1. R

    The Image of the American Dream in the 1940s

    What were the late 1940s like for the average, middle-class American? What was the income like? How successful could one be? Like, for someone who did not fight in WWII, and had no military benefits. like, the classic, middle-class, suburban man.
  2. Precedence

    The Millennials' view of the American Dream

    The Millennial generation (those born in the mid-late 80's and 90's) have a different view of the American Dream than their parents. Caveat: I'm taking about the middle-class - not the wealthy or the poor. The way it worked for many people in the Baby Boomer graduation: Grow up poor (parents...
  3. Domhnall Balloch

    Your Dream Team

    You've inherited a medieval European duchy (an independent one, somewhere, which you know nothing else about) from your great-aunt several dozen times removed. Not 'a medieval state' as in a really old-fashioned place, but a literal medieval state. You're being sent back in time. But...
  4. C

    Who is your military dream team?

    If you had to choose 5 military strategists/conquerors of any period in history as your dream team, who would they be?
  5. S

    Does This Dream Match an Actual Historical Event?

    Does anyone know if an actual event occurred similar to the following one? My wife had a dream and I am just quite curious as to if anything similar to it has actually happened in history? The dream was that an Asian princess or queen (she seemed to believe that it took place perhaps in Feudal...
  6. Z

    Scene of card game in Dream of Red Chamber

    I heard that there is a scene of card game in the novel Dream of Red Chamber. The card game is known as Shi Hu. Does anyone have the full translation of that scene? Also,just curious,is there other card game mention in Dream of Red Chamber beside Shi Hu? If yes can give translation too?
  7. Angelica

    Has Martin Luther King's dream come true???

    Is Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream a Reality in United States today???
  8. larkin

    My dream car from the past, what's yours?

    There was an even earlier Morgan 3 wheeler but one series was in production from 1932 to 1952. One was driven by Peter Sellers in the movie, "The Party" Curiously, it has just been put back into production, but pricier! http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/cars/morgan/morgan-3-wheeler/index.shtml
  9. srb7677

    Dream team

    If you could choose from amongst any prominent 20th century politicians in their prime from your country, whom would you choose to appoint to which posts? Here is mine for the UK:- Prime Minister - John Smith Chancellor - Tony Benn Foreign Secretary - Hugh Gaitskell Home Secretary - Roy...
  10. haimian

    A Creay dream, don't take serious

    The original heritage of WASP, the Ragnarok, the Edda, the Rune, the Saga, were destoryed by Jewish fairy which says the women was built by one rib. The national legend are not exclusive, in the Old Testement, the Jews massacred all other races they met, for which they didn't believe the story...
  11. J

    Help on Manifest Destiny, the frontier thesis and the American dream

    Hello, First of all, I don't want anyone to think that I'm asking you to do my homework, but I am facing a problem. Ok here is my essay question: The American dream can be summarized as a cult of self-sufficiency and financial success. Discuss the ways in which manifest...
  12. wittgenstein

    Your most philosophically interesting dream?

    I'll go first. I revealed this dream long ago. However, here it is again. I woke up laughing and told my wife that I told myself a joke I never heard before! In the dream I'm watching television. On the screen is a giant Jesus face. The narrator says," what would Jesus do?" Jesus takes a drag...
  13. K

    your dream alliance in present days and why?

    Mine would be: Scandinavia, Iceland, England, Wales, Scotland, Nothern Ireland, Baltic, Russia, Japan, Germany, Ostrich, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium (not the poor french speaking ineffective part), SK, Canada, USA, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Philippines. NZ, Israel and South Africa. No...
  14. S

    American Dream

    What is the american dream? When and how did it come into existance? How did it survive throughout history? And how does it play into our lives today?
  15. P

    Catherine's dream

    From the end of the seventeenth century, when it gained possession of Ukraine, Russia began a century-long strugle to wrench buffer zones from Ottoman control. The warm waters of the black sea, esential for the development of trade and naval power were its strategic objectives, but religious...
  16. annelouise17

    I Have A Dream

    "I HAVE A DREAM" - Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - YouTube For Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  17. Efendi

    Have you ever dreamt of being a mighty ruler?

    I think most of us ever dreamed of being an emperor in his life. But we rarelly dream of bad side of the issue. Dont you ever account of being part of entriques, risk of being murdered by you beloved brother or vice versa? Or being murdered by any general or aristocrat who have secret agenda...
  18. H

    California Dream?

    Hows it going everyone. I just need some help on the California Dream topic. The question is Describe what it meant by the "California Dream" and how it affected the history of California. Good, bad, or both. In your opinion, was it a myth or reality? Please give at least three specific...
  19. Scamp

    California passes Dream Act

    Governor Brown Signs Second Half Of California Dream Act | Fox News Illegal immigrants in California can now receive financial aid from the State for college. :weird:
  20. DreamWeaver

    A Dream of Red Mansions - Cao Xueqin

    A Dream of Red Mansions/Dream of the Red Chamber/The Story of the Stone So Ive been reading through this for a while now, Im like 80 chapters in, Vol. III of a IV volume edition. I must say Im rather enjoying it. Not the usual sort of thing Ive raid and quite different. Ive read Outlaws of the...