1. M

    Economic Growth of Meiji Japan

    We all know that during the Meiji Era, Japan experienced a period of rapid economic development, but how rapid? Here are some stats for Japan's economy. All the below data is in 1990 dollars and comes from Angus Maddison's Contours of the World Economy 1. GDP GDP in 1870-$25.393 billion GDP in...
  2. Willempie

    Turkey commting assisted economic suicide?

    Today the Lira went to its lowest value. Today started already with a very low rate, then Erdogan gave a speech, which tanked it entirely. At that moment Trump kicked in and added extra tariffs on aluminium and steel for Turkey. My guess he had waited for that exact moment, to make the problems...
  3. J

    Economic history of medieval Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant

    Can anyone suggest a good economic history of the rise of the Netherlands/Flanders/Brabant, especially for the period 1000-1500? Thanks.
  4. F

    Divide of economic power in Austria-Hungary

    Hello there! So, I stumbled across this: Seeing the GNP of Austria-Hungary made me wonder, how much did Austria and how much did Hungary contribute to that number(, also how much did Bosnia)? I assume...
  5. A

    compare economic systems

    In a book titled "A BASIC CALL TO CONSCIOUSNESS" The Hau de no sau nee Address the world and explain the domestic economy they had. We may agree with them on moral grounds that capitalism is bad and some even say capitalism is evil. On the other hand, the developments that have raised our...
  6. Old Reb

    counterfieting as a tool of economic warfare

    I'm sure some of you know a lot more examples, but here's a few (I've been a full and part time world coin dealer for many years). 1. Germany and England faked each other's postage stamps in WWI. 2. In 1920's China, warlords issued lightweight crude copies of some of the Chinese Republic copper...
  7. R

    Avoiding the economic crisis

    In the opinion of my fellow Historumites, which European countries have best succeeded in avoiding the Euro-related economic crisis which has been plaguing most of the world since the beginning of the 21st century? My own guesses would be the Scandinavian nations, and Switzerland; to a somewhat...
  8. Oliver Cromwell

    Economic History of Europe?

    Are there any good books on the economic history of Europe that anyone knows of?
  9. Z

    Economic similarities between Weimar Germany and Post-WW2 Japan and Germany?

    I was hoping someone would know if Weimar Germany was able to benefit in any way from their lack of a significant military? After WW2 both Japan and Germany were able to slowly rebuild themselves into economic powerhouses, partly due to their significantly decreased focus on the military. Was...
  10. D

    Is Adam Smith's economic ideology original or inherited other people?

    Is Adam Smith's economic ideology original or inherited other people?
  11. L

    US only major power to avoid economic ruin during WWII

    BShvYeyMm_Y @3:44 mark there is a comment that the "United States was the only major power to avoid economic ruin during the war." Why is that? What was the key reason behind this?
  12. dlnewhouse

    Adam Smith economic beliefs

    Did Adam Smith believe in "balanced trade?"
  13. VHS

    Chinese economic boom: What rendered it possible?

    Let's use the nominal GDP per capital just for convenience: GDP per capital of the PRC in 1990 was $370 GDP per capital of the PRC in 2016 is about $8000+ Some may talk about Deng Xiaoping, but much of the tremendous growth happened from 1997 to now. During 1997, Hong Kong's economy was about...
  14. civfanatic

    Was Henan the economic and cultural center of ancient China?

    It seems to me that Henan was the most important Chinese territory during ancient times, along with neighboring Shandong. According to the imperial census of 2 AD conducted during the Han dynasty, the population living in Henan and Shandong was far more dense and greater than the population...
  15. History Craft

    Importance of allied economic support for the USSR

    How important were the supplies received by the USSR from the USA? Was it something vital? How was the eastern front impacted by these supplies? Also, would the USSR have made it without them? And if yes, how difficult would it have been? I've seen some minimizing the allied help and others...
  16. G

    By when do you think India would become a global economic powerhouse

    How long would it take for India to become a developed nation at first world standards of Western Europe and the US in economic terms (lets exclude military strengths from this discussion)? How can it achieve this and is it on track in this regard at the moment?
  17. K

    What Allowed the Huge Economic Success of the British Navy?

    The British were not seen as extraordinarily skilled sailors before the Industrial Revolution, nor were their ships or navies considered to be of exceptionally high quality, yet despite the Dutch trading companies, it seems that for most of European history the British have had the most...
  18. civfanatic

    Low Urbanization Ratio in Ming/Qing China compared to other World Regions

    Here is a chart showing urbanization ratios in various regions from 1500 to 1890: Some interesting things to note are as follows: 1) China had a relatively low and a relatively constant urbanization ratio throughout the 16th-19th centuries. Despite having some of the largest cities on earth...
  19. B

    Economic and social status of Ancient Greece poets

    I had an exam last week and I couldn't answer this question: What was economic and social status of poets in Ancient Greece in different time periods (under aristocratic, tyrannic and democratic government). I was searching the internet and mostly studied from Whithmarsh book about Ancient...
  20. The merchant of Venice

    Alternative socioeconomic system

    It is well know that the current economic and social system in the west is facing an increasingly set of problems. Now, the question is, how should things change? We already tried the communist way and we all know how that ended, so let's not consider complete not-capitalistic system, and...