1. V

    Earliest column in India

    Indus Valley
  2. Space Shark

    Earliest depictions of modern religious figures

    One of my friends was part of an archaeological expedition that uncovered a pre-Christian synagogue with some interesting mosaics. It got me thinking: what are the earliest depictions we have of God, Jesus, Buddha, the Hindu gods, and such? They probably look a lot different that what we're used...
  3. A

    Earliest great Roman patrician families?

    Which were the early (i. e., from beginning of republic) great patrician families of Rome, on addition to the Claudii, Julii, Horatii, Lucretii, Verginii, Menenii, and Hostilii?
  4. F

    Earliest regimes preferring covert assassination of dissidents to overt killing

    I'm looking for the earliest regimes who had the jurisdiction and apparatus to arrest and publicly execute enemies of the state* but chose to clandestinely liquidate/disappear them instead. It doesn't have to be the regime's modus operandi, but it would be more telling if the regime did that...
  5. OccamsRazor

    Earliest Irishmen

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but for all the Historumites from the Emerald Isle, you're a lot older than you thought. Earliest evidence of humans in Ireland - BBC News
  6. G

    FIFA honors China's Linzi as cradle of earliest form of football

    China, via its earliest records of cuju, has recently been confirmed both by FIFA and the National Football Museum as the "cradle of earliest form of football*". Football museums of China and UK form partnership - China.org.cn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zumYsKAMhNI * other football...
  7. S

    How 'Gaul" were the earliest Germanic people

    The Germanic people are thought to have originated in South-Scandinavia and then moved eastward and southward. The original inhabitants were Gauls and they/their culture vanished from the lands that became inhabited by the Germanics and were labeled by the Romans as 'Germania'. However, there...
  8. Darth Raidius

    Earliest tanks that could fire on the move?

    What were the earliest tank models in history that could fire with relative accuracy while moving? The way I understand it, most tank models during World War II were capable of firing on the move, but due to the lack of stabilizing systems this was very inaccurate. Did any World War II tank...
  9. G

    What do Buddha,Mahavira & the earliest texts of their faith say of Ramayan,Mahabharat

    What do Buddha,Mahavira & the earliest texts of their faith say of Ramayan,Mahabharat Did Buddha and Mahavira ever refer to these epics or their existence or mention or comment about Ram or Krishna or characters from the universe of these two epics. Do the earliest texts, inscriptions etc. of...
  10. R

    Earliest Human?

    Who were the earliest Human to inhabit the Indian Subcontinent? "Modern Human Evolved in Africa", Does it mean that human evolution took place only in Africa and no where else, and then they migrated to inhabit the other parts of the world.
  11. Moros

    Earliest Spartan King

    Who is the earliest Spartan king that we have archaeological evidence for?
  12. R

    Earliest Anglo-Saxon cemeteries?

    Places such as Loveden and Spong Hill are usually described as the earliest Anglo-Saxon cemeteries and are said to have begun in the mid 5th century. But I'm sure I've read somewhere that these cemeteries, and some others, originated earlier in the 5th century, say about 425. Does anyone know...
  13. P

    earliest footage of new York city

    Is there anyone from NYC?[ https://youtu.be/AQR-HKzESsM
  14. P

    earliest globally sold commodities.

    Globalization since the 1970 has had some dramatic consequences both at a social, cultural and economic levels, what were the earliest commodities that were sold at markets on at least 3 continents? I am curious to learn about possible social & economic consequences of the earliest...
  15. V

    Earliest physical depiction of Buddha?

    As we all know,Buddha was never physically depicted in the early imagry.He was mainly replaced with anionic symbols of Stupas or Trees.But I have recently found an image from Chandraketgarh(dated to 2nd-1st cent BCE),which might possibly be the first ever physical depiction of Buddha or a...
  16. The Imperial Russian

    Earliest Police Force

    What is the earliest "real" police force like the RCMP, or, the earliest de facto police in your opinion. I'm not sure for the first, but for the second, I think Rome had a succession of minor police forces, that became more notable with time and poulation increase, specifically the capital.
  17. I

    Earliest use of the dane axe

    Short and sweet question. Been arguing with a friend about the "dane axe" or the long handle battleaxe held in 2 hands. Was it or was it not in use by the 9th century? Did the vikings carry these into Britain? I'd love some sources and citations as well, as I find them hard to find on my own.
  18. civfanatic

    Old Telugu on Satavahana Coins: Earliest Known Telugu Sentences?

    Several Satavahana kings are known to have issued coins with Old Telugu sentences. A typical example is the below coin of Vasisthiputra Sri Pulumavi: The coin reads, "Arahanaku Vahitti Makanaku Tiru Pulumaviku", meaning "The coin of King Tiru Pulumavi, son of Vasisthi". It is interesting to...
  19. Antrim

    Found in Spain one of the earliest depictions of Jesus

    Hallan en Linares una de las primeras representaciones de Cristo | Ciencia | EL MUNDO Sorry that it's in Spanish, could not find it in English. Basically, Spanish archaeologists believe they have found a depiction of Jesus from the 4th-century. He appears beardless and with short hair. I...
  20. V

    Satyaputras:The earliest Indo Aryanizers of south India?

    Hello all,as you probably know,the inscriptions of Ashoka and certain Tamil Brahmi inscriptions fron Tamilakam dating around 300 BCE mentions a group named Satyaputo/Satyaputras.They are often identified with the Tamil Velir clan who are said to descendants of the Yadavas who migrated to south...