1. Z

    Taft and Roosevelt and the Election of 1912.

    I think it is clear that Taft did not like being President that much. It wasn’t who he was and I think (correct me if I am wrong) that his wife sort of pushed Taft into running for the office. Being President even at that time and even since the early days of the Republic involved a lot of...
  2. Futurist

    Presidential Election: 1936

    Who would you have voted for in the 1936 U.S. presidential election? As for me, FDR hands down! His New Deal was a huge success and resulted in a significant lowering of the unemployment rate in the U.S. between 1933 and 1937: Thus, I see no reason to vote against FDR in 1936.
  3. Futurist

    Presidential Election: 1964

    Who would you have voted for in the 1964 U.S. presidential election? As for me, LBJ, hands down. I'm obviously a huge supporter of the Civil Rights Movement as well as of the Great Society and even Vietnam isn't enough to deter me from supporting LBJ--especially when his opponent Barry...
  4. Futurist

    Presidential Election: 1988

    Who would you have voted for in the 1988 U.S. presidential election? As for me, I would have probably voted for Dukakis. I really like the New Deal and thus I was hoping that a Dukakis victory--in spite of his flaws--would have ensured that the Democrats would have avoided the centrism of the...
  5. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1960

    The year is 1960, and the election of that year will be one of the closest and hardest fought in American history. Dwight Eisenhower's eight-year administration is coming to an end, and his Vice-President Richard Nixon runs on the Republican ticket to succeed him and continue his policies. His...
  6. B

    1872 Presidential Election Poll

    I am in a thread starting mood. Not going to be as detailed as Viper.
  7. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1932

    I expect this will be one of the more lopsided ones, as in reality. It is the election of 1932, and the nation is still in the firm grip of the Great Depression. The previous decade was characterized by Republican administrations pursuing a laissez-faire approach to economic policy and...
  8. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1912

    Well, here it is, one of the wildest elections in US political history, where the incumbent US President came in third. The candidates were Woodrow Wilson of the Democratic Party, William Howard Taft of the Republican Party, and Theodore Roosevelt, former Republican President, of the insurgent...
  9. Futurist

    Poll: Presidential Election of 1848

    Who would you have supported in the 1848 U.S. presidential election? As for me, Lewis Cass. While I am certainly not fond of the pro-slavery element within the Democratic Party, I am certainly a big fan of U.S. expansion. Thus, I would have wanted to reward the Democrats for their expansion of...
  10. Futurist

    Poll: Presidential Election of 1896

    Who would you have supported in the 1896 U.S. presidential election? As for me, I would have supported McKinley. Basically, I would have been afraid of the economic consequences of adopting free silver and thus would have voted for the safe choice of McKinley even though he doesn't appear to...
  11. Futurist

    Poll: Presidential Election of 1868

    Who would you have supported in the 1868 U.S. presidential election? As for me, Ulysses S. Grant (Republican). Basically, Grant appears to have been much more in favor of Black rights than Seymour was and thus I would have supported Grant due to a sense of common decency. I don't think that I...
  12. Futurist

    Presidential Election: 1880

    I got impatient waiting for this thread to be created and thus decided to create it myself. Anyway, who would you have voted for in the 1880 U.S. presidential election? As for me, James Garfield. I strongly like the man (he is notable for his prominence in the U.S. Congress during...
  13. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1888/1892

    I figured I'd simply combine these polls since it is in fact the same candidates running in both years! For extra wackiness, options to vote for one in one election and then switch your vote in the other election are added. In 1888, Democratic incumbent President Grover Cleveland runs for...
  14. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1884

    The year is 1884, and incumbent President Chester Arthur, a Republican who succeeded to the Presidency following the assassination of James Garfield, is in failing health and makes only a token effort to secure the nomination of his party for another term; as it turns out, he will die in 1886...
  15. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1876

    The year is 1876, and we have come to the end of Ulysses S. Grant's second term. Despite a few people urging the possibility on him, Grant has no interest in a third term at this time, though his attitude will change somewhat by 1880. The Republican Party has been weakened by economic...
  16. Futurist

    Presidential Election: 1916

    Who would you have supported in the 1916 U.S. presidential election? For reference, here is the Wikipedia article about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_1916#The_fall_campaign In short: The incumbent U.S. President Woodrow Wilson ran on an anti-war...
  17. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1844

    In the election of 1844, the two major contending parties are Whigs, led by the venerable Henry Clay, and Democrats, led by former Speaker of the House James K. Polk. Polk stands for the protection and expansion of US territory and slavery with it, taking an aggressive position on annexing...
  18. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1828

    As in history, this poll is quite similar to the election of 1824, except with the candidates winnowed down to two; incumbent President John Quincy Adams, accused of making a corrupt bargain in order to gain the Presidency back in 1824 by his opponent, Andrew Jackson. I discussed them previously...
  19. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1824

    The US Presidential election of 1824 was curious in many respects. It featured only one party, yet four different candidates for President. The traditional Federalist/Democratic-Republican division had collapsed, with remnants of the Federalist policy, and some of its policies, being subsumed...
  20. Viperlord

    Presidential Election: 1800

    The second in my series of topics asking you to vote in a historical US presidential election. For this one, we go all the way back to 1800, a hotly contested election between two Founding Fathers and two parties with basically different visions of what the United States should be. As before...