1. D

    Etruscan sun dish

    Is this sun shaped dish one of the most important misunderstood Etruscan objects? Old European culture: The Etruscan sun
  2. Mohammed the Persian

    The National Dish of your country ?

    Come now, we're in a forum that has members from all parts of the world, so let us share something we all love and cherish.....FOOD! :nuts: To kick this off (from arguably, the smallest country on the forum), the national dish of Bahrain ....Machboos! :cool: Basically...its...
  3. tjadams

    Roman Polychrome Millefiori Dish

    AP-An extremely rare Roman dish made of translucent blue glass pieces was put on display Wednesday at the Museum of London in Docklands. The piece was found in the grave of a wealthy Roman Londoner during excavation work in the eastern parts of the British capital. Museum officials believe it is...