1. Tulun

    EP elections 2019

    Greetings, The 2019 European Parliament elections are approaching, it will be held between 23 and 26 May 2019. EP elections usually have lower turnouts than the national ones, so I'm just wondering how much are our members interested in it. I also had a thread about the previous EP election...
  2. JM1906

    Brazil Presidential Elections

    So there will be one of the most important election in Brazil's history next month. The already controversial run, that saw Lula get jail time and be virtualy out of the race, sees now the main contender - controversial righ winger - Jair Bolsonaro getting stabbed. Some talk in civil war (for...
  3. A

    Pakistan elections

    Can any of our colleagues in the subcontinent shed any light on what is going on this year? Imran Khan's political career has seemingly progressed since the last time i read about it, where it seemed he might be on the sidelines forever. what has he done to make himself/his party more...
  4. Futurist

    Historical polling data for U.S. presidential elections since 1936

    Several years ago, I made a Wikipedia article about historical polling data for U.S. presidential elections since 1936. I thought that this article was interesting and thus am deciding to share it all with you...
  5. J

    Does Democracy Really Exist in the elections of the USA? An interesting video

    PJy8vTu66tE Who was/were historically the responsible for the creation of such really bad system? It is not a real democracy, but a puppet theater of big companies. Are there any serious people or pressure groups who fight against this unfair system? Share you opinion!
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Demographic and Electoral Comparisons of US Elections

    So this is a thread where I will compare electoral maps of different time periods to compare voting demographic changes. I will use a MODERN electoral vote number map, but assign each state to the winner with the highest PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULAR VOTE of their election. The reason I do this is...
  7. tuesdayschild

    2018 Iraqi elections thread

    Non of us live in Iraq, why can we not discuss it?
  8. Futurist

    2018 Iraqi elections thread

    Iraq is on track to have new elections in May of this year. Thus, I figured that a separate thread should be created in regards to this. Anyway, here is an interesting run-down of people and parties involved in this election...
  9. C

    Voting process of consular elections

    How many votes did a Roman cast? How many did a century? There were two consulates to fill, remember.
  10. D

    "Elections" in Nazi Germany

    There was one last free election shortly after Hitler became chancellor. Did the Nazis bother much with sham elections? (Like Communist regimes, which frequently had sham elections.)
  11. Solidaire

    German elections 2017: a turning point?

    For the first time after WWII, a far-right party with obvious neo-Nazi elements enters the German parliament with such force. For the first time since WWII such a large amount of Germans felt no shame in supporting such a party, despite perceiving it as an extreme right one. Is this just a...
  12. S

    Sortition instead of elections?

    It may sound crazy, but we do choose trial juries this way. Essentally it's about representative democracy without elections. With elections you get political parties, limited choices, candidates who tell you what you want to hear and the domination of special interests. With sortition (random...
  13. Excalibur

    Czech municipal elections 2016

    Czech municipal elections 2016. Votes just counted and it was a huge disaster for some parties here. No doubt migrant crisis and corruption had a huge impact on these elections. The elections are total disaster for TOP09, the only party with strong "refugee welcomed" voice. They aquired 3,4%...
  14. L

    How did Churchill win the war but lose 1945 elections

    VE Day was widely celebrated and VJ Day. So did Churchill and his party believe the popular up beat mood would sweep them back into power? Were they complacent? Why did the country vote in for the first time a new untested Labour government over a successful coalition headed by Churchill? From...
  15. Excalibur

    Presidential elections Austria

    Presidential elections Austria: the result is not known yet. Some estimates favorize Hofer (Freedom party) other favorize Van der Bellen (Green party). The result will be definitely very close.
  16. P

    Most important elections in the Canada and the U.S

    Out of the many federal canadian elections and american presidential elections witch one where historically the most important? For my part id go with the American presidential election of 1864, its doubtfull if a MacLelan victory would change anything to the result of the american civil war...
  17. holoow

    Socialists lost elections in Venezuela

  18. Valens

    Front National leads in French regional elections - first results say

    According to first results, Marine Le Pen's Front National, considered as an extreme party by some, leads in the French regional elections, ahead of former president Sarkozy's party and the incumbent president Hollande's Socialist Party. Europe - LIVE: French regional elections 2015 - France...
  19. G

    UK General Elections in the 1940s

    There was a UK GE in 1935 and the next one should have been held no later than 1940. Didn't take place of course - does anyone know if a law was passed to legalise that? I'm reading Peter Clarke's Last Thousand Days of the British Empire and writing about 1945 he says "the current Parliament...
  20. B

    Odd year state elections and political machines

    The only states that hold state elections for governor etc. and legislature in odd years are Virginia and New Jersey. In Virginia, the purpose was to reduce the vote by poor people, blacks, and outsiders, and allow more influence for the people the political machine brought out. In New Jersey...