1. No Bias FTW

    Advantages of Early Rockets Vs Cannons

    Nowadays, rockets/guided missiles are better than gun artilleries in terms of instant payload. Gun Artilleries, on the other hand, are much cheaper to operate and are best used for sustained firing. I can see why these two different technologies coexist. But what about during medieval times...
  2. Sertorius1066

    Early Macedon

    Can anyone recommend a good book on the political and military history of early Macedon, from the earliest times leading up to the reign of Philip II?
  3. M

    Navy Uniform in Portuguese language nation, early 20th Century

    Here's a photo of a multi-racial group of sailors. Based on other photos that were grouped with it, I believe it is from a Portuguese language nation, sometime between 1910 annd 1925. That could be Brazil (?), Portugal (?) or possibly others. Anyone recognize the uniforms? Thanks.
  4. Druzhina

    Illustrations of Early 14th Century Hungarians

    Illustrations of Early 14th Century Hungarians Hungarians? in the Guard House Frescos, Sabbionara Castle at Avio, Trentino, North-Eastern Italy, c.1340 . Hungarian Foot Soldier, c. 1350, in Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath based on the Frescos at Sabbionara Castle at Avio...
  5. Futurist

    Russia Attempts to Destabilize the Baltic States in the Early 2000s?

    What if Russia attempts to destabilize some or all of the Baltic states in the early 2000s (in the style of what Russia is currently doing in Ukraine) in order to punish these states for seeking to join the EU and/or NATO? How successful would Russia have been in accomplishing this if it would...
  6. Druzhina

    The Pila, an Islamic Ablution Basin, early to mid 11th century, Spain

    The Pila, an Islamic Ablution Basin, early to mid 11th century, Spain The 'Pila' is a late 11th- or early 12th-century carved basin which stood in the gardens of the palace of the local Banu Mujahid ruler of Denia, Spain. . Larger image of the the Pila, an Islamic Ablution Basin . Detail of...
  7. B

    What was the early Celtic Church and how did it influence Reformation events?

    I don't know too much about it, but didn't the Irish have a different approach of including Celtic elements? Was there some sort of separation from the Church in Rome? Did this influence Irish rejection of protestantism with its hostility to pagan elements in Christianity? Did it also influence...
  8. B

    Did the early Muslims have Persian backing?

    Who armed these early Muslim warriors from the Arabian Red Sea, who paid for their horses, who fed them? Was Arabia capable of raising, arming and feeding an army that could knock over the Romans? Or was Persia the backer? :cool: