1. Spike117

    When Did the Roman Ethnicity Die Out in Italy?

    Though Western Rome fell in 476 technically, the Western Romans themselves didn't just evaporate a-la Mr. Stark style. However, today, Italians are... well... Italians. The Roman ethnicity, as far as I am aware, no longer exists. So... when did it die out or become so diluted it no longer was...
  2. chansey

    How did Henry II of France die?

    Wikipedia says But no more explanation in wikipedia. Is this an accident or a murder? Helmet of Henry II:
  3. C

    The die is cast

    Today 2066 years ago, on 10th of January, 49 BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Of course, the point was that it was in the early days of January. Senate had refused his negotiations on 7th of January. But... Due to his own neglect of his duties as Pontifex Maximus, the Year of Confusion, 46 BC...
  4. P

    Oldest man to die on Western Front.

    My second youngest grandson is currently touring the Somme & Paschendaele and other W.W. One battlefields on a school trip. and he astonished me by telling me that he and his schoolmates visited the grave of the oldest man to die on the Western Front-Lieutenant Harry Webber who was 67 years ols...
  5. Lawnmowerman

    Did Rolo die a pagan

    As part of his deal with the King of the Franks for the Duchy of Normandy Rolo had to convert to Christianity. Like many pagans he never fully converted and simply paid lip service to Christianity. Rumors are told that as his death approached he went mad and ordered all Christian prisoners in...
  6. SufiMystic

    Is it time for Eurocentrism to die?

    Seems to me there are a lot of people who think that Europe basically came up with every great achievement of civilisation, and the rest of the world never produced anything of any significance. What about the non-European cultures? For example: 1. Arabs 2. Persians 3. Indians 4. Chinese 5...
  7. History Craft

    The process of death. Question.

    How much time does it take, from the moment a human being has died (let's say, from an axe to the head) to the moment the last cell of that human being dies? And by ''the last cell'' I mean, a native cell of that human being (containing the person's DNA), not a bacteria or something like that...
  8. Lawnmowerman

    Ernest Brooks WWI Photographer: How and when did he die???

    Ernest Brooks was a British WWI photographer who turned in some of the most iconic and horrific photos of the war. After the war he became the offical royal photographer, but his experiences during the war seem to have driven him to alcohol, and he disapeared some time after 1936 and was never...
  9. Cuish

    William Henry Harrison doesn't die after 30 days

    Let's suppose for a moment that much better weather conditions had prevailed during William Henry Harrison's inauguration as president in 1841, or at the very least, he had worn the right clothing for the conditions at hand. So W.H. Harrison avoids the illness that would kill him one month later...
  10. Lawnmowerman

    Do dictators die in bed

    I have long been operating under the belief that it is unlikely that a dictator will die peacefully in his bed. Certainly there are those who don't Hitler, Gadhafi, Hussein and Caesar all spring to mind. Yet despite the odds it seems that a lot of them still do Kim Il Jong died peacefully (we...
  11. S

    Did Harold Godwinson survive or die at Hastings (survey)

  12. Ivar

    Craig Ferguson: Join or Die

    Anyone watching this show? last one I wasted was the one on which was the worst tyrant? Pol Pot, Bloody Mary, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Gadaffi, Kim Jun Il. The winner was Hitler. However ferguson had included that he did not include Stalin on the grounds that he would have simply blown out all the...
  13. notgivenaway

    Edward Longshanks didn't die until 1315 CE

    Even though King Longhanks was old for his time when he died, he still had it in him to conquer the Scots. Wallace had been executed before he died, but the Robert the Bruce was equally as capable. Had they met in battle, both being strong commanders, would Robert the Bruce still have won? Or...
  14. Space Shark

    What if George Patton doesn't die from a car accident?

    George Patton died from complications of a freak car accident in 1945, not long after the end of World War II. He had been military governor of Bavaria for a few months. How would the postwar situation have changed had Patton been around to see it?
  15. Norus

    Why Russians/Soviets died a lot when fighting Western Powers?

    I have been looking at some Wars in Russian/Soviet history and they always seem to lose more men, win or lose, when fighting Western Countries. My theory for why that is, that i just pulled out of my... as follows: A. Little regard for individual life compared to cultures in the West. B...
  16. Valens

    For a Roman Emperor to die...

    Here is the list of Roman Emperors based on the manner of their death. The list starts with Augustus, and ends with Theodosius I in 395 AD when the Empire was finally split between his sons Arcadius and Honorius. EMPEROR / REIGN / DATE OF DEATH, CAUSE AND LOCATION...
  17. EmperorTigerstar

    Why did the Transatlantic Accent Die Off?

    The Transatlantic accent was huge among the American elite and theater groups during the 1920s - 1940s or so and is now commonly used as a stereotypical voice. At one point it was the required pronounciation to be taught at New York City schools. But a bit after World War II the Transatlantic...
  18. GiLGaMeS

    Frederick I doesn't die during 3rd crusade

    The unexpected death of the 70 years old Frederick I Barbarossa in Goksu river was disastrous on his crusade army and it caused large panic and loss. What if Frederick could successfully reach the levant with his army ? Could he beat Saladin more than Richard did to the level that he reconquers...
  19. Offspring

    Is punk dead? Should it die?

    It seems this debate started in the early years of punk (same said punk died when The Clash signed with CBS) and has continued ever since. I don't think it died, it just evolved. I don't think it should, because it still has a lot to say and it still influences people. I do think the obsession...
  20. C

    What if Walther Wever didn't die in 1936?

    From Wikipedia: "Walther Wever (11 November 1887 – 3 June 1936) was a pre-World War II Luftwaffe Commander. He was an early proponent of the theory of strategic bombing as a means to wage war, supporting the theories of Giulio Douhet. Wever was killed in an air crash in June of 1936, and the...