1. M

    The longest lasting middle eastern and African dynasties.

    What were the longest lasting dynasties in the Middle East and Africa? If part of a dynasty's length was legendary, when was the division between the legendary and the historical periods of the dynasty? If answering, be sure to distinguish between the length of time a dynasty lasted as a...
  2. Dreamhunter

    Did the Franks originate from nowrthwestern Europe, or eastern (Eurasian) Europe?

    Most western history-related sites favour a Danish or thereabouts ultimate origin for the Franks. But the interesting thing is that the Persian rendition for Frank is Farangi, and even more intriguing, there is a Turanian princess named Farangis in Uzbek ancient legend. She was daughter of...
  3. M

    Supremacy of the Eastern nomads

    Recently I've been studying and brushing up on the nomadic tribes of the steppes and from what I already knew and from the latest that I've looked at I've noticed a pattern. Eastern Tribes almost always exclusively dominate tribes to the West. My question is does any one have any explanation...
  4. R

    What if the US decided that a stalemate in the EasterN Front is a better option

    What if the US in WW2 decided that a stalemated Eastern Front with the Germans and Soviets locked in a long-term war of attrition and with the Germans not being strong enough to try to invade Britain again is a better outcome than a Communist dominated Central and Eastern Europe and so decided...
  5. Maoistic

    Why didn't Charlemagne expanded further into Eastern Europe?

    What the title says.
  6. Menshevik

    "Western" vs "Eastern" ways of war?

    So, there's an idea or argument that basically boils down to the traditional, "western," approach to warfare as being more about decisive action, pitched battle, possessing superior infantry who are more prone to "stand and fight." Whereas, the "eastern" approach often times relies on archers...
  7. C

    Was Russian dominion over Eastern Europe really that bad?

    I'm not talking about the mass rapes the Red Army committed or the Holodomor Stalin created on Ukraine. Long before the Russian Revolution of 1918, the rise to power of the Bolsheviks and the creation of the Soviet Union, Russians already had a bad reputation among their Eastern European...
  8. Draki

    Racism in Eastern cultures

    It is fairly well known that Greeks referred to anyone that didn't speak Greek as a barbarian, however they had a particular distaste for most Middle Eastern cultures, literally considering them "subhuman" and "destined to be slaves". Most Greek thinkers held these views until the Hellenistic...
  9. H

    Western (middle east) and eastern (indian) religions

    thing which fascinates me is that how two lands of india and middle east gave birth to all the major religious philosophies in the world and how they being so different yet they spread to vast areas of different cultures, societies and geography. islam and christianity spread to europe, africa...
  10. Polynikes

    Who was the most Skilled Eastern Roman/Byzantine Commander in history and why?

    And when I say skilled, I'm referring to all three levels of warfare down to the tactical, strategical and logistical levels. It's pretty apparent, that perhaps outside of the Mongols, the Byzantines were the true military scientists of the Medieval period - essentially preserving the...
  11. F

    1918, a watershed in the history of the Eastern Meditteranean?

    Is the end of the First World War and the defeat of the ottoman Empire and the other Central Powers the event with most far-reaching consequences of the 20.th. century for the region? Leading to the division between Britain and France and later to the National States, to vastly increased...
  12. H

    The Gangas- western and eastern

    The Western Gangas of southern Karnataka are dated from 350 to 1000 CE according to Wikipedia and the Eastern Gangas of Odisha and parts of Bengal and north coastal Andhra are dated from 11th century to 15th century. How is it known that these royal families who are so widely separated in space...
  13. B

    How much support did eastern European communist parties have post WW2 1945-1950?

    Has anyone ever tried to work out how much actual support they had (e.g if there was a free election how many votes they would win). Btw I know that some of the prewar elections where relatively free.
  14. TheBlackRose

    Is Islam a Western or Eastern religion and why?

    What do you guys think and why?
  15. MughalMuse

    Is it incorrect to call the Eastern Roman's Byzantines?

    Did they not consider themselves Roman in their literature?
  16. R

    Why did Germany perform better in the Eastern Front in WW1 than WW2?

    Was it because of Lend Lease? And the USSR had a better industrial infrastructure and logistics in WW2 than WW1? Or was it because of mobile warfare in WW2 that was able to substantially speed up the movement of armies in WW2 compared to WW1?
  17. F

    Punditry on likely outcome on Eastern Front before Moscow & Stalingrad

    What were pundits saying on record about the unfolding event and likely outcome on the Eastern Front before the Battle of Moscow? What were pundits saying on record about the unfolding event and likely outcome on the Eastern Front before the Battle of Stalingrad?
  18. A

    Laminar armor in eastern Europe and Middle-east.

    I have seen some pictures of Laminar armor used by Mongols, Slavs and Turks. But after the Sassanids were conquered. They still used them until the 15th century. Now does anyone have any information on this. Cause I'm seeing some photos of the use of laminar armor being used by soldiers and...
  19. Futurist

    A website with historical demographic data for Eastern Europe

    Here is a website with historical demographic data--primarily for Eastern Europe: Population statistics of Eastern Europe This is important because it allows us to see the demographic situation in various Eastern European countries over the years--mostly throughout the 20th century.
  20. G

    How would Middle Eastern History change if Kurdistan was formed after WW1

    How would history of middle east changed thereafter through WW2, Cold War until now? How would the other powers have had relations with such a state including (US, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebenon, Saudi,Egypt, Palestine)