1. F

    A modern day Durant series

    When somebody asks about what to read about general western history, some reply says don't read it from beginning to end, but focus on a period that is particularly interesting to you, because general history books tend to be superficial and no writer is good at all historical periods. In...
  2. U

    Durant - Story of Civilization

    I am hardly through the first volume but I am in love with this set. Durant writes with such a beautiful flow. Finishing the 11 volume series this year is an absolute must for me. I am learning so much. This series is a great "fill in the knowledge gaps" set of books and so much more. I can't...
  3. Isoroku295

    Will Durant

    What is everyones thoughts on this author?
  4. smellincoffee

    Looking for the Will Durant version of American history

    I would like to read a history of the United States, or the American people, but I am looking for a particular style; I want one written with grace and elegance, with great thought given to it. Because I am used to 'radical' perspectives, I'd like something a little more old-fashioned, perhaps...
  5. Belloc

    Will Durant's Story of Civilization?

    What's your overall impression of this multi-volume work? Personally I've always found it rather enjoyable and informative in at least a more general way. And Durant's writing style is very readable, which is something I often value in historical writing.
  6. historyisfun!

    Will Durant

    Is he any good? I have a bunch of his books in storage and am wondering if it's worth it to get them.
  7. G

    First Print Signed by Will Durant: The Renaissance

    I am requesting the use of your braincells. I need some help from anyone who has knowledge of collectible books. I have inherited some collectible books and LP records. I use the word 'collectible' loosely because I'm not knowledgeable enough about the subject. I have stubled on this site...