1. R

    Did Napoleon suffer from a personality disorder?

    Was Napoleon suffering from a personality disorder, either Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or clinical psychopathy or delusions of grandeur? This is account for his grandiose dreams and not knowing when to quit in Germany after the Russian campaign.
  2. N

    Early examples of Post Traumatisk Stress Disorder?

    Can anyone tell us of causes of PTSD among soldiers (or civilians) in history? I have read about "grenade shock" during WWII, but I can't remember any earlier examples. Since fighting pre-20th century tended to happened on shorter ranges and you could often see the "whites of the eyes" of your...
  3. Zoltan

    Love is a Mental Disorder: A look at the evidence

    Love and peace maan - that’s all the world needs right? Wrong. Tell me - why isn't love listed as a mental disorder? Surely it is an altered state of mind. It carries a general set of symptoms, much like opiates, mania and even depression. Those presenting with these symptoms of love...
  4. P

    Post Traumatic Stress disorder

    Not really knowing anything about it, I wondered if anyone ever succesfully cured from this disorder? And is this something as a result of modern warfare, or has it always been around but only discovered recently? What is Post traumatic stress disorder actually?
  5. larkin

    Social dis-order in the US?

    First off, this is not speculative history... I make an effort to ignore extremist rhetoric from both the left or the right. We have all heard the stories of FEMA internment camps. There have been many efforts to de-bunk the idea but roomers, most notably by Glenn Beck, but the claims...