1. DrStrangelove987

    How did the HRE, with such a confusing, intricate and complicated system of governance last for 1000 years? [No, Voltaire quotes are not necessary]

    Exactly what the title is asking. The History of The Holy Roman Empire is an extremely confusing and intricate system of politics, how in the hell did it last for as long as it did. Reminder; I better not see any Voltaire quotes in your responses.
  2. Q

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Rome......

    If we were to trace the legacy of Rome, from ancient times to the modern, what paths could it take? Zeroeth Rome: Athens? 1st Rome: Rome. The original one 2nd Rome: Byzantium/Constantinople 3rd Rome: For me, instead of one linear path, the paths diverge here into two separate directions...
  3. Imperia

    Largest possible nation?

    What is the largest country that can exist and how could it come to existance? In my opinion the most likely: A British Empire that defeats the American Revolution. The Iberian Union survives. The Franco-British Union becomes reality. A more successful Napoleon or the mongols. Axis win the ww2...
  4. ydq328

    sahel empire have the catapult and Fortress?

    Are there any famous examples of city defense/siege?
  5. Imperia

    Competition created the West

    Competition in Europe arose after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when West Europe was divided into small and medium-sized nations that ceased to be provinces of a unified empire to turn the future colonial empires that conquered the world. My question is the West conquered the world...
  6. Imperia

    Was Rome's fall good or bad?

    When Rome fell was it good for the development of the West and the rest of the world? With Rome still existing, would we have modern democracy and equal rights for all men and women? Would you have: lay state, homosexual marriage, female suffrage and universal vote? Would the West have...
  7. P

    Ethnicity as a factor in military success

    Greetings fellow avid history readers. As a new member on this forum this is my very first thread. One of my main interests is military history with a special focus on textual description of engagements between armies, spanning the whole ancient and medieval periods. One of my conclusions is...
  8. Vulkov

    What was destroyed under the Roman Empire ?

    Hello everybody. I don't know how historians see the Roman Empire or people who invested time studying it. However people generally see it, as one which tried to preserve culture and appreciate it. I was wondering about the opposite aspect , what things of cultural importance they destroyed ...
  9. Futurist

    Maximum realistic territorial gains for the Russian Empire?

    What do you think the maximum realistic territorial gains for the Russian Empire during the 20th and 21st centuries are if World War I is delayed for at least a couple of decades (thus shifting the alliance system a bit--with Britain joining the German orbit) and if the Russian Empire survives...
  10. A

    How valuable/expensive were iron and bronze during the Roman empire

    I can't find much information about this please help
  11. Z

    Did the Roman Empire ever explore, or how far did they know?

    In the time of the height of the Roman Empire, let’s say from 1AD to 300 AD but we can keep it to the First Century, how much and how far has a Roman travelled to or could? Has any ever went to what is now Scandinavia? Any went to what is now Sweden or Denmark or people from there ever go to...
  12. F

    Which Russian Empire uniform is it?

    Dear history friends! Can anyone recognise in which regiment these Russian Empire soldiers were? Picture was taken in photo salon of K. Śledzińska Company in Łomża, Poland. It was founded in 1905, so picture is not older than this date. Also maybe someone can recognise...
  13. Kirialax

    Mapping Jewish Communities in the Byzantine Empire

    We do not tend to talk a lot about Byzantine Jews, in part because the evidence is scanty and hard to interpret. Fortunately, we can now visualize some of their networks through the Mapping the Jewish Communities in the Byzantine Empire project.
  14. Kirialax

    The later Roman Empire's greatest weapon

    Someone, somewhere, at a time in which I cannot remember, remarked that the greatest weapon of the later Roman state was its ability to siphon off the military manpower of its enemies. So, Historum, what do we think of this idea? Does it stand up to scrutiny?
  15. Maoistic

    No, the Germanics and Arabs didn't conquer a "decayed" Roman Empire

    Western historians have constantly tried to explain the Germanic and Arab conquests as the result of a "decayed" Roman Empire beset by internal problems that made it weak to these invasions, rather than to the quality and strength of the Germanic and Arab invaders. One wonders why this...
  16. I

    Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    Here's the series that first got me into Opencourseware. Yale professor Freedman begins by talking about the greatness of the Roman Empire. The free college course ends at 1000 A.D with the Vikings. This course was offered for college credit. However, watching the lectures on Youtube saves...
  17. F

    Western Roman Army during Alaric’s Sack of Rome

    Reading about Alaric’s sack of Rome I couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of the Western Roman army. During Radaguisus’ invasion of Italy Stilicho was able to muster a force of roughly 30,000 men to repel him, yet five years later the only resistance offered against Alaric was a...
  18. RomanEmperor

    What if we created a New Roman Empire nowadays?

    With all the problems in today's world.... Corrupt Mods Islamization of Europe Destruction of Judeo-Christian values in our culture Corrupt politicians who make things worse Ignorant people who can't be trusted to make the smartest decisions An economic system that can reward people who don't...
  19. Imperia

    Alternate Spanish-American War

    alternate Spanish-American War What nation besides Spain could the United States enter into war? perhaps: Portugal, uk, france, germany, italy, russia or low countries (Holland)?
  20. HistoryColored

    Tsar Nicholas II: The Last Emperor of the Russian Empire (Article)

    Hey, I've written an article on Tsar Nicholas II and his life (and death) and I would love for everyone on here to have a read and let me know what you think below. You can check it out Here I'd also like to know what do you think Nicholas could have done differently in order to stay in...