1. M

    How long the the Zhou Dynasty Last?

    The Zhou Dynasty of northern China ruled or reigned for many centuries until Zhou was conquered and King Nan was killed in 256 BC, and the last Zhou hold outs were defeated in 249 BC. But when did the Zhou Dynasty overthrow the Shang Dynasty? I have seen dates of 1122 BC and 1046 BC. I have...
  2. FailWhale

    More powerful: Ayyubid dynasty or Jin Dynasty

    At their peak, which was the bigger powerhouse between the Ayyubid and Jurchens?
  3. Constantine V

    Favourite Byzantine dynasty?

    Mine is either the Isaurian or the Amorian dynasty.
  4. K

    Orontid Dynasty

    origin of Orontid dynasty? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orontid_dynasty
  5. K

    Hephthalites dynasty

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hephthalite_Empire Older Chinese sources (c. 125) refer to them as Hua (滑 Huá) or Hudun, and describe the Hephthalites as a tribe living beyond the Great Wall, in Dzungaria.[42] Chinese chronicles state that they were originally a tribe of the Yuezhi, living to...
  6. B

    Henry VII: How a Usurper King Established a Dynasty

  7. jameen

    If Ming Dynasty rules 19th Century

    Is it possible that Century of Humiliation will not happen in China if the Ming rules instead of Qing because Ming always innovate its armed forces?
  8. Constantine V

    Would you concider the antigonid dynasty in macedon successful?

    On a scale of 1-10 id put them at 6. I mean before the romans came they had substantial control over the agean, the greek cities and even epirus at times. Sure they had their own problems but most of them were overcomed. But in the end they got recked by the romans.
  9. R

    The Severan Dynasty

    Sorry to bother everyone, but I have a bit of a question; Can anyone tell me anything they might know about the Severan Dynasty? Namely, Septimius, Julia, Caracalla, and Geta? And other people like the centurion who killed Caracalla, Martialis, and the general Macrinus, Adventus if anyone...
  10. K

    Qin Dynasty

    Qin Dynasty was greek origin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qin_dynasty
  11. K

    Bagratuni dynasty

    this wikipedia link say that bagratuni dynasty descended from Orontid Dynasty. this is true? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagratuni_dynasty
  12. Ranefer

    Was there really a 4th dynasty?

    The last Pharao of 3rd dynasty was Huni and the 1st of the 4th dynasty was Seneferu. But Huni called Seneferu his son. o why is those dynasty divided?
  13. H

    Best Chinese dynasty

    Which of these great Chinese dynasties was the most effective in your opinion?
  14. G

    What if Yan dynasty were to rule mainland China

    How would history shape up if An Lushan rebellion succeeded eventually setup the mainland Chinese territories of China under its banner? (Assuming it doesn’t rule Manchu, mongol, Uighur and Tibetan territories but its based in northern China and the rest of Han Chinese lands in north and south
  15. W

    On the topic of Song Dynasty vs Mongols

    I've noticed that certain anti-China trolls on this forum have repeatedly brought up the fact that Song was conquered by the Mongols and use it to ridicule the weakness of Chinese. And when I brought up the fact that the Song resisted the Mongols for nearly half a century before it finally fell...
  16. analysis17456

    Yuan Dynasty VS Western Europe

    God decided to entertain himself, completely evaporating the respective landmasses separating the Yuan Dynasty and Europe before pushing them into each other. He beams images into their heads - they believe, they must war against each other until their enemy is completely removed from the face...
  17. K

    San yan chong produced after Ming dynasty?

    Does anyone know if the San yan chong (三眼銃) handcannons continued to be produced in China under Qing rule? I've seen that the Qing continued use of other Chinese artillery (such as Hongyipao, 紅夷炮) and small arms (such as matchlock muskets) as late as the...
  18. analysis17456

    Most Impressive Defensive Walls?

    Which do you think are the most impressive walls for any castles or cities? So this would exclude the Great Wall as well as Hadrian's Wall, for example. I propose this for consideration, the Ming city walls of Peking:
  19. C

    Best last emperor of Chinese dynasty

    Of the last emperors of dynasties, who do you think was best?
  20. David Vagamundo

    Book reco on the Tudor dynasty

    I am looking for a one-volume history of the Tudor dynasty. I've read bios of each of the kings and queens but would like an overview. The best I've read of so far is Rex, Tudors, The Illustrated History. Any thoughts?