1. MrKap

    Double Dragon Order

    The dragon is a symbol representing nobility, and emperors. There is a video game depicting "double dragon". From the wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Double_Dragon I believe this may be the origin on the word boxing. I am unsure about regional dialects, however, is...
  2. T

    Arminius and the Legend of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer?

    What do you think of the idea that the Germanic/Norse myth of Sigurd slaying the dragon Fafnir was based on Arminius' defeat of the Romans at Teutoberg Forest? Supposedly, Sigurd is based on Arminius and the serpent like Fafnir was based on the marching formation of the Romans. This hypothesis...
  3. M

    Byzantine Dragon Flag?

    I once read a English language book, the title and author I no longer remember, about "Byzantine" history that mentioned "Byzantine" flags described more or less as "purple dragon flags", and at one point that a chi-rho symbol was above the dragon. I remember that there was a description of...
  4. Edratman

    Dragon Blade

    Dragon Blade is the most expensive Chinese action film ever made. It is (purportedly) based on true historical events involving Chinese armies, two Roman armies, one of which is lead by a Roman Consul and comprised of 100,000 legionaries, all battling for control of the Silk Road. I've...
  5. OpanaPointer

    The bog standard European dragon is real, now what?

    Suppose the fierce fire-breathing dragon of European lore is real. How does that change human society? For bonus points, the Chinese dragon is also real, friendly to humans and an enemy of the European dragon. One thing I see would be tighter communities, as people group together to share...
  6. Wenge

    Dragon Boat Festival

    Duan wu jie kuai le, Happy Dragon Boat Festival. Today we celebrate one of the most selfless and greatest men in all of history. A man named Qu Yuan, a poet from the country of Chu during the Warring States Period committed suicide in the Mi luo river because there was corruption and evil...
  7. R

    hongshan dragon

    hongshan has lots fertility culture with C looking jade called pig-dragon. It look like human embryo or frog egg/tadpole is similar to C pig-dragon. Frogs shape like women squatting plus lots eggs. nuwa probably came from tadpole-frog transformation Hongshan dragon also probably was...
  8. Z

    Shenlong-Azure Dragon

    Shenlong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Is there any connection between Shenlong and Azure dragon(one of the four Chinese symbol)? I was wondering if they are both the same dragon since they are both blue dragon. So, are they the same or different dragon?
  9. B

    India and China, the Phoenix and the dragon

    Whenever I think of these two cultures I think of the Monsoon and Autumn, the love for the violent storm and the transition to a perfect Yellow. The Fire Born Phoenix and the Eternal Dragon. Two cultures that are so different yet right next to each other. Given their histories, do you think...
  10. AlpinLuke

    To face a real dragon ...

    What if dragons existed for real? Let's imagine the proverbial dauntless Knight looking for an equally proverbial damsel in distress, in the middle of XIII century ... suddenly a female voice screaming "Help! Help!" And our heroic Knight finally finds his damsel in distress, just in front of...
  11. Salah

    The Dragon Warriors of the Pontic Steppe

    Hardy nomads who roamed both Eastern Europe and Central Asia for the better part of a thousand years, it could be argued that the Sarmatians represented the ancient military legacy of Iran in its purest form. Though they never conquered an empire of their own, Sarmatian warriors played a key...
  12. Bogdan Stefanovic

    Meat-eating 'dragon' terrorised Romania 80 million years ago

    Here's the latest archaeological discovery... What do u think about it?? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/dinosaurs/7971385/Meat-eating-dragon-terrorised-Romania-80-million-years-ago.html
  13. Salah

    Saint George and the Dragon

    George was a Christian Armenian who joined the Roman Army in the late 3rd Century AD. At the same time, there was a village in Africa that was plagued by a ferocious dragon. The villagers, in desperation, had been "sacrificing" their children to it by tying them to a stake and leaving them...
  14. Comet

    Order of the Dragon

    Stumbled upon this while I was reading. Anyone got some background information about this group? Also, has anyone heard of a group called "The Orphans"?
  15. Commander


    Where did fire breathing dragons come from? A lot of mythological/medieval type stories have instances where knights went out to fight and kill a dragon or sea monster or something. Where did these stories come from? We know fire breathing dragons don't exist, so why are there so many "fairy"...