1. E

    Who started the Philosophy: Were the Greeks or Egyptians?

    I'm reading a book called "Stolen Legacy" by George James (I'm in the beggining), and he said, for example, that the expression "think thyself" came from the philosophy schools from the Egypt and the History (someone in) says that this sentence is from the greeks, and the New Testment were...
  2. wigglywaffles

    Could the Egyptians have avoided state bankruptcy in the 19th century?

    So what could thr egyptians have done differently in the 19th century to avoid the disasterious bankruptcy that allowed the British to occupy their nation and ruined Khedive ismail's dreams of a truly modern middle eastern nation ? Or was their fate inevitable?
  3. L

    How did the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks worship their Gods?

    As far as Egypt was concerned I know the priests performed rituals in the temples to keep Maat and the commoners would do something outside the temple walls, and the commoners just had a small shrine inside their houses; but how did they pray and worship? This isn't just for the Egyptians btw...
  4. Fomorian8

    The predynastics Ancient Egyptians a sea-faring people?

    The oldest known in-tact well preserved sea-faring vessel is the 'Khufu ship' dated to 2500 BC. There is also the oldest known ship wreck of a sea faring vessel dated to 4,000+ years ago from Turkey...
  5. Marcellus

    Did the ancient Egyptians have human or semi-divine heroes?

    We have Herakles (greek), Cuchulain (celtic) Siegfried (nordic) Gilgamesh (middle east) among many others I can not remember any egyptian hero, they have Sinuhe, who is just a tired old man, no pharaoh was a killer of monsters, as far as I know, Imhotep was not a warrior. Horus obviously does...
  6. R

    The Alphabet

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I am interested in confirming the following. 1 The Egyptians were the only civilised race in ancient times, that's before CE who had an alphabet. Three forms. Hieroglyphic, phonetic I and phonetic II. 2 The Romans and the Greeks did not have an alphabet in CE period...
  7. R

    Chiek Diop said Archimedes "borrowed" alot of mathematics from the Black Egyptians

    Chiek Diop said Archimedes "borrowed" alot of mathematics from the Black Egyptians I remember reading it in his "Civilization or Barbarism" but the thing is Archimedes lived during the time of Hellenic If he studied in Egypt it would be mostly Greek influences yet he says that...
  8. P

    Do you think Ancient Egyptians knew the world was round?

    The ancient Egyptians seemed to have some concept of lattitude and longitude with respect to how they built their pyramids and borders. Pythagoras (who studied in Egypt and the Middle East) I think was the first to suggest that the world is round on record.
  9. B

    Ancient Egyptians In Mexico?

    "I set out at night. At dawn I reached Peten." Ancient Egypt Library: Story of Sinuhe What is Mr. Sinuhe doing in the Yucatan peninsula?
  10. J

    Ancient Powers?

    I don't know how to title this thread so I just put Ancient Powers. So halo everyone. I am new to this thread and I came here because I have been wondering about something. This connection. Now I could be wrong. This is all just my personal research I do in my free time. I am no history guru and...
  11. bedb

    Egyptians in England?

    mtDNA studies of Thomas Jefferson uncovered something very interesting. This man whose ancestors came from Wales...has very ancient dna on the female side that is found most commonly in eastern Egypt...and it is very ancient. Solar boats....similar to the solar barges of Egypt are found all...
  12. gravyten577

    Egyptians imported iron from central Africa to cut granite?

    If nothing else this is an interesting hypothesis to think about. Most Egyptologists say that the Egyptians only used copper tools because no civilization was using iron reliably yet, but they are excluding central Africa I was very interested in a theory that the ancient Egyptians were using...
  13. Somali Ajuuraan

    Ethnicity of the ancient egyptians

    i have already tried to talk about this topic with other people and also in this forum but my thread was closed anyway i want just to say my opinion about the ethnicity of the ancient egyptians i think that egyptians were afro-semtic....a mix between berber,semitic and negroid popoulation,we...
  14. Somali Ajuuraan

    Ancient Egyptians were black

    there is a lot of controversy...some people think that ancient egyptians were white Actually Egyptians were never white(european) except for the Tolemaic period were they had been influenced by Greeks and Romans I think that Egypt was a mixed society,but it was defenitely started by Blacks...
  15. BloodyPirate

    Why do Eurocentricts and Afrocentrics fight over the Egyptians and Moors?

    Both of them claim Egyptians and the Moors. And why are Afrocentricts claiming the Vikings, Celts, Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Franks, Anglo-Saxons? What kind of Agenda do they have?
  16. BloodyPirate

    What connection was there between the Vikings and the Egyptians?

    Was there one? I came across this article saying The Egyptians knew of the Vikings. Thats very interesting if it's true. What do you guys think? HIDDEN HISTORY SECRETS: Hidden Viking History Vikings in North Africa
  17. dreamregent

    What does Israel mean?

    I've often wondered about the name "Israel." The biblical understanding is that it means something along the line of "one who wrestles with God." More specifically, it is only logical that this does not refer to the physical act of wrestling but rather a rhetorical act (i.e. "one who wrestles...
  18. Druzhina

    Pictures of Egyptians & Ottomans from Napoleon's Egypt Campaign

    Pictures of Egyptians & Ottomans from Napoleon's Egypt Campaign Mameluke in full armour, engraved by Moritz Michael, 1790-1849. Illustration of a Mameluke from Description De L'Egypte, Vol II, plate D, Left Panel Illustration of an Alexandrian Sailor from Description De L'Egypte, Vol II, plate...
  19. A

    Keita smashes the Afrocentrics on the race of ancient egyptians

    Afrocentrists love to quote-mine Keita, but here's what he actually says on the issue of the racial affinities of the ancient egyptians: "The peopling of what is now the Egyptian Nile Valley, judging from archaeological and biological data, was apparently the result of a complex interaction...
  20. G

    Why did Egyptians not vote for secular/liberal party

    Egyptians stood against a dictatorial regime through the Tahrir protests. Then they wanted a more democratic regime. Yet they then voted for a religious alternative rather than going for the secular/liberal alternative. Why did they vote for Morsi and his supporters despite their fundamentalist...