1. Tammuz

    Historical Movies between Description and Distortion

    I would like to raise a basic problem of historical movies, which seems so delicate that the main purpose of such films, namely to represent real history in a lively manner, seems highly illusory. In other words, the only things that can be approximately authentically reproduced are costumes...
  2. B

    KBS Documentary: China's History Distortion

    Multiple parts. This is part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cn6FmBbW_Kk&feature=related http://onthesquid.com/2011/01/traces-of-korean-history-discovered-in-chinese-territory/
  3. V lad i mir

    distortion of American history

    Blind link deleted by moderator.
  4. R

    Controversial Korean History?

    I'm currently living in Korea and, as any foreigner who has ever lived here can attest, possibly the single most frequent history topic I encounter here is all the ways Japan has mistreated Korea. Dokdo and the destruction/theft of art and architecture during various Japanese invasions are...