1. F

    How were Europeans so easily able to dominate Indian Ocean trade?

    Beginning with the Portuguese. As far as I know, when the Portuguese first reached the Indian Ocean, they had the same matchlock muskets that the Ottomans, Indians, Arabs, and Persians had. So what gave the Portuguese the ability to dominate so quickly?
  2. B

    Germany could easily have won the Battle of Britain and therefore the whole war

    I read The First and the Last by Adolph Galland 20 years ago or so, and remembered it as a riveting read that exposed an amazing number of mistakes. I reread it recently with an eye to whether Germany could have won or not, one of the oldest saws in alternate history which probably everyone...
  3. W

    Would European swords easily shatter Samurai armor?

    The pro knight side often assumes that European longswords were not only superior to Katanas that if the two sword impacted, katanas would shatter upon impact...... They even go as far as saying European swords were far superior to Samurai armor that one whack from a Scottish claymore or...
  4. TomarRajput

    Why were the Newars of Kathmandu so easily assimilated into Nepali (Khas) culture?

    The Newar people are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu and were subdued by the Gorkha Kingdom in the 1700's. I know that there was resistance to the Gorkha army by the Newaris however since then, it seems that Newaris are slowly forgetting their identity and heritage. For example the...
  5. WhatAnArtist

    Most easily preventable assassinations in history?

    While I'm sure some people will cite Julius Caesar's (it is possibly the most famous in history, of course) based off the impression Shakespeare's play gives that his wife had prophetic nightmares and soothsayer's warned of his death, and all the other things that are easily made up in...
  6. V

    Why did the Anatolians submitted so easily to the Mongoloid Turks?

    After all these civilisations this is beyond my understanding.
  7. holoow

    Why Spaniards defeated and conquered Aztec and Inca Empires so easily...

    Why Spaniards defeated and conquered large and advanced Aztec and Inca Empires so easily but were unable to defeat and conquer 'less advanced' Mapuche indians?
  8. Futurist

    Most easily avoidable Israeli failure in Israel's 1948-1949 War of Independence?

    Since I myself was born in Israel and am currently a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, I am extremely curious about this--what exactly was the most easily avoidable Israeli militarily failure in Israel's 1948-1949 War of Independence? Any thoughts on this?
  9. G

    Why are Buddhist texts so easily accepted Hindu texts scepticised

    I mean there is a strong possibility that Buddhist and Jaina texts exxaggerate their own achievements. For example the first reasonably documented king could be Bindusara both in Jaina and Buddhist sources. Both of them claim that Ajatshatru was influenced by Mahavira/buddha and converted to...
  10. Brisieis

    How easily do you accept help?

    I guess a simpler question may be, how proud are you? Sometimes it may be beneficial for us to receive help from a family member, friend or other. Maybe the offer of help is a kind gesture or maybe it is much deeper and you really would benefit with the offer of assistance. From the minor...
  11. R

    Why are british people easily recognizable among other Northern europeans/germanics?

    From a racial point of view: When I visited the UK for the first time I instantly noticed how the people didn't look like regular northern europeans I had on my mind, a lot of diversity in terms looks, the average being towards plain brown hair and not too tall people as I expected, quite a...
  12. P

    Did Archers slaughter many men so easily in Arrow Barrages as shown in Movies?

    I notice so many movies portray it as though Archers as super lethal. Where even if the enemy has shields and armor,a single barrage of fire by Archers will slaughter lots of troops in the opposing Army. Just watch any Medieval/Fantasy Themed Movie. In Bravehart, even when the Scotts, crouched...
  13. Sharks and love

    Could the US have easily colonized South America at any point in history?

    Could it have done it at all, let alone easily? Would/could it last?
  14. jeroenrottgering

    Why did Britain let go of its colonies so easily?

    I wonder why did the British government led all their colonies so easily become independent? I know Britain lay in shatter after World War II but so was France. France kept struggeling to the end why not Britain? Their were only four major colonial powers left and that were France, Britain, the...