1. D

    A.G. Dialects of the Aegean Islands

    I'm making a map of ionian regions and cities of Archaic Greece and so far all the sources encountered show Sporades being ionian, with Skyros specifically being attic. According to Thucydides the island was inhabited by Dolopians, later conquered by Cimon and thus atticised. If I'm not...
  2. S

    Are the Chinese Languages Dialects or Separate Languages

    I am of the opinion that the different varieties of the Sinitic language family are separate languages in their own right. However, many Chinese people I have met seem to insist that they are dialects instead of separate languages but I am still not fully convinced. This includes branches of...
  3. Pacific_Victory

    Should the "dialects" of Arabic be reclassified as separate languages?

    I don't speak Arabic, but from what I understand, the regional dialects are very different and in many cases not mutually intelligible. Should these regional dialects be classified as independent languages?
  4. Graveyard

    Territorial Evolution of Germanic language/dialects

    So, is there a map with a approximate evolution of germanic languages?
  5. SW412

    Mutual intelligibility of Ancient Greek and Italian dialects?

    I'm having trouble finding much information on this subject; is it correct to say Greek dialects were generally mutually intelligible, whereas Italian languages were separated into to two branches - Latino-Faliscan and Osco-Umbrian (with dialects within each being mutually intelligible, while...
  6. Yaunâ

    About the Greek language, dialects and idioms

    This thread is about the Greek language, ancient, medieval and modern, as well as it'd dialects and idioms. Let's continue it here! Especially that θώρινεν sounds really old! btw I din't know that όπου is Eastern Thracian.