1. D

    Where dose the word Mexico come from?

    My father says the word Mexico comes from a civilization called the Meshiqa, or Meshika, sorry I dont know how to spell it, but is he correct? He tells me they were the most powerful empire in the New World before the Aztecs, and that the Aztec went to war with them and conquered them. Can...
  2. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology: 5.0

    Stone-age Italians defleshed their dead | Science/AAAS | News
  3. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology 4.0

    Krypteia: A Form of Ancient Guerrilla Warfare "Krypteia: A Form of Ancient Guerrilla Warfare" by Brandon D. Ross
  4. larkin

    The sound bite. A bite size dose of persuasion.

    Sometimes these literary artifacts pop out of nowhere. More often than not they are the product of a clever mind. Unfortunately many they are products of a calculated and intense focus groups for the sake of political persuasion. A few simple words can be the coup de gras. Often they mean...
  5. okamido

    Daily Dose of Archaeology 3.0

    BBC News - Ancient dog skull unearthed in Siberia The dog seems to have been in the early stages of domestication
  6. okamido

    Daily dose of archaeology

    Crusader era murals found in Syria, compliments of Archaeology Magazine, please to enjoy: Experts find rare Crusader-era murals in Syria By ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE (AP) – 4 hours ago DAMASCUS, Syria — Archaeologists have discovered two Crusader-era murals depicting heaven and hell in a...