1. Kirialax

    Greek documents in southern Italy

    I did a dumb one and completely misplaced a pdf. There's a book from the second half of the nineteenth century, published in Italy but written in Latin, which contains lists and summaries of Greek documents in southern Italian archives. I downloaded it from but I can't find it there...
  2. G

    Franco Prussian War Documents help needed.

    Hi All, Where can I post documents relating to the Franco Prussian War period for translation and what they mean? I am new here and this is my first post, going to needs some guidance to begin with, trying to find my feet here. Many thanks Garde Corps.
  3. W

    Books/Photo Documents Concerning Atrocities During The French-Algerian War

    Hello everyone. I recently got a hold of a French propaganda brochure called “Aspects véritables de la rébellion algérienne” (Real Aspects of the Algerian Rebellion) or the “Green Book,” according to my professor. (WARNING: Link NSFW) It details the alleged atrocities committed by the FLN...
  4. N

    Anyone good at deciphering old documents and writing?

    Hi! So after doing some research about my ancestors and such, I discovered some documents about my ancestor's (father's side) son concerning his death and such things, but the writing, oh god, is just weird! I have attached these documents and I would like to know if someone is able to decipher...
  5. M

    Documents from Thomas Jefferson

    Hi guys! I am thinking about and searching for two documents from Thomas Jefferson. One is the founding document of the Democratic-Republicant Part, the other is also a founding document, but for the Virginia University. Do these documents exist or not? And are there any short (maybe around 2000...
  6. T

    Interesting documents from the CIA archives

    Synopsis of a speech of a Polish-Jewish communist leader recorded in 1947: Source link: Document from 1953 about growing hostility of Poles towards Jews for the fact that they became a ruling class of the country...
  7. Commodus

    Possible publication of JFK documents

    (I hope this is the right forum to post this in, as it is a current event, but one which concerns events which occurred in the 1960's.) But apparently President Trump will not block the publication of numerous documents concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. Here is an article...
  8. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    The Word Afghan Possibly Mentioned in Bactrian Documents?

    The name “Afghan” itself does not appear to be a genuine, inherited Pashtoformation. But would it be possible to provide an explanation or analysis of thisformation in the first place? It has a very Iranian “appearance,” 13 anyway. It doesnot resemble to any of the...
  9. H

    Salem Witch Trials Documents

    I was wondering if anyone has one or two first person documents from someone in the era (Salem Witch era) relating to the Putnam v. Porter feud. Examples of people I would like FIRST PERSON documents from: - A member of the Putnams on the feud - A member of the Porters on the feud - Reverend...
  10. H

    Science relating to history?

    I have a science project, and it is pretty vague. Any historically famous science projects or projects relating to history?
  11. F

    Leaked emails & documents: authenticity & deniability?

    Aren't intelligence agencies and hi-tech groups as good at forgery as they are at hacking? Since they can hack into accounts, don't they get to compose and send anything from there? Why should people believe that leaked emails and documents are authentic? Why don't the powerful institutions...
  12. THE TURK

    The state documents of the Byzantine Empire

    I am wondering If there were still some state documents of the empire survived after the conquest and are still available to this date. Especially those documents similar to, say, the Ottoman Tahrir papers, in which you can find detailed tables of financial accounts of the aristocrats/land...
  13. civfanatic

    The Political Structure of Ur, 2112-2004 BCE: A Brief Analysis using Royal Documents

    Spanning about a century from 2112 to 2004 BCE, the period of the Third Dynasty of Ur, or Ur III, is among the most fascinating as well as best-documented epochs of ancient history. With tens of thousands of texts available to historians, Ur III is one of the earliest states in human history for...
  14. K

    Nehru killed bose, New documents reveal how nehru called bose a war criminal.

    After the recent declassification of files, it is quite clear bose didnot die in the crash and Nehru knew it. what would this make Nehru to be?
  15. M

    I need some documents !

    Hi Guys I need some documents " Published or unpublished " about (The History of economic renaissance in West Germany ) .. any Suggestions ?
  16. heirtothewind

    An observation on our ''documents of freedom.''

    I have always admired the rhetorical style of the American Declaration of Independence; however, it does not seem so radical of a document because its structure and central idea parallel the English Bill of Rights. Likewise, the Bill of Rights in the Constitution was lifted from the earlier...
  17. T

    Documents Reveal Putin Plotted Ukraine Invasion

    Who knows whats true these days, but seems logical with the degree of "support" Russia is giving the "seperatists," all Russian volunteers, not regulars, we are told. I'm surprised this news outlet hasn't been shut down....yet. And, will the "documents" see the light of day? World War 3...
  18. Hrulj

    Modern maps based on documents?

    Does anyone have/knows of any more recent maps, that were made following the historical documents for the 700-1000 AD period in Europe?
  19. G

    Written documents as evidence of the native language?

    How can you be sure that the people spoke in the same way as written documents? For example, Latin was used in written documents even though the English never spoke it.
  20. A

    WWII War Planning Documents

    I did some research at the National Archives a while back on War Planning for WWII. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of WWII era documents as well as ordering a few CDs of microfiche images of records from the Joint Board. Given what a pain it is to get your hands on these documents (as well...