1. DiocletianIsBetterThanYou

    Favourite Roman Empress (Up to two choices)

    You can choose up to two empresses and you can choose an empress because you admire them, because you find them interesting or for entertainment value. If your selection is someone not listed in the poll, please specify who you'd pick in the thread.
  2. RomaVictrix

    Why did Yamato Japan aid Korea's Baekje against Silla and Tang-dynasty China?

    [I originally posted this thread at the TWC forums.] I honestly don't understand what the Japanese (Empress Saimei and her successor Emperor Tenji) had to gain in helping Buyeo Pung in his attempt to restore the Korean Baekje Kingdom after its fall to the joint forces of Korean Silla and Tang...
  3. E

    Theodora: Empress from the brothel.

    I've read the book, Theodora:Actress, Empress, Whore. Is there a better biography out there ?
  4. G

    Empress of India

    Idle curiosity - does anyone know why Queen Vic became Empress of India and not Empress of the Whole Empire?
  5. Balian

    5 questions about King Stephen and Empress Matilda

    1.Who do you think was the rightful heir to the English throne after the death of Henry I. His daughter Empress Matilda or his nephew Stephen ? 2.And do you think that Empress Matilda ever really had a chance to win the war against Stephen. 3.And would you say that Empress Matilda ended up as...
  6. Karl XII

    How come the roman empire never had an empress?

    Seeing as how it lasted almost 500 years i find it interesting that not even once a woman was considered to be a successor. Egypt had a queen at one point, china had several throughout her history, Russia had Catherine, England had Mary and Elizabeth, Sweden had Christina, Austria had Maria...
  7. L

    Why is Empress Wu Always Ranked Higher than Tang Xuanzong?

    Hi. I'm new to studying Chinese history (just out of interest). I've been reading a lot of "greatest emperor of China" ranking in google and one thing I notice is that Tang Xuanzong is never in the top 10 while Wu Zetian is almost always in there. Usually, she's around top 9. Maybe there's...
  8. Tercios Espanoles

    Empress Augusta Bay AAR - 1-2 Nov, 1943

    The video below is an animated after-action report compiled by the USN after the night engagement in Empress Augusta Bay on the night of 1-2 November, 1943. As an AAR intended for internal use rather than a propaganda piece for public consumption it is especially interesting. US mistakes and...
  9. G

    Empress of India

    Been learning a bit about the British Empire recently and something just struck me. Why was Victoria made Empress of India and not Empress of the Empire in its entirety?
  10. Moros

    Looking for references of Empress Theodora as a dancer

    Theodora was Empress of Byzantium (r.527-548) and wife of Emperor Justinian (r.527-565). She had a scandalous background, coming from an acting family and having been employed as a courtesan. Modern accounts of her life often describe her as having been a dancer, but the contemporary historian...
  11. Brisieis

    Elizabeth - Empress of Austria

    I have just finished reading an artical on Elizabeth, Queen of Hungry. She seems a very interesting character. I also found it interesting that there was quite a problem with anarchists in late 19th century Europe. She became a recluse after the suicide of her son Prince Rudolf, always...
  12. Jake10

    Your views of Empress Wu Zetian

    As China's only female empress, Wu Zetian left quite a legacy behind. Having made her own dynasty, risen from being a concubine, to keeping several male lovers, the empress is both admired and condemned. What do you think of her? Wu Zetian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Naomasa298

    Dowager Empress Cixi

    I just came across a TV series about the young Dowager Empress Cixi that I watched waaaaayyyy back in the 80s. I would like to know how she is viewed in China?
  14. Fourteen

    Origins of the War of Austrian Succession: The Birth of an Empress

    The second part of my brief series of articles/essays on the origins of the War of Austrian Succession has been posted. Apologies for the tardiness, especially because these entries are not particularly long - though, think of it as a 'bite-sized' series. :) It can be read here, or if you're a...
  15. M

    Empress Eugenie

    The crinoline fashion can be traced back to Empress Eugenie and her desire to appear at social events yet at the same time disguise her pregnacy. She was also well endowed and set the fashion for extreme decolletage
  16. Madria

    Empress Elisabeth of Austria

    What do you think about this famous (and popular) lady? Everybody knows her as Sisi, she was the most beautiful sovereign. You can visit her museum in Vienna, there are a lot of her personal things, e.g. gloves, fans, mirror,...