1. P

    Elizabethan enthusiast

    Hello, this newbie hails from Seattle and likes the period of English history surrounding the first Spanish Armada attempted invasion in 1588. I suppose I'll find the appropriate forum and end up posting this question again. But I would appreciate any advice on ways of researching William...
  2. S

    popular press in Elizabethan times?

    In The Pirate Queen by Susan Ronald, after English sailors took the Portuguese ship the Madre de Dios, that ... "Stories of disorderlies along the English sailors filled the official and popular press." (pg.330) Can anyone tell me what 'popular press' this is? Are there online copies of this...
  3. S

    Civil disturbance in Elizabethan England

    I read recently in a book about Raleigh that there was some disturbances and an increase in crime in 1589 after the Drake / Norris expedition to Spain, Portugal. How bad was this civil disturbance? Does anyone know of a publication where I can read more about this? Thanks
  4. C

    Elizabethan I England...sugar consumption

    In the reign of Elizabeth I, it was fashionable, due to the new colonies, and the highly prized comodity of sugar, for courtiers and aristocrats to have black teeth...caused by sugar, and if they were not wealthy enough to buy sugar; they blackened their teeth, to feign sugar consumption. But...
  5. C

    Elizabethan Rapiers and Daggers-

    I was trying to locate some examples or even pictures as well as further information on these types of weapons worn by Elizabethan gentlemen and used in duels, or simply as day to day protection. Or any other weapon I may not know about, Christopher Marlowe, the playwright, was caugth...
  6. T

    Elizabethan Boats

    Hello, I am planning on getting a tattoo and incorporating an Elizabethan boat into it. I am very interested in the Tudor family, especially the reign of Elizabeth I. Were there any specific boats that Elizabeth had built for herself? Were the boats that were used against the Spanish armada made...
  7. V

    Elizabethan era - The "dark side" of the elizabethan era

    hey, i am working on a presentation for my english course (im from germany) about the elizabethan era and so im looking for some information about the england under Elizabeth I. which was not part of the "golden age" of England. There were events like wars, witch hunt, slavery and poverty, which...
  8. J

    Elizabethan Era foreign policy

    Tell me a few sentences about the relationships between the following countries during the Elizabethan era: -England and France -England and Spain -England and Scotland/Ireland -England and Holy Roman Empire -England and Netherlands
  9. Linschoten

    A remarkable 'suicide' in Elizabethan England

    Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, is best known for the theory, introduced by the appropriately named Thomas Looney, that he wrote the plays of Shakespeare. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_de_Vere,_17th_Earl_of_Oxford Here is a remarkable story from his youth, when he was aged 17 and was...
  10. viking

    Government of Elizabethan England

    I have decided to open this thread in response to comments made in the Charles 1 thread. The first and most important is that Elizabeth prevaricated. I believe this does not do justice to the complexity of the period.People tend to focus on the religious tensions, which of course existed, but I...
  11. P

    Seattle Elizabethan fan

    Hello from the wet, mossy northwest corner of the USA. I found my way here while googling for details about crossbows. I was impressed with the intelligent discussions, staying on topic and (as far as I could tell) freedom from flaming. I'm fascinated with the Elizabethan period, and hope to...