1. H

    English Asylum Life for Victorian Women

    Hey guys, trying to do some research for a novel that's currently in the works but struggling a little bit. It involves an American woman in 1890s England (and on the low end of the upper class) being institutionalized (under the claim of, you know, 'hysteria', 'disobedience', and 'obsessive...
  2. Imperia

    effects of the Spanish Armada wins

    Victory of the Spanish Armada The Spanish Navy was defeated by British and Allied forces led by Elizabeth the First. So I ask, A victory of the navy would lead to an effective occupation of England? What would be the British Empire situation? since it was just beginning. Could England be...
  3. M

    A (very) Brief History of the Bernoullis' (Part 1)

    Hey guys! I've got a two part series in the works, on a brief history of the Bernoullis' during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In total, I'll be covering 10 Bernoullis' (with some being remarkably short), five in each part. Here's a link to the first part, if interested: It's not...
  4. Mercian

    Old English Dative Case + Word Order

    I know this isn't really the place to talk about grammar, but I've been struggling to understand how the dative case works in Old English. I start off by knowing that the dative case is for an indirect object or recipient, but when I look at the sentence se wer on þam sweartan hætt gesohte me...
  5. EmperorTigerstar

    The Battle for the Indian Ocean

    Might as well make the first thread for this new section. So one thing that I think is simultaneously interesting but overlooked is the battle for trade in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, being the smallest non-polar ocean, is usually not discussed as much compared to the Atlantic and...
  6. B

    Old Tom Parr - an alleged 152 year-old man (at his death in 1635) in England

  7. S

    England's two forgotten queens.

    Isabella and Margaret were queen consorts of England who exercised real power in the name of their husbands and/or sons. They've been ignored or labeled as "she wolves" by writers and historians. I've never heard of them until recently while researching for some posts. Why is that? Margaret in...
  8. Tammuz

    Changes of form of address in 18th century English

    In Samuel Richardson´s highly influential novel "Pamela" from 1741 several speakers sometimes change the form of address in the middle of a dialogue by alternating between "you" and "thou". The "you" form seems to be, in the England of that time, the normal form of address in dialogues between...
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    If England Won the Hundred Years War

    If England won the Hundred Years war and unified the realms of England and France, how long could this have lasted? Long term it was only a matter of time before France rebelled and broke away but if England ruled France for hundreds of years is it possible the north would have become more...
  10. V

    Norman population in England

    Hi! When England was under Norman rule approximately what was the population of Normans? Which area of present day England were they mostly concentrated at? Was there much intermarriage with Anglo saxons? Are there many present day English who have some Norman blood? Thanks for your thoughts. Chris
  11. notgivenaway

    historia nobis - First King of England

    historianobis.wordpress.com/2018/07/28/who-was-the-first-king-of-england/ This is a blog post I made.
  12. A

    Why did England send so many more people to the Americas than other colonial powers?

    Why did England (and Scotland and northern Ireland after the Acts of Union) send so many colonists, in comparison to all the other colonial empires? France had a huge population, so why wasn't the population of New France correspondingly huge? I suppose Portugal did send a proportionally high...
  13. Visigoth Panzer

    Was England more developed than Bohemia in the 1300's?

    Was England more developed/wealthy than Bohemia/Moravia during the 1300's? Generally meaning if you could rule either Bohemia/Moravia or England, which would be better? (not taking into account enemies/war commitments).
  14. RidiculousName

    Angles and England

    I'm learning Precalculus right now, specifically Trigonometry. Everything seems based on angles. It makes me wonder why we call them angles. What is an angle's connection, if any, to the migrating germanic people's who ousted the native Britons and founded Angle-Land? I know the Saxons were...
  15. Princess Of Manchester

    what was anne of cleves's title before she became queen of england?

    what was anne of cleves's title before she became queen of england? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. S

    King Philip of England

    Charles V made his son Philip king of two of his many realms prior to his marriage to Mary I of England. When he married her, he gained the additional title of King of England. However, I've never seen his name on a list of English rulers. Like William III, he was co-ruler, but unlike William...
  17. B

    What was the Spanish plan for an invasion of England in 1588?

    Who were they going to put on the throne or were they going to rule it directly? What was the invasion plan once they landed? While close to half of the population may have preferred Catholicism and maybe more of the aristocracy, it seems likely that only strong Catholics would have sided with...
  18. J

    Pre-plague (pre 1348) England was more important country than Elisabeth I era England

    Hi! My first point: Pre 1348 England shared much larger ratio of population if you compare England with the total contemporary total European population. Second point: Its military was also more stronger than Elizabeth era England's military potential. (I mean as a continental field army...
  19. M

    I submit Normans never conquered England

    This is better as a paper but since I guess I don't really write papers anymore for school I guess I just feel the need to get these ideas out somewhere like historum... But essentially the idea is that there was no meaningful difference between the time of the Norman invasions (or conquest as...
  20. NikiRandom

    Hi all from England

    I'm a keen amateur historian, I like to think I'm reasonably well read and educated : ) I started I guess with the Napoleonic era, thanks to a passion for tabletop wargaming when I was a lot younger. My interest then expanded into Roman and Medieval history, and now it all fascinates me. I'm...