1. D

    History Dictionaries | History Encyclopedias

    Having decided that my history studies will focus on Emerging-Modern America (~ 1890 - 1940), I have recently started compiling a collection of "better" USA history dictionaries / encyclopedias. Like all desktop references in the Internet Age, these books are usually older, cheap, bulky tomes in...
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    The study of word origins and evolutions. The universally recognized "bible" of etymology but by no means the only worthwhile edition. Chambers Dictionary of Etymology https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/chambers-dictionary-of-etymology-dictionary_robert-k-barnhart/636858/#isbn=0550142304 Other...
  3. D

    This Day in History - Oxford Dictionary

    Wanted to share this fun fact on how the Oxford Dictionary was conceived: This Day in History - 1884 Do you guys use Webster, Oxford, or any others?
  4. D

    Religious Studies Dictionary (Esp Abrahamic) Discussion

    Unexpected love for Religious Studies Dictionaries. Back up! beep beep My dive into Religious Studies has narrowed down to History of Christianity (1st) and History of Other Abrahamic Religions (2nd). I have found a lot of fun comes of looking up words and names in a specialized Religious...
  5. D

    Dictionary (Topical), Companion, Encyclopedia (Volume)

    Best of the various Dictionary (Topical), Companion, Encyclopedia (Volume) works about history. I've been a little disappointed with the Oxford I became familiar with, Companion to US History. I've had better look-ups with a couple of very modern textbooks, instead. Do I maybe just prefer...
  6. B

    English-Assyrian-Arabic Dictionary

    Dear friends, For anyone looking for an English to Assyrian dictionary, I am pleased to introduce my new book. I have spent the past 25 years working on an English to Assyrian to Arabic dictionary in hopes it will contribute toward extending the life of the mother tongue in these countries of...
  7. heirtothewind

    Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

    Absolutely indispensable for classical archaeology- Seyffert, Dictionary of Classical Antiquities
  8. Inc

    Historum Dictionary

    For those times when you get stumped on a word :push: (pertaining to historical matters), and figure that you're not the only one! (or similiar words you feel may be useful to people on here)
  9. Mohammed the Persian

    Dictionary of dead 2000 year old Akkadian Language completed

    BBC News - Dictionary of dead language complete after 90 years Well, I would say they're a bit too late:laugh: But nonetheless, lets see if this bears any fruits ? :rolleyes:
  10. V

    Hieroglyphic digital dictionary

    you can try this digital dictioanry , Easy Hieroglyph 2.0 , you can search by hieroglyph - phonetic - english, it contain more than 10000 words, download trial version from: