1. R

    The RN and Frwipe out Guderin's tin tanks along the coast. Brtian reinforces Dunkirk.

    OTL Britain and France had everything to defeat Germany in 1940. They lost, only because they panicked. Guderian had few and mostly extremely vulnerable Pz I and II, the former with MG and the latter with a 20 mm cannon and MG, both with extremly thin armor. The allies had excellent and...
  2. warmoviebuff

    NOW SHOWING: Dunkirk (2017)

    NOW SHOWING: Dunkirk (2017) Before anyone carps, I am aware there is already a thread on "Dunkirk", but this is my review thread. Sorry for being selfish, but I am a traditionalist. WARNING: The following review was written by a war movie lover for war movie lovers. General...
  3. P


    Say to most folks with a decent knowledge of English/British history the words 'Archers in France shooting down the enemy' and they will -uderstandbly -reply AH YES!-AGINCOURT 1415 when English King Henry V;'s English longbowmen shot the massed ranks of French mounted knights to pieces. But in...
  4. K

    How would you have escaped from the Battle of Dunkirk, if you had to ?

    If you were in the Battle of Dunkirk in WW2, how would you (seriously or humorously) escape Dunkirk if you had to - by air/land/sea and why?
  5. P

    New take on 1940 Dunkirk air battles

    To all UK posters tonight there is a brand new documentary programme challenging the accepted view that the Royal Air Force performed poorly over the skies of Dunkirk in June 1940 during the seaborne evacuation. Over the last 65 years I have read hundreds of books .on Dunkirk 1940 and all...
  6. Joe Freeman

    Nolan's Dunkirk

    What are your thoughts about the upcoming Christopher Noan's movie about Dunkirk? Do you think it will be a historically accurate film? I've heard he was using real Bf 103 planes. I myself am very excited about this film, it looks like it'll be a serious war film, and not the average blockbuster
  7. F

    Dunkirk movie

    Christopher Nolan Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJePvN_4T_E&ab_channel=MovieclipsTrailers No french actors for plays Paul Reynaud? General Maxime Weygand? Admiral Jean Marie Abrial and Genaral René Prioux? Numerous extra british boys for play BEF but not French and Belgium extra?
  8. CathareHeretic

    Dunkirk 1940 - How the French Army saved GB

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6C5P-AYGdY I salute the British and the Belgians Army and i reapeat the French Navy ( Marine Nationale) helped for the evacuation . Is not just a operation of the Royal Navy. In Dunkirk the French and Belgian Soldiers proved their heroism and is not the...
  9. Lawnmowerman

    1914 Dunkirk

    An idea I had from another thread. Say the at the outbreak of WWI the Germans are able to turn the flanks of the BEF and force them back to the coast and trap them in a pocket exactly like Dunkirk. How would an evacuation take place, would more or less men be able to make it out...
  10. Futurist

    The Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940 Fails

    I've got two questions: 1. Was it realistically possible for the BEF's attempt to evacuate from Dunkirk in 1940 to fail? 2. If the answer to question #1 here is Yes, then what exactly would have been the consequences of this? Would Churchill have been replaced by someone, such as Lord Halifax...
  11. R

    Reasons why Hitler may have called off the massacre of Dunkirk

    Chivalrous (and yet foolish) attempt at peacing out with the British, maybe just another strategic blunder from the almighty Führer, or -according to some malevolent gossips- the result of Hitler's personal clairvoyant pulling him into a disastrous decision ? Perhaps something even weirder...
  12. P


    as the German army ran over the low countries and had the british forces bottled up at Dunkirk. Why did they not finish them off?
  13. Major Wilson

    The East Mole of Dunkirk harbour, 1940

    Did the Germans realise the significance of the mole and that the majority of troops were being evacuated from there? Did they try to bomb it? The Luftwaffe had already bombed the harbour useless. It seems strange they didn't also bomb the mole at some point during the evacuation.
  14. mansamusa

    The Miracle of Dunkirk.

    The strictly censored wartime press in Great Britain portrayed the Miracle of Dunkirk as Providence Smiling down on the divinely chosen people of Albion. What was the Miracle of Dunkirk? It referred to the best of Britian's troops escaping at the last minute, the encircling forces of Hitler...
  15. viking

    Dunkirk, the seaborn evacuation

    The little boats was a part of a previous thread on Dunkirk that was not fully discussed. Was it a myth ? How important were their actions? How brave were they? This aspect got lost in discussing Hitler and the pause. Perhaps a dedicated thread will enable this to be discussed fully.
  16. Paulinus

    Dunkirk 70 years on

    How significant were the events of the Dunkirk evacuation to the outcome of the war?
  17. Chookie


    When discussing the evacuation of the British Expiditionary Force from France in 1940, Operation Dynamo (the Dunkirk evacuation) is commonly considered the to be the only such operation. It wasn't. The Dunkirk evacuation carried about 340,000 Allied personnel back to Britain. It ended on June...