1. D

    Conquest of the east and black plague

    Hello everybody.Are there statistics about the human bilan,for the XIVth century,concerning the german conquest of the territories of the east and the black plague (Germany and Poland).Thank you.
  2. RidiculousName

    Why did Pompey Sail to Greece?

    Pompey had more and veteran legions in Iberia than in Greece. Why did he sail to Greece instead of Iberia? Was it purely because he would've had to abandon some of his force in Italy?
  3. ThePharaoh

    Is Anatolia in middle east? (geographically)

    How much percentage of Anatolia is considered in middle east? There is a huge varying opininons and statements about this situation. For example, anatolian antuqity is many times considered as a sub category of "middle eastern antuqity" even though only the easternmost kingdoms were really midde...
  4. No Bias FTW

    Tradition for the Pleasuring of The Fairer Sex The Correct East Asian Style?

    Again, my feelings are indescribable. Righteous are my most passionate feelings; if I still can not most excellently contribute to certain women of this world, my heart would explode from the all intensity and I would effectively die. And so I have a question for a historical subject that has...
  5. Voltaires Hat

    Did any historical factors influence the monist tendency of East Asian religion?

    Just wondering why the distinction between dualism in 'Western' religions, as opposed to the monism in East Asian religions like Buddhism and Taoism. Was this completely random, or is there a reason for it?
  6. G

    Treaty of Wehlau 1657 and East Prussia in 1919

    According to the Treaties of Wehlau-Bydgoszcz signed in 1657 (in which Poland renounced its sovereignity over Ducal Prussia to the Brandenburgian branch of the House of Hohenzollern), in case of the termination or extinction of the Brandenburgian Hohenzollern dynasty in the male line, it was...
  7. J

    East Asian origins: A theory

    The story starts in pre-Bantu Africa, where we have a certain group of ancient pre-Bantu African technologists. As the Bantu were expanding out of the central African jungles, the pre-Bantu Africans (East Asians) gradually gave way and started migrating out of the continent via sailing ship. At...
  8. W

    Old gods of South East Asia

    So what gods did the people of South East Asia worship before the arrival of Buddhism? Like for example in Vietnam, Thailand or Burma?
  9. Mercian

    I’m Reconstructing the East Saxon, Old English Dialect

    Hi everyone, I posted a while back about the East Saxon dialect of the Kingdom of Essex, and now I’ve decided to undertake the massive task of reconstructing the dialect with it’s every difference, and all of its quirks. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “how’s...
  10. G

    Why didn't Russians keep Bornholm and East Austria?

    In May 1945 it was the Red Army which liberated Bornholm from the Nazi German forces. Why did they agree to abandon it instead of e.g. creating a Communist Danish SSR there? The island is of strategic importance and helps its owners to control much of the Baltic Sea: They also captured much...
  11. N

    Is it possible north east native Americans knew about the Maya?

    I just finished an exellent novel about Norse settlers in Greenland in the 12th century, "When the land darkens" by Tore Kvæven. So far it's only been published in Norwegian, but the reviews are first-rate so I think there will be translations. The litterary quality and the level of research is...
  12. H

    Western (middle east) and eastern (indian) religions

    thing which fascinates me is that how two lands of india and middle east gave birth to all the major religious philosophies in the world and how they being so different yet they spread to vast areas of different cultures, societies and geography. islam and christianity spread to europe, africa...
  13. F

    Misunderstanding "west" and "east"

    This may be only my view, that most discussions gets into abysses of misunderstandings when we come to those notions. One reason is it may make people think of parts of the world very far away from each other, were often the opposite is true. Especially in the Meditteranean region. Then also the...
  14. Visigoth Panzer

    Best Way to Redraw the Middle East After WW1

    A lot of people complain that the British and French are responsible for some of the conflict in the middle east due to their poor division of the region after WW1 (which they are). Then what would be a better way to divide the region short of war? This means you have to deal with territories...
  15. R

    What if Germany had a more pragmatic racial policy in the East in WW2

    What if the Germans had followed the conduct of the Germans in WW1 and had focused on building a puppet state in the Ukraine and the Baltic States instead of wholesale genocide of Slavs, would a lot more Ukrainians and Baltics fighting for the Whermacht in 1941 have changed the course of the war?
  16. K

    Historical perceptions of indigenous Americans among East Asian nations

    I recently re-read the article 'Images of American Racial Stereotypes in Nineteenth-Century Japan' by Nicole Fabricand-Person, which mentions how Japan in the Meiji era adopted Euro-American stereotypes of indigenous American peoples as part of their 'modernizing' efforts ('modern' in many ways...
  17. W

    why wasnt buddhism disliked by the ruling classes in Japan as in rest of east asia?

    So why wasn't Buddhism disliked in Japan, especially the Shogunal period as compared to other east Asian countries in Early modern periods? or was this just a perception ?
  18. 3

    East London Family death

    Hi there all. I am looking for information on my anscestor (great Aunt) who was knocked down by a lorry in Tower Hamlets East London. I recall from relatives that it may have happened on Cable Street, Stepney. Although this isn’t 100%, it was in the general vicinity though. I do not know the...
  19. JaddHaidar

    What's with the middle east?

    11 years ago today, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Baghdad at the age of 69 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity. His capture and subsequent execution was to many relieving the middle east of a thorn in its side and an obstacle to its peace, stability and prosperity. Yet over a...
  20. Karl XII

    Was there a definitive point where the west surpassed the east?

    During the middle ages theres no doubt that europe was a relative backwater compared to the kingdoms of the middle east and asia. However by 1800 it was painstakingly obvious that the east had been left behind in terms of military tactics and technology. I am curious if theres something close to...