadtholder with reference to the Dutch Republic. Just reading a history on Marlborough - where William of Orange is both Stadtholder and King of England. After his childless death, the Dutch did without the position of Stadtholder. So what were the...
  7. W

    How did the concept of Europe and Asia develop?

    Geographically at least, it's hard to see much distinction between Europe and Asia, at least compared to other continental divides like Asia-Africa or North-South America. The Ural mountains don't even extend the length of the Europe-Asia divide, and what we consider the "Asian" part of Turkey...
  8. VHS

    Of humans and bees

    Bees, according to wikipedia, has lived on the earth since Early Cretaceous, which means they can be 145 millions years old as a group of animals. Modern humans, however, only walked the earth for the last 200,000 years at most. Still, we have developed an interesting partnership with bees...
  9. SSDD

    Was it possible to develop a fighter dive bomber?

    Dive bombers needed fighter escort, not available every time but dive bombers were accurate. They were replaced by Fighter Bombers, but Fighter Bombers were not so accurate. So was it possible to build a fighter dive bomber? That aircraft would retain the speed, armament and agility of a fighter...
  10. G

    Why did South America not develop as much as North America

    Both had a long time after colonization to be free countries. Why did North America develop much better than the south? What were the factors responsible for this?
  11. civfanatic

    Why/How did the Chinese develop a rational bureaucratic administration so early?

    What were the historical forces that led to the early emergence of Chinese bureaucracy and meritocracy? Why didn't a similar system emerge in other civilizations during pre-modern times? A modern rational-legal bureaucracy has the following features: Officials are personally free (i.e. not...
  12. VHS

    How may these three civil wars develop? (Syrian, Libyan, Somali)

    In spite interstate wars and conflicts have been very rare (at least lately), we are witnessing at least three ongoing civil wars: 1) Syrian Civil War (there is an extensive thread on this already). 2) Libyan Civil War 3) Somali Civil War Somali Civil War has lasted the longest, and full...
  13. B

    How did democracy with universal manhood sufferage develop?

    Was the influence the US or the French Revolution? Was education for moere people responsible. Seems like in the 18th century, most governments were traditional monarchies. Republics an constitutional monarchies were mostly aristocratic controlled. Why the change?
  14. notgivenaway

    how did metallugry develop?

    How exactly did we move from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age? Was it by accident? I'm thinking that perhaps one day, a tribe gathered some rocks to make tools, and some hit a fire, and unbeknownst to them it was iron ore, or gold, or silver, or maybe uranium. So they used this rough ore as a...
  15. notgivenaway

    Why did humans develop agriculture?

    what would have been our motivation? I have a theory...perhaps as the world warmed 10000 BCE, there were more plants available, and less need to travel to hunt/gather. If a band of humans is able to stay in a valley or forest and pick those wheat-looking plants, or those apple-looking fruits...
  16. notgivenaway

    Should African kingdoms learnt to develop stolen gunpower tech?

    Saw the Asante (in modern Ghana) and Benin (in modern Nigeria, and not the modern state with the same name), both of whom were defeated by the British during the Scramble for Africa. But would this have been halted had they both seized arms, and learnt how to make gunpowder?
  17. M

    Can anyone develop on this heiroglyph?

    I stumbled across this on the internet and wanted to know if this genuinely depicts a drunk person spewing. Is the text in the "spew" random blabberings of a drunk Egyptian? Can anyone read this? I appreciate if this is moved to a different location on the forums but I guess it is Ancient...
  18. S

    How did imperialism expand and develop to different times?

    Hi, I'm having an exam in history, which focuses on imperialism and how it expanded and developed throughout time. I am thinking of laying the weight on european and roman imperialism. What other phases of imperialism should I focus on? Is there any major events or changes that are really...
  19. C

    Germans develop helicopters in 1942

    The first combat mission by a helicopter was flown in the late stages of 1945,in the Pacific theater.And even though they were crude,and with limited payloads,what effect would choppers have had on WW2?especially if the Germans had made them,before the tide turned in the east,and what all...
  20. Jake10

    How did the road systems of England develop?

    What was the process with which the country went from unmarked trails to mapped and maintained roads? How was this funded? What were the building materials? How did the width develop? Thanks in advance.