1. R

    Are there any Asian countries that have won the war on drugs?

    Are there any East Asian countries that have won the war on drugs since the Opium wars? Like from drug addiction being a concern at the national level, or being a threat to the security of the state, to it being basically an annoyance? Would China and Taiwan, and Hong Kong/Singapore count as...
  2. PrototypeToaster

    Cocaine and other drugs throughout history?

    Well since this is my first post here I might as well ask a strange question. What effect did drugs like cocaine, marijuana and other ilicit substances have throughout history? The most I know about drugs in history would be The First and Second Opium Wars in China, the use of cocaine as a...
  3. Naima

    Nazi on drugs?

    SO I just recently seen a doc on Drugs used in WWII by nazi germany and seems that the whole army , from the lowest level soldier up to Hitler and his entourage were making use of methamphetamine drugs , mostly known as Pervitin. I am wondering , is this the reason for the many atrocities and...
  4. Z

    Illicit drugs pre-1960's.

    Let's say for instance I am in 1935 New York City and I wish to buy a bag of marijuana. First, is marijuana common at all? Would I have to go to the jazz clubs or underground places to even possibly find it, or was it very rare? The same for cocaine, heroin or speed. Or Chicago, Los Angeles...
  5. L

    Are attitudes towards drugs becoming harder?

    A few years ago it used to be common to support the legalisation of all drugs, and many celebrities and public figures, such as Richard Branson, openly supported that position. Now the Philippines has passed a law legalising the lynching of drug dealers and users, I've noticed that many people...
  6. T

    Berserker - fearless warrior or mad men on drugs?

    Found this article. Maybe someone will find it interesting to read and maybe it will spark discussion. https://gatestovalhalla.com/blogs/news/berserker-fearless-warrior-or-mad-men-on-drugs
  7. King Arthur

    The true reason drugs are illegal

    Because black people and hippies used them. By criminalising them, their votes were removed. The negroes were put to work afterwards, as slavery was reborn. Found this out today. Truly sick. America has no chance of redemption. God should have kept his fire and brimstone for Uncle Antiblack...
  8. U

    Why do people do drugs? Are they really that bad for you?

    Does society make drugs seem more bad then they actually are? Moreover, why do people do them? Because of influences or the form of escapism? I cannot tell you how many people I talk to at college and they condemn the usage of drugs-- mainly marijuana, but others even praise drugs like Molly...
  9. Marcellus

    12 drugs from ancient times

    Your heart rate is slowing and you feel a little flushed. You’re relaxed, everything seems funny, and nothing can possibly bother you. You’re probably feeling a little bit horny, or at least more so than usual. No, this is not happening in your parents’ basement after a few bowl hits. This is...
  10. P

    Smart drugs at colleges

    There are a number of legal over the counter cognitive enhancers sometime called smart drugs. The favorite right now is Neuofuse. These drugs, have no known side effects, help takers to become more focused with more energy. Presently collage students are the major consumer of these drugs. There...
  11. O

    History Repeating - War on Drugs

    Yes, drugs are bad, but than so is alcohol. In 1920 the elected leaders of the day were coerced into banning alcohol. We all know how well that worked, and in 1933 Prohibition was repealed, but the damage had been done. By that time the Prohibition era had given rise to the organized crime...
  12. Lawnmowerman

    Combat Drugs

    Asking someone to charge head first into either enemy machine guns or a shield wall is a daunting task, as such many militaries around the world would drug their troops to take away the terror. Before going over the top in WWI British troops were given rum, some said with out it they...
  13. Schlom

    Christian Mystics

    I was reading Hadewijch's visions, and they reminded me of listening to a friend recount their long and stupid acid trip. I was wondering if anybody knew whether Hadewijch used hallucinogens to help facilitate her visions. Also, if anyone could forward any general info about Christian Mystics...
  14. Jake10

    Anti-aging drugs are here, but what will they mean to humanity?

    These drugs can prevent cancer, Alzheimer's and other age related diseases, and they make mice live longer while feeling stronger. People will, no doubt, want them, but what will this result in? Will people have to retire at 100 years old? Will we overpopulate the world? Or, is this the way...
  15. DrGuru

    How have drugs influenced music?

    Sex drugs and rock and roll has been the saying for decades! Obviously the drugs have enhanced the music, some artists like Clapton or Hendrix wrote their music on one. But the question is HOW influential has drugs been to the music industry? To be more defined, could the music industry be...
  16. Menshevik

    Legalize Drugs and Prostitution.

    I plan on running for King in the next couple of years. When I undoubtedly win I will do two things: 1. Legalize prostitution. 2. Legalize drugs. I find it so ridiculous that we care so much about what other consenting adults choose to do with their own lives. Both of these things will be...
  17. The merchant of Venice

    Legalization of heavy drugs

    When it comes to legalization of drugs, the debate often focuses on marijuana, and not many people agree/talk about the full legalization of drugs, including nasty things like cocaine heroine etc. What's your stance on the issue? I know that's there's a topic on weed in the lounge, but here I...
  18. Cavanboy

    should drugs be legalised?

    Hey im just wondering what use think about legalising drugs? I mean if it was produced in a controlled enviroment by the government in unharmful amounts or prescribed amounts you would reduce the criminal wealth behind it, you also take out the rebel factor where people do it because it against...
  19. markdienekes

    Ancient Drugs

    What sort of recreational drugs were doing the rounds in the ancient world? I've heard that traces of cocaine were found on a mummy... is there any truth to this? If so, how is that possible, isn't that from ingredients only found in America!? What drugs were employed in medical treatment?
  20. L

    Drugs and Religion

    Hello, I read the other day a theory of Human evolution called "the stoned ape" theory (Google it, it's interesting), proposed by Terrence McKenna. One of the things that the theory mentions is that drugs, or "entheogens" (wikipedia that word) might have been responsible for the invention of...