1. M

    Diverse minority history in the national curriculum KS3

    How varied are the minority histories you teach? Do you feel that the curriculum is sufficiently diverse or not diverse enough? And how would you choose to see it change?
  2. The Reality

    Diversity of Roman Britain

    I came across this the other day.... https://www.google.ie/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/aug/06/mary-beard-twitter-abuse-roman-britain-ethnic-diversity Many people are quick to criticize her claims (which isn't necessarily wrong because it's only right to maintain a fair amount...
  3. JoanOfArc007

    Doodle 4 Google winner sees a future of peace and diversity

    Worldwide, anyone who visits google.com will see this image...this is historic, Does not matter if you are accessing google from China, USA, Pakistan, Palestine, Germany, Japan, Israel...you name it... everyone is going to see the above image. A Connecticut student gets to share her vision...
  4. A Vietnamese

    Ethnic diversity in Asian countries vs Western countries

    One post in /r/Donald subforum on reddit claimed that Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, China and Japan dont have as much ethnic diversity as western countries. What do you think?
  5. C

    Why do white countries and only white countries need more diversity?

    And at what point will they be sufficiently diverse? When there are no white people left in them?
  6. Dauritas

    Linguistic diversity in Europe before Indo-European expansions

    I suppose (do you agree?) that before expansions of Indo-European languages in the last 5000 years, prehistoric European hunters - and maybe also early farmers (though they "imported" some languages from Asia Minor, and were rather less diverse linguistically than hunters) - had been just as...
  7. dreamregent

    Is the lack of racial diversity among 2015 Oscar noms a racist conspiracy?

    Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address 'Appalling' All-White Oscar Nominees Obviously, anyone whose read my posts on similar topics in the past knows that I'm not shy about condemning racism when I see it. However, I'm having a difficult time with this idea. For one thing, last...
  8. Son Of RA

    The Diversity Of Asian Architecture/Ruins Thread

    Hello guys. This thread is just for fun and anyone can contribute. This is basically a spin off of The Diversity Of Early African Architecture/Ruins Thread. This thread is to showcase the diversity of the many architectural feats all around Asia. Whether they be East Asian, South East Asian...
  9. Son Of RA

    The Diversity Of Early African Architecture/Ruins Thread

    I made this thread on another site and it was well liked... Anyways... One misconception people have about Africans prior to colonization is that only Egypt and maybe the rest of North Africa(again maybe) had very advanced architecture while the rest of Africa lived in mud huts or were just...
  10. dreamregent

    Am I being a leader on diversity?

    Hypothetical Conversation --> Party 1: Party 2: Party 1: The Question --> I witnessed the conversation and I claim to be a leader in my community on the issue of diversity (and, presumably, equality). Am I really leading on that issue if I fail to call out or recognize both the ends & the...
  11. Satuf

    What caused the Middle Eastern diversity to shrink?

    In the ancient and classical times, the Middle East was extremely diverse perhaps due to its location between Asia, Europe, and Africa. There were lots of different nations speaking unrelated languages. Why is the Middle East today mostly consisting of Arabs? I'm not referring to genetics, I'm...
  12. okamido

    No diversity = Racism?

    I am listening to some kids from UC Berkeley this morning, and they are decrying the apparent lack of diversity on their campus. They say that the college is actively pursuing a course away from diversity, and that this is in fact, racism. I can't go into the ultimate root of their problem, as...