1. Visigoth Panzer

    Evolution of Machinegun Doctrine

    In the early days machineguns were used to kill large formations of troops, as armies adapted to this it changed to suppressing enemy forces. In modern armies there has been a movement to switch too more accurate and mobile suppressive fire with scopes and magazine fed guns. Anyone have more...
  2. R

    What was the doctrine of the Bundeswehr during the cold wat?

    What was the doctrine of the Bundeswehr during the cold war? It basically had the largest armoured force in Western Europe aside the Americans, and had around 600 tactical aircraft. There is also criticism that it was too fixated on armoured and mechanized warfare at the expense of infantry...
  3. Alto

    Evolution of Military Doctrine

    Hey guys I made this thread to analyze the evolution of military doctrine over time and draw some conclusions. Doctrine is a concept that's always fascinated me. Let me know what you guys think, and don't be afraid to disagree if you think I'm wrong. TL:DR war is about penetrating strategic...
  4. Porter Rockwell

    Mormon Doctrine & Covenants

    I'm reading an anthology of annual endowed lectures given in the old St. George Tabernacle (owned and operated by the Mormons) under the title, "Honoring Juanita Brooks". (Juanita Brooks was possibly the most celebrated Utah historian. Her book, "The Mountain Meadow Massacre" introduced this...
  5. England Expects

    The Monroe Doctrine was an overrated flop?

    Supposedly created to make clear that the United States would not tolerate foreign meddling in the Americas, I was quite impressed when I first came across the Monroe Doctrine, and that such a young country would be so bold as to assert itself in this was on a global level. As such, it is held...
  6. Jeff UMN

    How effective would Roman* doctrine/equipment have been against later period armies?

    *Referring primarily to Roman civilization at its apex (~50 BCE - ~ 200 CE, with obvious margin of error), though comparisons throughout the whole era would also be welcome. Popular knowledge would seem to indicate that the equipment, infantry tactics, and general doctrine of a Roman legion is...
  7. Darth Raidius

    Was the Monroe Doctrine still in effect during the Cold War?

    The Monroe Doctrine, as most of you probably know, was a U.S. foreign policy aimed at preventing further European colonization of the Americas, and support the independence of former European colonies. But how late was this policy in effect? During the Cold War, when the U.S. was closely linked...
  8. Ichon

    Religious Doctrine Accommodations over Time

    From Corinthians- "Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the...
  9. Menshevik

    Does the Monroe Doctrine still apply?

    Does the Monroe Doctrine still apply? Did it become a obsolete or forgotten or ignored policy at any point? Lastly, did the policy have it's desired effect?
  10. Kookaburra Jack

    Political aspects of Constantine's doctrine

    Sozomen writes that no one had dared to reject Constantine's Nicaean doctrine while he was alive. What political implications if any might be drawn from this? One implication is that Constantine ruled with a stiff neck. His nick name after all, was "bullneck". What term is normally...
  11. EmperorTigerstar

    Old Testament Law's Validity in Doctrine

    How do you view some laws in the old testament? Do you try to follow them as much as legally possible? Do you ignore them? You can divide up official sources of Christian doctrine into 5 categories: 1. The 10 Commandments 2. The Law (Old Testament) 3. Jesus' Teachings 4. Paul's Letters 5. Post...
  12. A

    Is Marxist doctrine the threat to modern civilization?

    The Marxist doctrine has a definite popularity in the world though its practical realisation in The Soviet Union, China, Kampuchea had brought great disasters to people. What is the extent of Marxist threat now?
  13. M

    Battles that changed tactics, technology and military doctrine

    Try to name some. Battle of Charonea Battle of Allia Battle of Cynocephele Battle of Cahrae Battle of Hastings Battle of Crecy Battle of Seminara Battle of Waterloo Merrickmack vs. Monitor Battle of Somme Battle of Jutland Battle of France
  14. M

    Battle of Breitenfield-Similar to Hellenistic vs Roman doctrine?

    Ever heard of the Battle of Breitenfield? It looks like the Hellenistic army vs. Roman army all over again. The Imperialists still used the old pike formation of Reinnisance in a single line and relied on heavy cavalry charges they learned from the Poles. They put their cavalry in the flanks and...
  15. K

    What were The Teaching / Doctrine of the Mahdi ?

    What were The Teaching / Doctrine of the Mahdi ?
  16. M

    History of Combined arms doctrine and tactics.

    Combined arms has been a significant part of warfare since weapons and their troop type all fit a certain purpose: ANCIENT PERSIANS- mainly focused on infantry armed with spears and mainly light infantry. They are often supported by contingents of archers and they would be fired on mass...
  17. A

    Question about the Monroe Doctrine

    The Doctrine states that the US would view any further European attempts at colonization of N or S America as acts of aggression. I don't understand how it was any of the US' business if anyone wanted to colonize S America?
  18. Naomasa298

    Japan abandons battleship doctrine in WW2

    It struck me as a little odd that Japan, having developed and successfully used carrier tactics to the degree that they did, still believed heavily in the power and utility of battleships. In that, of course, they weren't alone. Although (I think) only two were actually built (as battleships)...
  19. Mangekyou

    Monroe Doctrine

    On December 2, 1823, America introduced the Monroe doctrine to the world. The doctrine addressed the issue of European colonial efforts in the Americas, and noted that if any european power was to attempt colonisation or intefere with the politics of nations in the Americas, it would be met with...
  20. Himanil

    COLD START - India's New Warfighting Doctrine?

    (Cold Start could be summed up by - multiple tri service integrated battle groups (divisions sized) massing firepower and not forces making rapid shallow penetrations at multiple points all along the Indo-Pak border) Cold start aims to establish the capacity to launch a retaliatory...