1. D

    American History Multi-Volume Encyclopedias: A Rethink & Comprehensive Overview

    Since I could read, I have loved encyclopedias. My Mom ensured that age-appropriate encyclopedias were on our bookshelves, ending with the World Book set from sometime in the middle 1960s. I am certain that I learned and retained more from perusing those volumes than during same years in...
  2. D

    Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

    Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Three volumes. Best published work that I have found on America's Gilded Age and Progressive Era (GAPE).
  3. Futurist

    An Encyclopedia of World War I

    Here is an incredibly detailed, wonderful, and insightful encyclopedia which has over 1,000 articles and which covers everything that has to do with World War I: https://encyclopedia.1914-1918-online.net/articles/ Is anyone here already aware of this encyclopedia?
  4. D

    History Dictionaries | History Encyclopedias

    Having decided that my history studies will focus on Emerging-Modern America (~ 1890 - 1940), I have recently started compiling a collection of "better" USA history dictionaries / encyclopedias. Like all desktop references in the Internet Age, these books are usually older, cheap, bulky tomes in...
  5. PoochieMoo

    An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars

    Has anyone ever read this book? I just got it today, and it’s actually really, really cool. It has some great information in it, and it has great pictures. One of my favorite things is the list of regiments and their colors for all of the main countries in the war. You should definitely check...
  6. D


    The study of word origins and evolutions. The universally recognized "bible" of etymology but by no means the only worthwhile edition. Chambers Dictionary of Etymology https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/chambers-dictionary-of-etymology-dictionary_robert-k-barnhart/636858/#isbn=0550142304 Other...
  7. G

    SELLING: "The Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles" and "The Encyclopedia of Empire"

    SELLING: "The Encyclopedia of Ancient Battles" and "The Encyclopedia of Empire" Hello, I am selling two brand new encyclopedias. They have been ordered from 'eu.wiley.com' and are brand new. There's a big discount depending on which one you wish to buy. Some information about the...
  8. A

    Encyclopedia: Which One?

    Hello everyone, "Historum" was the best place I thought to ask this question as I know there are many historical experts on this message board. The problem I've had for a long time now is this: it's so easy to find information on the internet, but I don't know how much of what I'm reading...
  9. D

    Dictionary (Topical), Companion, Encyclopedia (Volume)

    Best of the various Dictionary (Topical), Companion, Encyclopedia (Volume) works about history. I've been a little disappointed with the Oxford I became familiar with, Companion to US History. I've had better look-ups with a couple of very modern textbooks, instead. Do I maybe just prefer...
  10. Majasprat

    Ancient History Encyclopedia

    Ancient History Encyclopedia A great resource for all aspects of ancient history. Just thought I would share it with you all. Also, they are looking for people to write articles for it so if you have anything send it to them.
  11. Druzhina

    Lombards in an early 11th Century copy of the Encyclopedia of Maurus Hrabanus

    Lombard arms & costume in an early 11th Century copy of the Encyclopedia of Maurus Hrabanus including the illuminations of the entries for: . De Bellis (War) . De Paganis (Pagans) . De Repositorii (Weapons) . De Theatro (Theatre) with notes by David Nicolle MIRROR SITE: Lombard arms & costume...
  12. Belloc

    1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War

    An on-going project of historians documenting the various aspects of the First world War in light of the approaching centennial. 1914-1918-online: Homepage
  13. Magnate

    Warsaw 33 years before its destruction - 1911 Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica

    WARSAW (Polish Warszawa, Ger. Warschau, Fr. Varsovie), the capital of Poland and chief town of the government of Warsaw. It is beautifully situated on the left bank of the Vistula, '387 m. by rail E. of Berlin, and 695 m. S.W. of St Petersburg. It stands on a terrace 120 to 130 ft. above the...
  14. H

    How Alaska became a part of the United States

    Before it became part of the United States of America, Alaska was part of the Russian Empire. The Russians first came to Alaska by crossing the Bering Strait. The Russians referred to Alaska as “Russian America”. Russian traders and hunters developed a furring industry primarily in...
  15. Psellos

    Encyclopedia of Sudas

    It is the greatest medieval encyclopaedic lexicon compiled in late 10th century, Greek, with about 30.000 entries(!), and it is about much of the knowledge of the ancient Greek world and not only, and also entries about mathematics, history, linguistics, mythology, science, literature etc etc...