early modern period

  1. L

    Dating in the middle ages/antiquity

    How did it work? What do you know about it? What was acceptable/unacceptable?
  2. L

    Horror stories from the middle ages/antiquity

    What horror stories or folk tales from the middle ages or antiquity do you know? The kind of stories that parents would tell to their kids, or stories that entire villages believed to be true? Do you know any?
  3. Nadir

    Nice and Genoa 1608- Aliens?

    Nice and Genoa 1608 On the evening of August 5th, 1608, three luminous craft were seen by the towns residents over Baie des Anges in Nice, France, The craft were long, oval in shape and flattened along their lengths, each with a "strange mast" on top of them. The bay waters began to frothe...
  4. H

    Anne Boleyn- voracious or victim?

    Was this enigmatic and apparently feisty noblewoman simply a doomed female victim of patriarchal times when girls and women were mere Political pawns, or was she a voracious and over-ambitious lady who ended up getting 'what she deserved'? Not that I admire Henry VIII. And do we...
  5. O

    Poland Lithuanian Union

    Hello everyone. I would like to know what would be the correct english name for the Poland and Lithuania union. Some people say its Polish Republic, others Polish Commonwealth or Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. I need your opinions. I stick with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Also, I would...
  6. D

    Maritime Mutiny

    I would like to start a thread about maritime mutinies and their causes. I would ask if there is a connection between conditions on a given vessel or fleet(s), discipline (or lack of), the distance of a mutiny from the vessel's home port, and other such factors, for example, the level of...
  7. Richard Stanbery

    Edward Teach

    Blackbeard. Thats right. The Buccaneer. But what do we really know of him? Was "Teach" a variation of the name "Thatch". One early account mentions that his surname was really Drummond. From what we know of Blackbeard, what clues are there to his real identity from the old sources...or the way...
  8. Rasta

    Who had the best musket?

    Which nation or nations had the best musket and why? This could mean, who had the best musket of a given period, or it could be the best overall musket of all periods. Share your thoughts.
  9. halomanuk


    A visual deterent for all other would be criminals,often suspended by city/town gates,crossroads,bridges or high on a hill for all to be seen (often by other counties by telescope or if the hill is high enough) . It was most often used for traitors,murderers,highwaymen,pirates and cattle/sheep...
  10. A

    Did Archaeologists Uncover Blackbeard's Treasure?

    As a wreck diver myself I think this would really be a neat dive. Some of the cannons are still loaded!!! I hope they eventually post pictures from the dive site itself. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history-a … 13854.html
  11. N

    Enlightenment period

    How did the intellectual and emotional debates of the Enlightenment play themselves out in the realm of human spirituality and the churches?
  12. halomanuk

    King James I and the influence of his Bible

    A highly educated man ruling during a time of particular religious unrest in England,the 1611 publication of the King James Bible,upon the Puritans request,influenced many countries and provinces,from the British Empire to the American colonies. With work starting in 1604 and finishing in 1611...
  13. Naomasa298

    The samurai who went to Rome

    Hasekura Tsunenaga, a retainer of the Sengoku Jidai daimyo Date Masamune sailed to the Vatican in the early 1600s, travelling by way of Mexico and arriving in the Rome in 1615, and met with Pope Paul V in a mission known as the Keichou embassy. He was not the first samurai to visit Europe -...
  14. L

    Oliver Cromwell

    What event in Cromwell's life lead him to overthrow the Monarchy in England? What is your general opinion about Oliver Cromwell?
  15. Y

    Manorial duties in 17th century England

    Hello everyone I am really struggling with trying to find out information on the above topic. I am writing a fiction novel which deals with modern times but also with a 17th century village in England. What I am getting confused with I think is the use of the word 'Manor'. as it can refer to...
  16. TJ.Perkins

    Question Regarding Martin Luther's Writings

    I am going over some sources written by Dr. Luther; namely: A Meditation on Christ's Passion (1519) and To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Concerning the Reform of the Christian State (1520) I am curious to know what the reaction of the addressees were. If I am correct the former...
  17. Road Runner

    Out of these 14 civilzations which would you want to rule or be a soldier for.

    time frame: 1500s-early 1800s Spanish Japanese British Sioux French Chinese Portuguese Iroquois Dutch Russian Aztec Indian Germans (prussian) Ottomans
  18. Qymaen

    Elizabethan Warfare?

    Does anyone have anything to say on the tactics Elizabethan England used during warfare, the weapons of the time period, and famous generals of Elizabethan England?
  19. Nick

    Weird medieval armor

    This jousting helmet belonged to Henry VIII. It was a gift from the Holy Roman Emperor in 1512. What other bizarre types of armor were worn between 400 and 1600?
  20. N

    17th Century England

    England in the 17th century witnessed a general revolutionary upheaval that involved a struggle between king and Parliament. What were the issues(causes) of this struggle? What role did the Puritans play in its course? In what ways was England changed by it?