1. F

    Racist German businessman recorded offending his employees

    His name is Hans Gielen, here is the original tape (he speaks mostly in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl9iPH2Mc5E Among his slurs were e.g. "Subspecies" and "right-wing facists" in the same sentence. He was recorded by one of his female employees, whom he also molested sexually...
  2. dreamregent

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary/prescribed job f(x)'s?

    Should religious objections excuse employees from customary or prescribed job functions? Muslim flight attendant suspended As far as I'm aware, it is at least customary for flight attendants to serve alcohol. I don't know if the employee manual states specifically that "alcohol" is served by...
  3. Ichon

    What does an entrepreneur earn by their own work vs the work of their employees?

    Noticed alot of talk about redistribution lately and how evil it is taking what one person earned and giving it to someone else. If it were a single person working land they themselves cleared and there was plenty of land available I can see taking from that person to give to someone else who...