1. Frank81

    Early English navigators?

    I noticed something curious about English vocabulary on ship sides The right side is "starboard" (Polar Star?), the left side is called "port" Does it mean early English (Angles?) navigators started sailing leaving the Polar Star to their right?
  2. R

    What are the estimates of the causaulties of the early muslim conquests ?

    I am mainly speaking of the civilian populations .
  3. Incendio

    The roles of Cavalry in Early and Late Modern warfare

    Firstly, apologizes if I am not able to formulate this question correctly. I have been reading about the warfare from 16th century to 19th century. At this point I want to summarize the role that had had the cavalry and how it evolved from Early Modern Warfare (16 th century) to Late Modern...
  4. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Middle Byzantium as an 'Early Modern State'

    Could middle Byzantine Rome be considered, outside of being temporally confined to the middle ages, an early modern state? Oftentimes I've seen figures such as Frederick II Hohenstaufen be called the "first [early] modern ruler" (as in the Wiki article), and remarks be made such as "England at...
  5. Kirialax

    The hajj in early Islam

    In early Islam (and of course, today), the hajj brought together Muslims from all corners of the Islamic world. After the break up of the single Islamic polity into multiple successor states, how did the hajj function on a political level? Were rulers concerned about potentially disloyal...
  6. J

    Economic history of medieval Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant

    Can anyone suggest a good economic history of the rise of the Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant, especially for the period 1000-1500? Thanks.
  7. Incendio

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare?

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare, I mean in 17th century and 18th century? Let me to show you some fascinating paintings I have found about big battles of 17th century and 18th century: The Siege of Presnitz, 1641...
  8. L

    Videos on Slavic Origins and Early History

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  9. R

    How valid is the domino theory in the mid or early 60s?

    Say if Saigon fell in 1965 to the North, is Thailand next? What about Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines?
  10. jameen

    Quraish's battle tactics against first Arab Muslims?

    What are the flaws of Quraish tribe the reason they were beaten by Muhammad's army in Arabia? What should the Quraish do instead in order to eliminate all of early Muslims including their leader Muhammad?
  11. Futurist

    If Britain & France would have fought in the early 20th C, could Britain get Algeria?

    If Britain & France would have fought in the early 20th C, could Britain get Algeria? If Britain and France would have fought in the early 20th century, could Britain have gotten Algeria in the event of victory? A good way to have Britain and France fight each other in the early 20th century...
  12. W

    Early Latin Religion

    What was the religion of the Latin tribes like before contact with the Etruscans and hellenization?
  13. Swagganaut

    Early Islamic stateformation in Abyssinia

    I am quite proud to announce that my "Did you know...?"-nomination for my "Sultanate of Dahlak"-entry made it on todays front page of Wikipedia. This normally culminates in thousands of views, a small step in promoting the still obscure Medieval Eritrean history. The Dahlak sultanate...
  14. N

    Early examples of Post Traumatisk Stress Disorder?

    Can anyone tell us of causes of PTSD among soldiers (or civilians) in history? I have read about "grenade shock" during WWII, but I can't remember any earlier examples. Since fighting pre-20th century tended to happened on shorter ranges and you could often see the "whites of the eyes" of your...
  15. notgivenaway

    The Allies break up in early 1945

    Hitler had a belief that if he could separate the Allies, by exploiting weaknesses amongst them in ideological and organisational terms. This was his rationale for the Battle of the Bulge, since it was intended to split the British/Canadian and American forces in Belgium. There were also...
  16. K

    Early Mexican policies on foreign immigration?

    Does anybody here know what sort of laws Mexico had prior to the Mexican-American war concerning foreign settlement in the Alta California region? I know of various non-Mexicans who went there during the Mexican era, but the only thing I've heard of of was that people who wished to become...
  17. Visigoth Panzer

    WWI Tanks Compared to Early WW2 Tanks

    How would WW1 tanks like the Mark IV, Renault and A7V compare to early WW1 tanks like the Panzer II or M3 Stuart? Would the Mark IV's gun be able to penetrate their armor? Could the later tanks penetrate the earliers' armor?
  18. R

    Early Chinese Kings were MURDERERS

    Early Chinese Kings were not ROYAL in any way, but were thugs and murderers. Kill and murder were all they understood, and all they did. Gold piled upon the head of a butcher does not make a KING. Why did their efforts not last? Because even their Gods were ashamed of them.
  19. RidiculousName

    Early WW1 French Army Uniforms

    When I first learned what the French wore on the onset of WW2 I was pretty surprised. The red and blue kepis looked more like targets than military gear. I asked the question below on the comments of the youtube video I was watching but I just got “hurr hurr, the french are cowards” jokes. So...
  20. P

    Governors and Piracy in the Early 1700s

    I am the governor of an island in the West Indies during the 1700s. I have just been accused of aiding and abetting pirates. Who’s in charge of administering justice? What’s most likely my fate? Who replaces me? Ideally, I’d like to know what British procedure would’ve...